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Lincoln & Lucy Loud Take a Shark Quiz! ๐Ÿฆˆ The Loud House | Nick

September 10, 2019

Oh hey! My family is taking
a trip to the aquarium. So I studied up on my
shark facts to prepare. Let’s see how much I know
with the super shark quiz. Wanna take it with me? Get your pen and paper,
put your fins up, and here we go. Question one: The whale shark
eats plankton. How many pounds of
plankton do they eat a day? A) 4 pounds
B) 12 pounds C) 10,000 pounds
or D) 46 pounds? Pause it!
Hmm… Well, 12 pounds can’t be right. My family eats that much in one meal. Now, everyone take a comment card,
and rate the dishes based on presentation, texture, flavor… [gasping] Slow down, I need detailed feedback. [burping] Ugh, I just ate my comment card. And four pounds?
That doesn’t seem like enough. I think my dad’s Lynnsagna
weighs that much. Give or take a layer. I’d like to be alone with my lasagna. I’m going to say D, 46 pounds. If you said D, you’re right. Yes!
Woah, 46 pounds? That’s a lot of plankton. Question two: What are baby sharks called? Ah!
Pause! Did Lily hear that?
She loves that song. Itsnay onnee abybay arkshay. She listened to that song almost
as much as the Fenton Fox song. ♪ Cheer up baby, don’t you cry ♪ ♪ No more tears, it’s cheer up time ♪ ♪ Laugh with me and we will be ♪ ♪ Happy, happy, happy ♪ Oh no!
It’s stuck in my head again! Play the quiz, quick! Is it A) Pups
B) Calves C) Piglets
or D) Chicks? Chicks seem too bird-like. I can’t really see the resemblance
between Walt and a shark. [chirping] It could be piglet.
They eat as much as a shark. Thank you. But I think I’m going to go with A, pups. The answer is A) pups. Two for two.
Baby hamsters are also called pups. And if there’s anyone as
stealthy and biting as a shark, it’s Geo. Geo, want a treat boy? They’re in my back pocket.
Come on, get them. A little more. Yow!
Too far. Next question. Question three: Which shark prefers
to swim in deep, dark waters? Is it A) A great white
B) A hammerhead C) A megamouth
or D) A tiger shark? Oh, boy, I do not remember learning this. Um, a great white?
No. It’s a tiger shark,
it’s definitely the tiger shark, right? This is going to be a big guess. Eeny shark, meeny shark, miney shark. – Huh?
– Lincoln, wait, I can help you. Lucy?
Where are you? I’m everywhere.
And I can hear you from my bedroom. Well, you are the deepest
and darkest person I know. Do you know what shark
stays away from the light? In the dark, I swim alone.
Deep is my aquatic home. No light shall pass this far south.
Goodbye sun. Quote, megamouth. Wow, Lucy, that’s a very specific poem. The megamouth shark is my spirit animal. Good luck on the quiz, Lincoln. Thanks, Lucy. I trust Lucy on all dark matters. So I’m going with C, the megamouth shark. If you guessed C, you’re right. Thank you, Lucy! – You’re welcome.
– Ah! Horseback riding. Why are you bringing that on vacation? You have your sun block, I have mine. Question four: What is the
smallest shark in the world? A) The whale shark
B) The dwarf lantern shark C) The microscopic shark
or D) The AAA battery shark? Oh, I know this one. This shark is so tiny,
it can fit in a human hand. That’s B. The answer is B, the dwarf lantern shark. I remember this because this
little shark reminds me of Lily. [screaming] Moving on. Question five: What ocean
predator eats sharks? A) Orcas
B) Other sharks C) Both A and B
or D) Nothing? Don’t know. Don’t know. Don’t know. Don’t know.
Don’t know. Don’t know. Don’t know! B seems like a trick question. Do sharks really eat other sharks? I guess if it’s a tiny shark
and a big shark, but a whale? This is a guess, nothing eats a shark? D)? The answer is C, both A and B. What? Whales eat sharks?
Sharks eat sharks? Oh, I don’t feel so good. Uh-oh, I think I’m gonna barf. I second that! Puke-fest. I’ll get the next one for sure. Question six: How do sharks sleep? A) On land
B) Belly up C) They don’t
or D) With a teddy bear? Sharks definitely don’t sleep on land. And a shark with a teddy bear? That would
make for an epic video game matchup. [yelling] So, my answer is C, sharks don’t sleep. The answer is C, they don’t. I knew it! Sharks actually
just go into a state of rest. The same does not go for Lola. [snoring] Can I help you!? Getting close to the end. Question seven: What is
a group of sharks called? A) A school
B) A frenzy C) A shiver
or D) All of the above? Well, fish swim in schools. And sharks are fish,
so I’ll say A, a school. The correct answer is D, all of the above. Drat! I mean,
school is technically right, right? I definitely think my family
should get a cool group name though. Look out for the frenzy of Louds! [all screaming] Back to the quiz. I’ve only missed two,
I can still ace this. Shark attack! True or false speed round. Pause it! Lincoln Loud,
it’s time to become one with the shark. Focused, fast, hungry for the prize. I am kinda hungry actually,
but first, the speed round, let’s go! Two words. Shark attacks. A shark skeleton is made of bone. False! It’s made of cartilage. False! Hammerhead sharks can see in 360 degrees. True! They have eyes on the side of their
heads and can see everything around them. True! The basking shark is
currently the largest shark. False, the whale shark is the biggest. False! Yes! Shark attack round, attacked. – Now hands in. Three, two, one, dominate!
– Dominate! Wow, Clyde, your hands are so soft. Get ready for the last question. The last question. This is the end.
As Lynn would say, the finish. Get it? Focus Lincoln, focus. My shark instincts are on fire. Or, technically, underwater. Let’s do this. Fill in the blank: The ___ shark
swims in a school of over 500 members! I’ve got this. When I read about this, I thought about my
family and how we travel in a huge pack. ♪ We’re going on vacation
We’re going on vacation ♪ ♪ We’re going– ♪ Hey Louds! I’ll pay you again
to knock off that racket. All right, final answer,
the hammerhead shark. The Hammerhead shark swims
in a school of over 500 members! How did you do?
How many did you get right? I only missed two.
I am Sir William Sharkspere. What did you get? I’m so prepared for the aquarium. I should quiz my sisters
on their shark knowledge. If you have any more shark
facts that I should know, let me know in the comments below. Now it’s time for me
to chow down on some lunch. I wonder what plankton taste like. Bye!


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