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“Lets find your future husband at Twitch Con” – Interviewing MayaHiga!

January 22, 2020

Wait, I saw that you were singing earlier It was good Oh my god! Thank you so much. Do you sing a lot on stream? Oh no. But I’m just a little singing but today I’m a lot go to the singing How long have you been streaming for? My start Twitch time is Uhm… One years ago. I started like six months ago or seven months ago. Six months ago! Yeah, You like Twitch? Yeah!! it’s weird. It’s fun, but it’s weird Oh yeah, you’re right You stream and then you have a job? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes What do you do? I have two job. One job is stream and two job is convenience store part time. And you stream at your job? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s so funny. Really? So, who do you…who do you watch on twitch? I’m watch a lot of English stream. My watching streamer is Nymn, and 39Daph, and AngelsKimi, and MayaHiga, and.. No Way! Yeah and xQc, but I don’t understand their stream English. Just I’m watching face and..uh… feeling. Yeah, that makes sense. Oh now your English I’m 70% understand okay. Oh, now good. Thank you. Good easy English. Okay, got it. I’m curious maybe you now understand my English? Yes, of course! Oh my god! Do you know Mizkif? I know, I know Do you like him? Oh very fun. Yeah, you think so? Yes. Uhh I’m uh my viewers send me a lot of Mizkif and Maya clip, so I’m watching your couple clip. Uh huh, yeah And very very lovely clip because you and Mizkif first start just friend but now very very good couple. Yeah! Thank you Do you still…Do you still talk to Nymn? Oh oh yes, we are friend, yes. You and him friend? Yeah, kind of. Oh my god Uhhh… Maybe uhh…go to the TwitchCon you, and me, and Nymn, and your boyfriend…Hi!…Hi! Yeah! we should double date. What?! No no no…Hey hey hey! I…I…I’m…I’m ju… I’m just friend Me and Nymn is friend…Friend! Miz and I can date and you and Nymn can be there But as friends Yes, just a friend. Yes Do you have friends that stream in Korea? Ah Korea my streamer friend is… Korea friend streamer is…uh.. just Korean language stream So I’m alone English stream. I saw the the yodeling. Yodel? Yodel song? Yeah a guy singing yodeling and you with like two or three friends..karaoke Ah, you saw this? It was so funny. Yes charming…Charming_Jo. Yes, yes, oh oh now I’m remember. My my my friend streamer yes can English Oh, sorry, I’m now remember. Oh my god. No. Yeah, it’s okay I’m Pepega. I’m Pepega. Oh I’m Pepega. No! Oh no, Oh my god! Sorry sorry. Sorry Yes, I a lot of have English Korean friends. Sorry…oh my god…I’m Pepega now. I’m crazy. I like your hair. It looks nice. Oh! Oh my god! Thank you so much! Pink color Yeah, pink’s my favorite. You have all pink things in your room. I love it. Yes. I have a pink chair. I have pink hair. I have pink curtain and my room is… Oh pink mouse! Oh my god, very cute! I have a pink mouse. I have a pink headset. Headset headset yes yes Ask her about her pink shorts. You have pink shorts? Yes, I have seven…seven pink short. Yes of course yes. Seven?! Yes yes a lot of That’s a lot Yes, because I’m everyday put on pink short. Oh, for each day of the week, okay. Yes. You’re going to TwitchCon? Ah TwitchCon. I know you just go to the one day TwitchCon, right? But I’m go to the four days. 26, 27, 28, 29 I wish I could do that but I can…I can only go one day. Oh yes yes. Oh so we are meet one day. We should! Yay!!! On…on Sunday I’m a lot of saw your singing clip Yeah, I sing sometimes. You like music? I do. I don’t do it a lot, but I like it. Ah, yes yes. And I saw your guitar play Oh, I’m bad at guitar. I’m not good at guitar But good sound. It’s…it’s…it’s hard. Oh me to play guitar. You play? Oh yes. You want now show me my guitar? Yeah! Oh, Okay. One second. I’m now made one song for you. Okay Hi Maya Higa You’re very cute Your English very good Thank you so much understand my English Very good good that sound. It’s so good, thank you! You like it? Yes! It was so nice. I’m so happy! Yes, I’m..Uh.. really I want good English, but English is little…little hard…study. When did you start learning? Oh, I’m just four months ago start English study. Oh my gosh! You’re good Really? Yes, that’s crazy. That’s really good! Crazy Really? Yes! Yes, I’m now very very surprised because you now understand my English. Easy…Yeah! Oh, really? My pronunciation is good? Yes, you’re not hard to understand. Do you stream everyday? I’m just one week…one day holiday and six day stream. Okay, I stream three days. Oh, why? Why? I go to school School student…what study? Oh, I study, uhm, agriculture so like growing food. Oh my god Oh my god! You make food! I learn about farming. Farming? Oh my god! Real Minecraft Do you have pets? Do you like animals? Now don’t have pet. Child my life. I have one dogs. I had dogs also. Ohh! His name, what is this? I have dogs. Here, wait, I’ll show you. Oh my god! Really? Oh my god! Here this is my dog. Ahhh! HI! Hi! Oh my god! His name is maverick Maa…maa, maah…meaa…maa? Ma…Maverick Ma-ve-rick Yes. Oh! Maverick. Very cool name. Hard hard English name. I also have this dog. She’s… Another dog! Very big! Very big! This is Bella Very big. Hey! Oh my god! Yeah, she’s a girl. I’m curious. Maybe you and your boyfriend meet now one months? Yeah, we’ll see each other at TwitchCon. