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Marshmello – More Than Music (Artist Spotlight Stories)

November 6, 2019

[ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] AWKWAFINA:The winner is…Marshmello! Marshmello! Marshmello! Marshmello! MAN 1:Two eyes and a mouth.MAN 2:The one and only…ELLEN:Two of the biggest
names in music,
please welcome
and Bastille. MAN 3:
The massively acclaimed
producer and DJ… MAN 4:The radiation
of energy coming in.
WOMAN:But I’d never want
to end without
my spokesman, obviously.
MAN 5:How tall
are you, Marshmello?
MAN 6:There’s an energy
in the room…
MAN 7:Marshmello,
do I talk to you?
How does this work?
MAN 8:Does it all sound
so right?
MAN 9:You are a sought
after collaborator.
MAN 10:What is it you thinkis the magic behind
what you do?
So, from the beginning,
we just had the music.
When we came up
with the concept, I was like,
“Yo, it has to have some kind
of a character to it.”
We got together and we were
like, “Let’s figure out
what we’re gonna call
this project.”
One day,
I was singing to myself.
The music was super mellow
and melodic.
“I think I got it.”[SNAPS FINGERS]
[CHUCKLES] So I had no clue
how to get someone
to make costumes.So, we bought a white ski mask,
we put pantyhose on his head,
we put bandanas on his face,trying to figure out
what would be Marshmello.
And basically,
what it was, uh,
was like a yoga mat
painted white
and we folded it
into a cylinder
and cement-welded
the back of it
and put a top on it,and that was the helmet.And everywhere we went,
all the other DJs
were staring at us.
And everyone was like,
“What the
[BLEEP]is this guywalking with a helmet
like this?
“This is the dumbest thing
I’ve ever seen.
It’s a gimmick.”
“This is so dumb.”
“Another wannabe Deadmau5.”
“What is this?”[VOICES SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY]“DJ Marshmello, really?
Is that even a name?”
“This will never work.”And then about five months in,I get a call from Skrillex. Skrillex
is the OG, and everybody
looks up to him. Young people, old people.
Kids love him. No matter what type
of dance music you make. And Sonny was like,
“Yo, man, I need to know
who Marshmello is.“I’m going through
some stuff personally
and the music has been
really helping me out.”
Yo, I’m gonna meet up
with you later. This kid, Marshmello,
speaking of new talent… Really? This kid just remixed Justin Bieber’s song
Where Are You Now?
And, um, this kid
is making great music. Our first show ever
was with Skrillex in front of 10,000 people
in New York. Where’s the mother [BLEEP]
right now! Yo! [CROWD CHEERING] That’s when the Internet
just went berserk.Everyone’s trying
to figure out,
“Who is this guy?”
I didn’t even know that he wore
a marshmallow head thing. Then it’s like,
“Yo, it’s Martin Garrix.”“Yo, it’s Tiesto.”“It’s a super group,
Skrillex, Diplo
and this guy.” I was actually in Denver
and this dude comes up
to me, he’s like, “Oh, my God, Tiesto,
Can I have a picture
with you?”“Yeah, sure.”
And then he’s like,
“I knew it, man,
I knew you were Marshmello.” I never heard of him
before that, and he was like, “Yeah, you are Marshmello.
That’s why you’re in Denver.” So from there,
we just knew
we had something. We could tell
right away, “This guy’s gonna
be around for a while.” [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING]♪ I don’t really like… ♪I think the global fascination
with dance music is it’s a language
everybody understands. You don’t need words
to feel the music, and everybody feels it. [POP MUSIC PLAYING] You have to put your own,
uh, sauce on the track. Uh…Yeah, Marshmello
does it very smart.
found his lane, his sound.
You gotta
accept bass line. Yeah, yeah. GARRIX:If I think
about Marshmello,
I think about fun.The music is very uplifting.It’s all about good energy.This…
Dream come true. WOMAN:He makes music
to connect with people,
and that is something
that not every artist does.
BOY 1:My mom
doesn’t even speak English.
I’m like, “What, Mom,
you even listen to Marshmello?”
