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Knockin On Heaven’s Door 🔷GUNS N’ ROSES – Guitar Lesson 🔷 Beginner

November 18, 2019

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is [front] [row] guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play knocking on Heaven’s door by guns and roses okay um So I’ll play the parts first and then I’ll show how they’re played note for note using the tabs above Okay, first of all for the guns N’roses version You tune your guitar? Half a step down to e flat So it’s top string e flat then a flat D flat G flat B-Flat You flat so here’s my a flat that string if you want to tune to it Okay, uh song [structures] pretty simple for most part it’s Mainly Edgy two beats D two beats See the four beats Well, that’s its structure anyway except for the verse is g 2 beats D for [2] beats a minor for 4 Beats It goes back to G for two beats D for two beats See for four beats you Okay, the guns N’roses version. There’s some finger picking involved first of all [I’ll] [show] the intro Okay, I’ll play it first you Okay, so that starts off as a g chord pic like First string second-string Third string open second string to a d chord [play] it as a reproduce. Just pick with your fingers in the pic so fourth string third string second first string and pull off from the second Second fret on the first string pull off the 2nd string 3rd 2nd string Just a C chord [which] [is] [played] [like] this So mainly it’s the [secor] that’s broken up into arpeggios. So it plated the middle two strings then hammer on fourth string the second fret fifth string third and second strings third fourth strength and first ring It’s a [4th] [3rd] and [2nd] string first Ring You play the middle two strings again. Oh open? like before hammer on to the second fret of the fourth string the fifth string third string Okay, so that’s the intro and the g d c– part through the song So it’s both okay for the verse [okay], I’ll play it first okay, so it’s a g chord for two beats a [D4V] And bottle string pull off in the second at first the second third second string is so the V part is It goes into an e minor chord the third string The second string open a hammer onto the first 3rd and 4th strings top string first string Ok that it’s 4th 3rd 2nd and 3rd strings the fourth string open hammer on to the simon Third string open after the fourth second fret three Shrink open So sure to pick a pattern through it. Yeah that song yeah like this So with the [pic] in your little finger your ring finger Okay, then the power [chords] simplest part of the song it’s g power chord two Beats first then D power chord fifth string fifth fret Do [beets] and see our core the fifth string third fret for Beach back to G and That’s the main structure of the song okay. I hope this lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching


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  • Reply Metabohai October 7, 2012 at 2:01 am

    Yesterday i searched on you tube how to play it :D.

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    It's really nice that you are having a contest! I don't think you need it though. Everyone in the whole world knows who you are!

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    Bobby you are the man!!

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    Cheers Bobby!!
    Can you show The Riverboat song (Ocean colour scene) There is no descent tutorial on it!!

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    I'm not a GNR fun but I always wamted to learn this song.Thanks Bobby

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    I have a guitar just like yours. Great lessons!

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    great lesson Bobby !!!

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    There should be a channel on tv where you can learn guitar from and all the lessons should be thought by you bobby excellent lesson bobby thanks!!!!

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    i said bobby

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    Please do some more Led Zeppelin Bobby!!!!!!

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    you are awesome

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    Thx Bobby 😀

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    Cheers from Bulgaria tnx <3

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    You have taught me so many songs over so many years, I want to extend my thanks and gratitude upon you sir, thank you.

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    Good job bobby 🙂 thanks

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    Play free bird

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    Didnt explain well at all. We cant see your other hand that would help.

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    learned it in 10 seconds lol. i already had the3 chords mastered tho

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    do u have black beuty studio?? same here!!

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    you have missed the second phrase of the intro out !!

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    just for you…xD

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    u suck

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    How many times have you attempted this. Never give up!

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    Just subscribed!! You are the best teacher, you rock! And best part, your canadian!!

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    Sir it looks really hard 🙁

  • Reply Мр. Чыде July 31, 2014 at 8:11 am

    Sir it looks really hard 🙁

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    thank you bobby crispy awesome that help a lots also you the best teacher

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    how can i learn ti use my pinkie finger? it always curls up on me and i end up only using three fingers on any song aby advic helps!

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