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Kids INSTANTLY Learn Guitar! 🎸

October 11, 2019

– A few weeks ago I was out in San Diego and I met a guy who landed a deal on Shark Tank for his product called Chord Buddy and it lets you learn the guitar and learn to play songs pretty much instantly. And so he actually sent us some. He was cool enough to do that. How excited have you guys been to open this? – So excited! – We were asking you all day yesterday if you could open it. – This is something very special in here for them that we’re excited to open. (upbeat music) So I’m really excited about my kids wanting to learn music and I want to encourage that, so when these guitars came, it was like perfect opportunity for them to just have
something they can play and experiment on and just have fun with and an easy way to learn how to actually make music with it as opposed to just
strumming random things. – [Hannah] Dad! – Okay, so this is book that’s gonna teach you
how to play the songs and it has a DVD. You can put it on the
TV and watch and learn how to play the songs
in this book with him. It came with a guitar tuner with a battery and here’s your two picks. Red and green for guitar picks. – Cool. – And what this does– – [Hannah] I have white,
I have white and green. – [Dana] You got white
and green and that tuner? – [Zeke] I have red and green. – [Dana] So each guitar came with a tuner. – [Zeke] And a battery? – The guitar strings in tune so you can, so it sounds right when you play it.. – [Hannah] What’s that? – {Dana] These are the
different notes that you want the guitar to play. Oh, so it turns green when you get it? – [Tim] Yep. Little known fact is I
actually play guitar. Not very much, but I took 12 years of piano lessons as a kid and then I
got grounded in my room for a month when I was a teenager. I didn’t have anything to do in there, so she gave me a guitar and a book on how to learn to play guitar. And so I taught myself
the guitar in there. But I already knew how to play piano, so I already knew how music worked. It was pretty easy to
pick up the guitar then. So the way this Chord Buddy works is that there’s two ways to do it. You can play it, you can take it off, you
play it like for real, see? – [Zeke] I know how to
do a chord like that. I know how to do a chord on that. – Music was a big part
of my life growing up. I took piano lessons from first grade to 12th grade, for 12 years, and then I taught for a few years. Although I don’t really
do as much with it today, back then it was very formative for me on a few different levels. It was a good creative outlet for me and I also learned a lot of math skills, a lot of problem-solving skills, a lot of puzzle type of skills and things that I think
I’ve carried with me today. It’s little. My fingers don’t fit on it very well. (Dana laughing) – [Dana] They’re not made for you. That’s why Hannah said,
“You don’t get your own.” – [Tim] You can play it
with your fingers like this. But then you put the Chord Buddy on it and what it does is it
lets you just learn. These buttons are already
for different chords and so you just learn– (guitar music) – [Dana] Whoa, so do they hold down multiple strings at once? – [Tim] Yeah, so when
you push down yellow, for example, that looks like E minor, so it pushes down on those two strings, so it’s basically you can start playing any song you want. So what you do is, you’re gonna learn how to play songs just by learning which one of these. So what he told me, the
cool thing about it is– – [Dana] So is your finger really on one of the strings that you’ll
need it on and where? – [Tim] What happens is, they come out and then you actually put your fingers on, you can actually put your fingers on then when you do it. – [Dana] Cool. – So instead of having to learn on a normal guitar, you have to learn how to do your fingers up here and strum at the same time and then you stop strumming, put your fingers on here
and you strum again. This way you can learn to strum– (guitar music) You can learn to strum separately and then once you learn how to strum, then you can learn your fingers. So you guys, I bet even within a half hour from now, you’ll be playing some of your favorite songs in here. – Wait, half an hour? Yeah, could somebody tune mine? – Yeah, I’ll tune yours. Dana actually learned to play too, years ago, just a few chords for worship songs and stuff with youth group stuff. – I am so rusty. – [Tim] When’s the last
time you played it? (guitar music) – I have no clue; years. You’re making me nervous. – Sorry, all right, they’re gonna go put the Chord Buddy DVD on and let’s go learn to play, okay, Hannah? – I’m Travis Perry. I’m the inventor of Chord Buddy and the Chord Buddy Jr. Let me be the first one to welcome you to the
wonderful world of guitar. – They’re gonna play
their very first song! Watching a few training videos so far of how to hold it and tune it. (guitar music) They learned a song that
uses only one chord. Now they’re gonna learn a
song that uses two chords. Now it’s gonna get tricky. – [Dana] Like playing Guitar Hero. – [Tim] Yeah, but on actual guitars. They learned a few songs, and so now they’re kinda separating because they just both wanna play. Zeke’s gonna play in here and Hannah is gonna play in the living room and
kitchen area, I guess, so that they can kinda be separate and still be able to hear what
their own guitar is doing. Okay, what song are you gonna play? – Row, Row, Row Your Boat. – [Tim] All right, let’s hear it. ♪ Row, row your boat
gently down the stream ♪ ♪ Merrily merrily merrily merrily ♪ ♪ Life is– ♪ Oh, forgot to switch chords. I think their fingers are giving out. It’s happened to Zeke too. They’re not, it’s a good
workout for your fingers up there, huh? Are your fingers getting tired? – Yep, but I don’t wanna stop. – They’re pressing down on the buttons on the strings, which
is really good exercise for their fingers, so. – We’ll have strong fingers. – Yeah you will, if you keep going. You keep practicing,
you’ll have strong fingers. When they finally figure it out and they get it, it’s like (gasps), “I did it!” And that look of, “I can do this” comes over their face. The book makes it pretty easy. It just tells you what chord to play and how many times to strum. This is the down, the down-up strum. You remember that from the video? – Oh man, I didn’t do the
down-up strum with that one. – [Tim] That’s okay. – But it still sounded good. – Yeah it did, pretty good. (guitar music) One thing I noticed happened today is with these guitars in house, our kids did almost no screen time. (guitar music) That’s good. That sounded good, Zeke. What song was that? – No, I just did it. – [Tim] Oh, that was
just a song you made up? – I just made a tune. – Oh, I like that song, it was good. Now it’s Halle’s turn to play. – And Toby! – [Tim] Let’s help you
hold it correctly first. Oh, you got it? You know how? Are you playing guitar too, Toby? Oh Halle, you’re playing that chord nice. So music brings people together. Music, I think, is gonna
be something important for our family, especially
as our kids get older, and I get more capacity to be able to give them music lessons and teach them and I’m
looking forward to seeing what that looks like
as our kids get older. What you do is, when you want these Chord Buddies off is they just pop right off right here and now you see? You take ’em off. