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LL Cool J | 2019 Kennedy Center Honors Red Carpet

December 12, 2019

Paula Reid: Talk to me a little bit about
what is your role tonight? LL Cool J: I’m the host, I am uh, hosting
and my job is just make sure the show goes smoothly and that the honorees are treated
with the utmost respect and love. It’s just, you know, it’s a good time. Paula: And you- you’re a previous honoree,
one of the youngest, honorees. LL: Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. That’s a record that can be broken, but I’m
um, I’m very thankful. It’s wonderful to be back here in the- feel
this vibe and this energy again, and uh, you know I’m just really happy for the honorees
because I know how good it feels. And it feels good to me again, too, you know,
just to be reminded, and to be here, you know, a chance to wear our medals, and- it’s amazing. It’s amazing. Paula: You’ve watched this show from the best
seat in the house, as an honoree, what are you excited to see tonight? LL: You know what, I think it’s more about
just- I’m more excited for the honorees and the feelings that they gonna feel- you know
look, the performances will be fun and it’ll be great but I just know what it feels like
to be an honoree, so I’m kinda more thinking about the looks on their faces. Because it’s kinda like an inside club you
know it’s a real special feeling, so, I just want to see how they feel after the ceremony,
you know what I mean? Yeah. Paula: Alright we got to get the little plug
in, why should people tune in next Sunday night to CBS? LL: Uh, you know, this Kennedy Center Honors
is gonna be fun, uh, we’re honoring some national treasures. We have Linda Ronstadt, you know, we have
Earth Wind & Fire, we have Sesame Street, which is a show that, you know, has raised
us all, you know, Michael Tilson Thomas. So you know- MTT- so this is gonna be a great,
great event, a lot of fun, and uh, it’s the nation’s highest recognition for artistic
achievement, so, you should tune in and see who’s in.

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