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh! But I’m now Interesting. Maybe my future husband go to the TwitchCon? I don’t know. Maybe. We should find him. Find my husband? We should we should meet at TwitchCon and find your future husband. Yes Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay, Let’s do it. Yes! I want. Uhm, Let’s see. Who? Who are candidates? Chat husband candidates? Yeah. Yes, please. Your favorite Twitch emote, what is this? Is FeelsDankMan an emote? Does that count? FeelsDankMan I love…I love that one. Oh why? I think it’s so cute. Ah! Cute emote. Yeah What does it mean? Oh, you doesn’t know? Like well, like if you say something…if you say something dumb… Then they put Feels Dank Ma’am and then…FeelsDankMan and then put what you said. Yes, very very cute emote. Yeah And looks dope! Yes? I kinda…I mean Maybe She’s not agree now I…I’m curious. You go to the maybe New York? I haven’t been there. Have you been there? Actually, my schedule is San Diego, next New York. Cool! Yes, so I’m next week go to the San Diego and next next week go to the New York. Wow! What are…what will you do in New York? Just eating good food, and uh, I want New York street saw. I want watching New York Street. Are you going with yourself or by yourself? Oh me and my dad. Oh, cool! Yes, and New York live my cousin. Oh nice. That’s so fun. Yes! That’s dope! Dope! Dope! Dope! Wow! Gnarly, Dope! Gnarly, Dope! Yay! I’m learning! I’m learning! Yeah, that’s awesome! I love that. I know now new word. 39Daph is teach me uh b****. I want Ocean Beach. But viewers say me beach is bad. Oh, it sounds like you’re saying b****. B**** No, but you should say it with more like an “e” like “e” “e” Like Beach bee…beach…Beach. Yes. Oh, this…This is ocean? Yes. Oh, now perfect chat. Wait, why are you D:? That was good. Yes, you very bad. We are perfect beach. What’s your favorite game? Favorite game is… I don’t have favorite games. Okay Me neither. Because I’m not good player. I can’t a lot of game because I have motion sickness, 3D. You try… What’s this? Oh pretty famous game. Oh this this game, this game. Getting over it? Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah, I haven’t played that Really? No have you? I’m success. Really? Yes, nine hours Oh my god! That’s crazy. That’s so good! I’ve never tried. I don’t, I don’t think I could do it. Why never? I would get mad Why did you start Twitch? My friend and me playing game… This is very fun. So me and my friend duo stream start, but she is very busy So I’m just alone stream start. So this is very very exciting and interesting and happy. So I’m just to keep going, uhm, stream. But this is Korean language stream. Eight months, eight months Oh, so you were streaming in Korean for eight months and in English for four? Yes. Yes. Yes, you’re right. Okay. When did you first get on LSF? Uh, my third English stream, I’m first LSF. My clip. Do you like LSF? Yes. You do? That’s good. Very very cute comment. Well, that’s good. I’m glad that they’re, that they’re cute and not mean Sometimes bad people, but most very cute people. Yeah, they’re…they like you a lot. That’s good. You why start Twitch? I started singing on Twitch and then I brought my hawk on stream and then a clip of the hawk went on LSF. Yeah, I started streaming with the hawk and then I started a podcast where I talk to people about animals. Oh, one more…one more word teach me please. They got mad when I taught you an informal word, so what’s a…what’s a useful word? Uhh, I want cute feeling word. Cute feeling word? Yes. Like when you think something’s cute? Do you know the word adorable? Uhh…odurr…adorr? Adorable Adurrable Ador, like a door… Adurr Able Able Yeah adorable…adorable…adorable…adorable You a…that was actually, that was better Ah, really? I think, I think so. I maybe go to the TwitchCon. Meet a lot of people and a lot of streamer But maybe they are want me talk, but I can’t understand I…I can’t talk. This is very I’m worried. You talk so well, though I don’t think…if I understand you they will Yeah. Oh my god. Yes, I’m really now surprised. Oh my god. Yeah, if people that’s…if people can understand xQc, they will understand you. Yeah, we’ll meet at twitchcon Yay!!! On Sunday Sunday And we will find you a husband. Yes! Go, go go! Maybe you now first try TwitchCon?. Yes, it’s my first time. Okay. Well, I will…I’ll see you in like a week. Very very awesome, awesome, awesome…Interesting Thank you so much today talking. Okay, nice talking to you. Thank you so much. Uh, have a good time and very good day for you. You too. You too. Thank you! Okay. Bye Thank you. Really, thank you so much. See ya! Bye!


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