MAN:His music does bring
a happy-good-feel vibe.
BOY 2:You can just hear
the beats
and you can feel your emotions
change with the music
and the beat.
MAN 2:It grows on you.You feel really
connected to it.
MAN 3:I think
he just brings fun
wherever he goes.
any place in the world,
India is just sort
of driven by music.
WOMAN 1:I think music
is a part of every Indian.
BOY:And now they’re starting
to like Marshmello.
WOMAN 1:He has
a huge fan base here.
SHALIZI:Whether that’s radio
or streaming service or TV.
WOMAN 3:I really think
that Marshmello
is the voice for Indian youththat India never had before.I play his songs at homeand my mom, previously,
she was like,
“What are you listening to?”What is all this,
the headbanging
and this and that?” I’m like, “What headbanging?”
I’m like, “It’s not that way.”And now,
she started listening to him
just because of the way
he portrays his music.
an independent artist,
we didn’t have
a record label behind us.
So I think a lot of
our international audience
came from YouTube.We had about 25,000
YouTube subscribers,
and we were like,
“Let’s go back and make
music videos for these songs.”
And from there,
uh, we knew that
the common theme we had
to keep with the videos
was a universal message
that people who were
all over the world
could understand visually.One of the songs
was a song called
Alone. I thinkAlone
was the best one. It has the best meaning. The kid being bullied. He was feeling lonely.
He was feeling like
he doesn’t have anyone. He was getting teased, but he still
has his passion
to do music. And there were people
who started caring about him. SHALIZI:It has
a super strong message,
where Marshmello
gets made fun of
by the kids at school
because he looks different.But then,
he follows his passion
and becomes a DJ
and everybody accepts him.You see the, uh,
impact the track
has on people. Personal level,
I really connected to it. He was alone,
he didn’t have any friends. Even despite
all the hardships that I faced on the bullying
and everything. It’s not that you’re alone. Even if you feel
like you’re alone,
it’s not that way. SHALIZI:Out of nowhere,
video just starts taking off.
So, it’s getting 50,000 views
a day, 60,000,
a million views a day.
And within six months,
the video has 100 million
views on YouTube.
The songs starts blowing up
and we’re like,
“What the heck happened?”And today, the song has over
two billion views across
all of YouTube.
It drove our channel
from 30,000 subscribers
to almost six millionin the span of
a couple of months.
We’re making videos
where it didn’t matter
if you’re ten or 50 years old,
if you live
in China or Brazil,
anybody can relate
to the emotion
and the messages in the story.And I think that’s what
makes our content so powerful.
♪ I’m so alone
Trying to find my way back
Home to you♪
[ALONEPLAYING] As an artist,
he’s super talented, in the sense that
he can make anything.He’s classically trained
with pianos,
he can play guitar,
he can play the drums,
he can play an array
of instruments…
[ANNE-MARIE VOCALIZING]…simply because
he was gifted,
in that sense.
electronic music has an impact
on pop music nowadays. You got to reinvent yourself
all the time. TAGGART:
and hip-hop,
and indie and pop now.[CELL PHONE RINGING] What are you doing? [INAUDIBLE] GARRIX:Marshmello’s
a perfect combination.
More trappier sounds,
then he went more hip-hop. Now he’s doing more
collaboration with Bastille.So he hits all the genresin his own Marshmello way. Well, um… It was one of the days
we saw each other in person. He was like,
“Oh, we should do something.” I was like, “Yeah.”
But I was like, “I don’t know how I’mma rap
on some EDM shit, but it could be fun. I’ll try.
Whatever, you know.” He was like, “I’ll send you
a batch of beats.” And he sent me
a batch of beats, and the first one I played wasEveryday.I work hard every…day♪LOGIC:To me, that’s probablyone of the most
important records I ever did,
to know this dude
was on his computer…
[INAUDIBLE]…in the studio
and created a sound
with drums that somebody else
can actually rap on
and bring two cultures together
is insane to me. ♪Haven’t I made it obvious?Haven’t I made it clear?Want me to spell it out
For you?
