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Lorraine’s Coffee House and Music | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

February 26, 2020

– [Narrator] On the corner of
Garner’s busier intersections, in a building that
used to be a pharmacy, there’s a coffee house
that makes fancy drinks, [whipped cream spurting] – It has two pumps
of pomegranate in it. – [Narrator] but delivers
a down-to-earth vibe. This is Lorraine’s Coffee
House on a week day and this is the proprietor,
Lorraine Jordan. – I just love the town. I love the fact that
we’re part of Raleigh, but we’re not in Raleigh and just the people are so kind and it’s small town with
the big city atmosphere. – I just love to come here, I feel like they’re friends. – [Narrator] Lorraine hobnobs
and mixes with friends on this afternoon when I
met her for this interview. That’s Lorraine at her best, enjoying time with her friends. The same can be
said at nighttime, especially on weekends
at the coffee house when Lorraine shows her best, along with friends in
the Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road Band. ♪ Tearing down tradition ♪ ♪ Lord it feels
just like a sin ♪ – Well I’m originally from
a little town down east, Vanceboro, North Carolina
and that’s pretty close to the beach so I’m
kind of a beach person, but I got into
bluegrass at a young age and I moved to Garner in 1984. Came up here to
teach school actually and play in a bluegrass band. ♪ Call it like it is ♪ ♪ Say what you want to say ♪ ♪ I don’t live in the past ♪ ♪ I’m living day to day ♪ – [Narrator] Lorraine’s
music took her from Vanceboro to Garner more
than 30 years ago, but these days she’s on the road about 100 nights a year
playing in some 40 states and 13 countries. When she’s not on the road she runs a driving
school business as well as the coffee house. – It is amazing the people
that you meet down here. Just today I met a lady, her mother and I actually used
to play some music together. – Glenda, yeah, we all know her. She played with Roscoe
Jopson for years. – Yes she did.
– She knew she wanted somewhere that people could come and there wouldn’t
be any drinking, there wouldn’t be any cursing, it would be a
family-oriented place and it would be no
out-of-the-way stuff going on. – Thank you so much folks. [crowd cheering] – [Announcer] Lorraine Jordan
and Carolina Road Band! – When I was growing
up I always wanted to go hear live music and there really wasn’t
anything outside of church or the bars. Music was my main focus, but I thought, well you
know, everybody’s gotta have a little refreshments, but
I really didn’t wanna get in the restaurant business
so I decided to open the coffee house. – [Narrator] Families and
friends, Ava’s crochet group, – I just came in
one day and I said, “I’ll teach a free class.” – [Narrator] and many other
folks from around Garner have discovered
Lorraine’s Coffee House. So has filmmaker
Mickey Stroud of Cary. His new documentary,
“Living Like I’m Dying,” is about Lorraine Jordan’s life. From Vanceboro to Nashville
and from birth to bluegrass, she has a story
he wanted to tell. – It’s compelling, it’s
entertaining, it’s exciting, it’s toe-tapping good, and
there’s so many lessons in there to be learned. It’s about bullying,
it’s about desegregation, it’s about entrepreneurship, it’s about making it in
a man’s world as a woman. ♪ Living like I’m dying ♪ – [Narrator] It’s about
this remarkable woman who happens to run a
coffee house by day and plays bluegrass
music by night. ♪ Bluegrass just be
truegrass again ♪ – [Deborah] Lorraine’s
Coffee House and music is at 101 Tiberpointe
Lane in Garner and they’re open every day. Their hours vary so check
their website for more details about their coffee and music at And you can also see Lorraine at Little John’s
Mountain Music Festival in Snow Camp on
Friday, May 22nd. For more information
about that festival go to Well that’s it for
tonight’s show. We’d like to thank the
folks at Cedar Creek Gallery for hosting us, it’s
such a beautiful gallery, don’t forget they have a national teapot
show coming up in May. We hope you have a great
“North Carolina Weekend.” Good night. – [Narrator] Funding for
“North Carolina Weekend” is provided in part by VisitNC, dedicated to highlighting our
state’s natural scenic beauty, unique history, and diverse
cultural attractions. From the Blue Ridge and
the Great Smoky Mountains, across the Piedmont to 300
miles of barrier island beaches, you’re invited to experience
all the adventure and charm our state has to offer. [light music]

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