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November 5, 2019

It’s a fifth generation family-owned company
that’s employed multiple multi-generational employees and we’re
not we’re not going anywhere we’re working just fine.
I’m Kris Kropff a 1999 graduate of Wright State
I majored in music my degrees a bachelors of music and music history and
literature. This is exactly the right size that we need. I’m now the president of
music publishing at the Lorenz Corporation one of the largest
publishers of music printed sheet music in the U.S. I came to work at Lorenz in
August of 2000 I was the person that ran the office photocopier I’d photocopy
things and put them in the put them in envelopes write stock numbers on them
it’s funny if you dig through our archives you can still find some masters
with my handwriting on them and that was 18 years ago and I have yet to leave
lorentz I’m still here. Wright State was one of the best things
that ever happened to me. Thinking about your college experience
as a widening of a path and not a narrowing of a path and taking advantage
of those opportunities which I think Wright State is in a unique position to
offer and really if you’re there why not be all there and and realize those
things. My goal for myself is to be irrelevant I
love those days when I can come in and I have no idea what that piece was but
it’s great and it’s gonna sell well because I I helped make sure we had the
right people and they knew what they needed to do and they had the support so
that they could make it happen I can just go be the empty suit in my office
it’s fantastic.

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