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LEGATO LESSON #2 (w/ TABS) | PENTATONIC SCALE | RICCARDO GIOGGI | Guitar Lesson – How to – Tutorial

November 10, 2019

Hi! I’m Riccardo Gioggi Welcome to this second legato lesson Welcome to my studio, today we’ll continue the work on the legato technique we started in the previous lesson. If you missed that video, you’ll find the link in the description box below or, just by clicking here I hope you enjoyed the exercise in that lesson and, of course, if you have questions about it, just ask. If you’re new to my channel, I do videos all about the guitar: tuition, gear reviews and guitar lessons, to help you grow as a guitar player and musician. If you’re interested in these topics, subscribe to the channel for more of this content. I am sorry if my voice sound a little bit strange today I’ve got the cold! But that’s not the problem at all I just want to continue with my guitar lessons and I made a pretty challenging exercise for today’s lesson So… [email protected]*k the cold: let’s play! OK, here we are: before I show you the exercise, I want to describe very briefly the rig I’m using for this video: I’m using this Ibanez RG752AHM Prestige, D’Addario American Stage cables and D’Addario XL strings, 9-54 and the AmpliTube software from IK Multimedia. Regarding the amp simulation I’m using now, this is a preset I made, which is based on a Brit-style amp. So, this is the exercise: For this lesson, the exercise is based on the A minor pentatonic scale I guess all of you are pretty familiar with this scale and this key. I have chosen this scale and key because I wanted to give you something new to work on but using some elements you already know. I’m using two shapes of the A minor pentatonic: this one, in the V position: and this one, which is in the VII position for the first half and in the VIII position for the second half The notes of the A minor pentatonic scale are: A, C, D, E, G and then, A again. As you may have noticed, in the exercise I played a couple of notes which technically are outside of the A minor pentatonic scale. I played the E flat which is the flat 5th, also known as The Blue Note E flat… …E flat… …E flat. And, in the second half of the exercise, I play this F#, which is the major 6th Now let me show you the exercise slowly: As I always recommend to my students when it comes to learning something new Let’s split the exercise into small sections. If you use this practice strategy, you’ll achieve better results in less time. So the first section is here: A minor pentatonic in this shape we start from the D And from this note starts the first pattern of the exercise, which is: then we move to the second pattern of the exercise, which is: After this second pattern, we have this quick bluesy melody With this bending, from D to E flat Then we apply the first pattern of the exercise – the one with the string skipping here, starting from this C: 5th fret, 3rd string And, as we already played on the lower strings, we apply the very same pattern Then: F#, E, A Then G, E, D Then we shift to the VIII position: A, G, E And then we repeat the bluesy melody we already played before on a lower octave With this bending here, at the 11th fret. This is an E flat going to an E. Then, the closing section: E flat, C, and the last bending: which, technically speaking, starts from a wrong note… it starts from this G# But it’s a very quick bending so you don’t hear this… …this G sharp actually. You just add a different flavor to this note like if you were using the whammy bar: I hope you enjoyed this lesson and the exercise as well. And if it is so, Subscribe to the channel Don’t forget to activate the notification bell. Thank you so much for watching, have a good time playing guitar and practicing See you in the next video, ‘bye!


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    Great video, very usefull, thank you

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    Riccardo è strano che tutti si lamentano del fatto del NOISE GATE di amplitube invece tu metti Mesa Boogie e distorsione senza usare il noise gate , come fai? che computer hai ?

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