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Major Scales On A Single String (Two Exercises) – Guitar Tip #6

January 14, 2020

Hi everyone I am Ricardo Chiarion and
welcome to my youtube channel today I would like to share with you an easy
exercise that I do to know major scales but you can use this exercise also to
practice modes or minor scales and every scale on guitar or any arpeggio the
exercise is really easy because I’m going to find out notes along one single
string but I will change key every eight notes so this is really important I will
play eighth notes and then I will move to a different key always going on and
then when I reach the highest note on guitar I will come back always changing
every eighth notes scale so I try to do this for you now just on the first
string but remember you can do the same on each string and after I will show you
a little different exercise that I do which is more complex but if you do this
exercises out of time in a rubato way you can do this exercises without a lot of
problems so I try to do this for you C major Db major D major Eb major E major F major Gb major G major Ab major A major Bb major B major and C major and so
on so the exercise is not difficult we can do it without tempo and when we are
good in doing it in this way we can try to do it with a really slow tempo and
slowly go up. The second exercise that I would like to suggest you is the same
but trying to do it with two notes on two different strings this becomes a
little bit more difficult and I suggest you to do this when you practiced the
first one the first exercise for a while first I try to do the exercise now with
thirds so I will play one note on the B string and one note on the E string and
I will start from two notes C and E which are the first third that I find in the C
major scale and I go on always eight 3rds and then I change key one two three four five six seven eight Db major D major Eb E major F major Gb major G major Ab A major Ab sorry Bb B major and C major one more time
and so on as you can see I can practice this on two close strings or maybe if I
choose a larger interval I can play these two notes on two different strings
with one empty string in between without using one string in between well these
kind of exercises are really important to me to practice notes and be able and
being able to improvise on scales or arpeggios because you can apply the same
idea to arpeggios well I hope you like this material that I’m sharing with you
and if you really like please subscribe and share and like I will be very happy
to have you together with me in this experience and see you next tip bye

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