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August 30, 2019

Hi guys I hope you’re really really well. So me and the Hotpoint gang reached out to you for your most precious food memories and you gave us such an amazing response. Click the link go over to the hub, there’s a competition where you could win a whole load of Hotpoint equipment. Of all the food memories that you’ve given us I’m gonna show you one that really appealed to me. This is Amanda, she had a fantastic time in Milan when she was younger and there was one dish that she loved so much, Linguine Vongole. White wine, parsley, garlic and clams. It’s an absolute belter of a dish. So Amanda Linguine Vongole. Paint us a picture. I was 21, just graduated from college and wanted to be a fashion designer, so got on a plane with my portfolio and a couple of friends and we flew out to Milan to get a job. Are these the two fellas that you went with? This is one of them this is my lovely friend Clive yeah and David yeah. It was good fun, we were just eating in cheap cheap pasta restaurants and discovered this dish one day. I think I was quite brave to eat it because in 1989 British people didn’t really eat shells or shellfish. You know you’re not supposed to eat the shells? You push them to the side. They’re nice to suck the garlic out. Have you had success cooking this at home since? You know what I’ve tried, I ended up using tinned clams Right, never gonna work. Never gonna work. What would it mean to you if you could legitimately cook this dish at home for your friends and family I’d be very proud of myself, hopefully through the dish they would feel the fun of my youth. Vongole night at Amanda’s. Okay have a look at these ingredients here. In Italy you want to be cooking with lovely northern Italian white wine. Now we’ve done loads of research we’ve spoken to restaurants all through Milan and this is pretty much how it is. Let’s get the pasta in, you want the water boiling, season it up and then I like to get a little basket weave going. Have you ever done a little basket weave? Hold that. I like it to go…yeah. That was great. I’m sure I’ve done it better at home. Yeah! I think you might have done it better at home. Moving on. One garlic clove per person, have a little chop up there. With the parsley when I’ve seen Nonna’s cook this they use the stalks. Stalks if they’re finely sliced are very sweet yeah and nice texture, crunchy. These are Italian clams we’ve flown these in. These are the exact same clams. I recognise them! Have you got a local fishmonger near you? Yeah. So what you need to do is flirt with him. You have to flirt with your fishmonger and your butcher. Can you notice they’re quite heavy? So that means that they’re full of water The meat is extra, It’s all about the juice. Let’s get the pan on a high heat, now I’m using the lovely Hotpoint gas hob here so it gives you really even heat distribution. Go in with the olive oil right, garlic, chili, some people try and use fresh chili well that’s not so classic. We’re going to give it a little agitation. The minute it starts to colour then we go in with your Vongole. Give it a little shake and then some of your wine. Wheey! Just a splash not much not much at all, and then those little clams are gonna be popping and popping and the juice will come out and they’re cooked when they’re open. Can I ask you one thing about the olive oil, I usually cook in coconut oil now. No! no because literally Italy will come to you and they will put you in jail. Okay. No! That’s starting to take me back, I’m feeling younger already. Yeah? So we’re gonna try the pasta It’s still got a bite to it. Go in now we’re gonna go in. Okay straight in no draining. No draining We’re gonna go in with the parsley toss it around then you add a little oil at the end. What will happen is the liquid and the oil will boil together and then become one and when it becomes one it’s like a cream. Can you see it coming together? Wow! So your very own Linguine Vongole. Look at the juice! Wooooooh! Little parsley. Delicious! And a little extra virgin oil just to finish. Oh my gosh. Sweet and juicy. It is like being back there the first time and it’s been amazing to see what the quantities look like. Too much of any one thing just completely ruin it. I’m gonna do it. It’s been amazing. So look thank you for being here it’s been really really nice to meet you. It’s been fantastic to share your food memory and the good news is Hotpoint they’re gonna give you a hob and an oven right that’s very good times and I’ve got one last thing. It’s a little bit spicy but go with the flow. Oh my God! This is Clive. Come on the Clive. Look at Clive. Oh my God Leong. We have just taken Amanda back to Milan. With Spaghetti Vongole. You two are the icing on the cake. Thank you! Guys get involved, hit the link, go through to the hub and give yourself a chance to win some beautiful Hotpoint kit.

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