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LM386 mini guitar combo sound test

October 26, 2019

So, I made this little guitar combo The idea was to have something small, and battery powered I picked up a speaker box second hand luckily, it already had an 8″ speaker installed it was probably an extension speaker very light! The ‘heart’ of the amp is an LM386 chip The circuit and variants are very well known I just used the datasheet from the chip and experimented but a good one to use is the Ruby Amp It puts out less than 1 watt of power but runs for a good few hours on 6xAA batteries I used rechargeable ones on this video, I didn’t push it much but it can drive into quite nice distortion especially with humbuckers it seems to be just the right volume for singing to without other amplification If you want to make one, try the link in the description.

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