F-R-I-E-N-D-S♪[POP MUSIC PLAYING] LOGIC:It’s almost like
sub-genre categories
depending on the vision
of what he’s trying to portray
with an artist
that he’s collaborating with.
[SILENCEPLAYING] ♪I found peace
In your violence
Can’t tell me…♪LOGIC:I think it says
a lot about him as an artist,
being willing to dowhatever is best for the art,
for the actual song.
Hello! Hello. What’s up, bro? All right. I’m Moe.
Pleasure to meet you. PRITAM: Of course. How are you? I’m Moe.
Nice to meet you. Yeah. [CHUCKLES] Come, please. It’s great
to finally meet you. Yeah. I know, we’re… We’re so excited
about it. Super. This is crazy. Crazy. So, every film
which is made in Bollywood has, uh, approximately
five to six songs in it.I have done
the most number of songs,
uh, anybody in India has done,that is around
120 songs a year.
You have
a dhol player here,
too, right? Yeah, dhol player, I… He’s a dhol player
now, too. He could play
the dhol now, too. PRITAM: Ah! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Here. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Off you go. MAN: Whoo! Other side. MARSHMELLO: That way. PRITAM: Whoa! Wow! [RHYTHMIC CHEERING] PRITAM:
Marshmello’s music is…
It’s a correct balance of dance
and emotional music.
Let’s just swap
the lenses 40-15s.I’m surprised
that Mello understands
our kind of mixes.
That’s how I got very excited
to work with Marshmello. One, two, three, four![BIBAPLAYING] PRITAM:The way it’s produced,
you can’t stop dancing
to the drop.
It was incredible.GARRIX:It’s quite interesting
to make a fusion,
to find a way
how to perfectly mesh
those two sounds together. The way the guitar comes in
and the way the drop comes in,the fusion works perfectly.LOGIC:And that’s
the most fun part,
is working outside
of your genre.
GARRIX:I think that’s what
Marshmello’s doing
very, very well.
PRITAM:To reach people
who have never heard
this kind of music,
but everybody’s
getting excited with
Biba. TAGGART:And now,
he’s really assimilated
into that culture.
Movies like that are really
what he can attribute
his global success to.
we’ll get up,
we’ll get the girls ready
for school,
then I’ll go on to work.WOMAN:I usually go to work
at 6:00 in the morning
till 5:00 at night.MAN:I work on
big bus engines,
brakes, steering,
suspension, everything.
We are your everyday,
average American family.
[CHUCKLES] MAN: Mmm-hmm. Uh, yeah,
that was a fun night. GIRL: Mmm-hmm. SHALIZI:So, there’s this photo
that we kept getting tagged in,
and found out
that it was a mom and dad
and three daughters, and they lived in Detroit. And they were dressing up
as Mello every holiday. [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] MAN:It started off
as just a Halloween dance
for the kids.
We had been planning
on being Marshmello
for Halloween,
and, uh, it just kind
of went off from there. SHALIZI:
Just the audience range,
kids from five years old
to adults as old as 50.
It’s become a way of life.
We have done Halloween,
Christmas pictures,
New Year’s Eve,
and then St. Patty’s Day. So, for us,
it was always like,
“How do you just create “a brand that
anybody can relate to,
that’s accessible to people?“A positive brand
that anybody could be
a part of?”
MAN:Putting the helmet on
and being that character…
Makes you feel confident
about yourself.
You could be anybody
in this world.
It makes you think
that you’re invincible.
MAN:It really kind
of sets you free.
♪ This feels good right here ♪[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [ELEPHANT TRUMPETING] SHALIZI:The biggest principles
of the brand is that
he doesn’t talk,
and it’s simply because
we don’t wanna personify
the brand.
And some people,
they’re like,
“Yo, he’s funny.”
Or like, “Oh, he sucks.”
He’s this, he’s that.
Whatever it is,
that’s up to you.
TIESTO:I talked with Moe
a lot about content.
And he always told me,
I could…
A lot of content is key,
the more the better,
and he’s been so smart
with that.
