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Learn How To Play Lead Guitar – Lead Guitar Lesson #1

November 8, 2019

Hi! I’m Nate Savage and welcome to video
#1 of the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series. This series is going to be perfect for two kinds
of people. The first person is the kind of person that’s really wanting to get into
lead guitar but just hasn’t done it yet. They don’t know how to get started. The second
kind of person this is going to be awesome for is some who’s been playing lead guitar
for a while but they really don’t have any direction and they don’t know what to practice
next to get to where they want to be. Knowing exactly where to start with the lead guitar
can be a little bit intimidating and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why
I made the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series. It’s going to help you know exactly where
you need to start and it’s going to give you all the things that are most important
for you to have success with lead guitar and playing your own solos. We’re going to go
over things like basic technique for your left and right hands and then we’re going
to learn some of the most important scales that you need to know as a lead guitar player.
From there, I’m going to teach you some techniques that can bring those scales to
life like legato technique, hammer-ons and pull-offs, bends and vibrato.
Once you get all those things down, I’m going to give you some tips to make your solos
sound really awesome and we’re going to go through and learn your first solo and that’s
going to incorporate everything that we’ve learned throughout the entire series.
The best part about this is all along the way we’re going to be applying everything
to real music. I’m going to have some real loops for you, so instead of practicing your
scales or whatever you’re working on in a particular lesson, with just a metronome
you can have some real music to apply everything you learned to.
And the rest of this first video, I wanted to give you some tips for your fretting hand
so you can get started off on the right foot for your lead guitar technique and the first
tip I have for you is really simple; it’s just relax. If you feel any tension creeping
up when you’re playing, if your arm is getting sore, take some time, relax, shake it out,
and then start again. With that in mind, let’s talk about just
some hand posture for playing the guitar for playing some leads. To start out, just pretend
like you’re holding a baseball or something in your hand, and that’s a really good position,
a relaxed position to start in. Bring your hand up to the guitar, thumb on the back of
the neck and just put your fingers down on the fret board. That’s a really good starting
position. Finger posture is the next thing that I want
to talk to you about when it comes to playing a lead guitar and this is going to change
as we go along but a basic good finger posture is to just come down on the very tip of your
finger, just like you would if you’re making chords or something like that. That is a good
starting position. You’re also going to want to come right behind the fret. That’s
going to help you avoid any buzzing or anything like that. For now you’re going to want
to have your thumb right on the back of the neck like I said earlier. That’s going to
change a bit when we get into bending and stuff like that but for now, that’s a good
position. One thing that I want to cover with you quickly
is something called the designated finger concept and this is going to apply to all
the scales we’re going to be covering in the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series, not all
the scales we’ll ever learn but the three scales we’ll be covering here. The designated
finger concept just says that you’re going to have one finger designated for any note
that occurs on any particular fret. So for example if you’re playing a scale, a G major scale
for example that we’re going to be learning, if you have any notes on the second fret your
first finger is going to get all those notes. If you have any notes on the third fret on
any of the strings, your second finger is going to get those notes. Any notes on the
fourth fret your third finger will get and any notes on the fifth fret your pinky will
get on any of the strings. This will be a lot clearer once we start learning scales.
The last little tip I want to give you is really simple, and that’s just keep your
fingernails short. When my fingernails start to grow out, it’s harder to get on the tips
of my fingers and it digs into the fret board a little bit.
These are just a few general guidelines that you’re going to want to keep in mind as
we move through the lessons in this series. Let me just tell you you’re probably not
going to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Joe Satriani right away when you start to
try to apply all of these things but the important thing is that you practice all of these stuff
consistently and apply it to real music. That’s why I’ve supplied you with the mp3 jam tracks
on all of these lessons. There’s no substitute for sitting down and
spending time with your instrument and on a daily basis, really challenging yourself
to come up with new things. Thanks for watching this video. In the next
video we’re going to cover some basic technique for your picking hand. If you have any questions,
there’s a commenting system below this video. Leave your question there. I’ll get back
to you that way or you can just email me, [email protected] See you in the next


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  • Reply Eli Kirat September 1, 2014 at 6:32 am

    I've been playing guitar on and off for around 4 years on and off. I've always felt lost when it came to lead guitar. I'm finally trying to nail it down and I thank you for this free lead guitar series. 🙂

  • Reply Sammy Bones September 13, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    Nice video. Always remember that a guitar that has the action set up well is easier to play, which makes it easier to do solos.
    Have a great day!
    @Sammy Bones 
    #guitarsolo   #guitarlessons  

  • Reply Jamie Kristopher October 10, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Great set of video lessons, Nate. Truly, I've learned so much from these I cannot state my full appreciation. Been playing for a little over two years but after these, and the beginner lesson you also have here, I can play so much better. Really love playing now!
    And if I have got better with just that small amount of tuition? I look forward to picking up your system after the Christmas break. 
    Many thanks, simply inspirational! 

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