Let It Be 🔷 THE BEATLES 🔷 Guitar Lesson – Beginner

November 19, 2019

I Am Bobby crispy this video is part of a guitar lesson series So today I’ll show how to play let it be by the beatles And it’s easy enough for beginner guitar [flutters] to learn Ok I’ve broken the song down into three sections I’ll play each one first And then I’ll show how it’s playing up for no using tabs up above [ok] so here’s the first part just the intro on the verse the same thing [ok] here goes Okay starts off as a C chord played like this Jus Beats the G chord Played like that two beats An a minor chord [B]. Like that one then pick the third third string second fret Play it [open] Then an f chord she can play like that Or if you’re familiar with bar chords play it as a Barre chord Okay for two beats and back to the C two beats gee two beats back to the [F41] [Pete] with a fourth string second fret the [4:3] [oven] suits See for two beats Okay, I’ll explain the song structure at the end of this lesson Okay So that was the first one at the intro, okay next part is verse two which is this you Okay, so that’s a minor chord for two beats G chord for two beats Okay, the f chord or two beats C chord for four beats G chord for two weeks f chord one beat fourth string second fret fourth string open – its Then see two beats Okay, now last part is the bridge which is this Okay, so that’s f chord for two beats C2 Eats G for what? F20 see old forty beats Okay, that’s a song okay now the song structure Okay verse 1 twice verse 2 verse 1 twice verse 2 twice the Bridge twice Then verse 1 twice, let’s plate over the solo verse 2 verse 1 twice verse 2 three times and the course four times and That’s in the song Okay, [I] hope this lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching

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