Marshmello is always there
with something new. [JOYFUL MUSIC PLAYING] SHALIZI:
Cooking with Marshmello
was an idea to build
a deeper connectionwith the audienceby basically makinglocal delicacies and dishesfor our biggest demographics.BOY:And I instantly
watched him every day.
He cooks very well,
TIESTO:Now YouTube
is one of the biggest
platforms in the world.
It makes total sense
to connect there
with your fans.
And I think, uh,
the younger crowd,
is all day long
on YouTube.
SHALIZI:So, we went
from Indonesia
to Singapore
to Brazil to Mexico
and made cultural dishes
for all these places.
♪ One, two, three!♪ Come on! ♪WOMAN:See, in my house,
my dad and I,
my mom, we bond together
by cooking.
Marshmello making
so many Indian dishes,
and now we can be like,
“Hey, Dad, remember that?”
You’re supposed to do music,
but then you also can cook. You’re perfect material.
You’re like
boyfriend material, husband material,
that kind of stuff. MAN 1:He brings
a happy-good-feel vibe
to people.
BOY 1:A funny character.MAN 1:He’s like
a cartoon character.
MAN 2:He’s really different.MAN 1:He could play anywhere.MAN 3:It’s definitely
a party vibe.
Gym to parties,
even driving my car.
MAN 4:People really
connect to him.
BOY 2:He’s my idol.MAN 2:I find him really good.I’ve seen him helping
a lot of people.
BENI ALI: So, this is
my Mellogang top. This is one of my first tops
I got of his, and one of the first
on his website. And then, this is
theBillboardmagazine. This is my little pop vinyl. SHALEEN ALI:It was literally
just in a week
we saw her deteriorate.
She started getting pale,
sore tummy,
and then, um,
she just fainted.
She fainted one day,
and so we rushed her
to the hospital.
And I think
it only took them
about three hours at a local hospital
in Wagga Wagga. And they’d come back
with a diagnosis of leukemia. I was five years old
when I got it. It was pretty hard. I had to go through
lots of things. From going
to never being sick, being in a hospital
and being surrounded
by doctors, you know, um,
and just… It was just chaos. There’s no other way
of explaining.
It was just chaos.She’s just got a whole team
of people that look after her,
but she will start
every single clinic
of hers with,
“Hey, this song’s come out.
There’s a new song out.”
And make everyone in the room
listen to his new song.
BENI:Listening to Marshmello
just made me happy
and forget
about my pain.
I brought you flowers. Oh, my God! Hey, Beni. How are you? BENI: Good. Good to see you. Oh, my God. I got you these. Oh, thank you. Did I surprise you? Mmm-hmm. I surprised you? Yeah. Amazing.
So good to see you. How have you been? Good. MARSHMELLO:
Nice Mellogang shirt.
You got the ripped jeans,
like me?
BENI:Yeah. We’re matching.MARSHMELLO:
And the white shoes?
So, I wanted
to ask you something.
Tomorrow…BENI:Yeah?MARSHMELLO:At my show…BENI:Yeah?MARSHMELLO:Would you like
to come out on stage?
BENI: [GASPS]Yes, please.MARSHMELLO:Yeah?BENI:That would be awesome.MARSHMELLO:Oh, let’s do it.[OVER MIC]
I’d like you to meet somebody
very special to me.
Her name is Beni.
Everybody, say, “Hi, Beni.”
She’s gonna help me
with my last song. Ready for it?
Count it down. BENI: Three, two, one! ♪Lately, I’ve been,
I’ve been thinking
I want you to be happierI want you to be happierWhen the morning comesWhen we see
What we’ve become…♪
BENI:So, Marshmello,
he’s just a positive person.
He does caring things,his music’s very positive,and he’s just
very inspiring to me.
♪ …I think that we both know
The way that the story ends…
SHALEEN:She’s had to worrya lot about how she looks,
These days, society is
all about what you look like,
what your hair looks like,how skinny you are.Hence why
she absolutely loves him
because if someone like him
can achieve greatness,
it doesn’t matter
what you look like. It’s what you do
and that’s it.♪ Whoa♪ Whoa♪ Whoa♪ Know that means
I’ll have to leave ♪
BENI:I always see people
trying to figure out
who’s under the helmet,but I don’t wanna know.Because what you have
is the best thing.
