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Maine Homes Boats & Harbors Show – S2 – Episode 22

September 7, 2019

>>Erin Ovalle: Here in rainy Rockland,
but rain or shine, John, still beautiful.>>John Hanson: It is
still beautiful, and it is raining just gently
and it will stop in 45 minutes.>>Erin Ovalle: And it’s
not stopping anybody, we are here with
John Hanson, publisher of Boats, Homes
& Harbors Magazine and the Founder of
this awesome event. This is my fourth
year attending, but you have been
attending, how long?>>John Hanson: We
started the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show
15 years ago.>>Erin Ovalle: Awesome!>>John Hanson: And we
started our magazine 30 years ago this September. So it’s a… an
important year for us, and we are having a great
time celebrating it with all of our friends.>>Erin Ovalle: And so
each and every year has a little bit of a
different feel and vibe. Of course, we’ve got the harbor
and beautiful boats behind us, but give us the
lay of the land.>>John Hanson: The stars of
the show are our exhibitors; our boat builders,
our artists, our furniture makers,
our craftsmen, our retail people,
they are the stars. We also decided that we
needed to show the public that although new boats can be
a little pricey as we know. You can get into
the joy of boats through buying small boats,
and so this year we are celebrating
the summer of love with a Small Boat Love-In.>>Erin Ovalle: I am a big fan of
subscribe to the magazines and also come
to the event.>>John Hanson: Yeah.>>Erin Ovalle: John,
good to see you again!>>John Hanson: Good to see
you, and best of luck and we will find
you a lovely boat.>>Erin Ovalle: Thank you!>>John Hanson: All right! Take care!>>Erin Ovalle: Thank you
everybody for watching. This is MaineLife.

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