Just the music
and the Marshmello.
♪ I’ll go♪ I will go, go, go ♪SHALIZI:Doesn’t matter
if you’re a boy or a girl,
you’re gay, you’re straight,
what your ethnicity is,
what your religion is,
at the end of the day,
anybody can be Marshmello.
And, ultimately, I think
that’s what makes this
bigger than music.
He is, uh, like an icon now,
and I think he just started. And it’s so cool
for a guy to do it without really talking.
You know what I mean? It’s not just Marshmello. It’s the whole fan base,
the music, the shows, the online things
he’s doing, the gaming. So, yeah, to enter
the gaming space,
you need to be a gamer. [STUTTERS] Like I said, man,
Mello comes in… Even when I playedFort
with him, he was super good.You can just tell,
he likes to play video games.
He is a
Fortnitepro,and him and Marshmello
come out on top.
Wow! What a game!A lot of the opportunities
we get, an artist can’t do, because Marshmello’s
a character. He’s got an in-game skin
that you could use a glider,
a pickaxe. I mean, the whole nine yards.
The dance. SHALIZI:You look
at the
Fortniteactivation,that was the first ever
on that scale,
virtual concert. NINJA:Basically, he DJ’d live
in a
Fortnitelobby.It was incredible.
I mean, he’s gonna go down
inFortnitehistory. MARSHMELLO:
What’s up, Pleasant Park? My name is Marshmello.
Thank you for coming out today and making history with me.
You guys ready? Um… It’s really annoying getting killed
by him inFortnite.Yeah. [LAUGHS] It’s like a million
little [BLEEP] marshmallows. I’m not very good
atFortnite,so it’s like I’m already humiliated
playing the game, and then just like [BLEEP]
Marshmello just killed me. Yeah. TIESTO:They’re very close.
They’re like 24/7 together.
Moe is just a very smart guy,
how he develops the brands
of Marshmello.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] I think he’s one
of the best managers
out there. I think you should go
in the front of the crowd,
there’s a railing, and just slap hands
with all the fans. That should be
this curtain moment,
like back in the old days. It just shows
the connection
with the fans. Where you just run
off stage right away. WOMAN: Agreed. SHALIZI:
And then go straight to the…
High-fives everybody. Um… Yeah, that’s it,
and then we’re good. And then I think
we have a police escort there. [SIREN BLARING] [INDISTINCT
I was always fascinated
by the idea
of trying to create
a universal character,
something that
empowered the fan,
that it allows the fan
to make Marshmello theirs.
MAN:A lot of people love
that little mystery behind it,
myself included.
It’s just really cool to see,in regards to the branding
and the marketing,
what they do, the team does.It just adds that little
extra special moment to it
when you’re seeing him live.TIESTO:Everybody
loves Marshmello.
He’s a very likable guy.I thought it was just fun
to be part of the project.
I’m gonna take off my helmet
in three, two, one![CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] SHALIZI:A lot of people love
to be part of the reveals,
simply because
it keeps people guessing.
over 30,000 tweets
about Marshmello and everybody
was talking about it.
It was like worldwide news.SHALIZI:And it’s just fun.A lot of people go crazy
thinking that’s really
who it is.
Yes. It’s me. I am Marshmello. SHALIZI:With how big
the Marshmello brand
has become,
I feel like we’ve laid
the foundation
to something truly special,something that I believe
will change the world.
has their own road map.
I think it’s up to their teams
and themselves
to figure out
what that road map is.
We’re always trying to come up
with ideas and concepts
that allow us
to disrupt the marketplace.And I think you’ll see
a lot more of that
in the coming years…
It’s bigger than music
at this point.
[LOUD CHEERING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING]♪ Everybody know me♪ Everybody know me♪ Everybody know me♪ Everybody know Marshmello[MUSIC TEMPO BUILDING]♪ One two three!
Come on, make it bounce
Come on, make it bounce ♪
MAN:Man, give me something
to dance to.
[DOWNPLAYING]♪ Now let me go and dance ♪


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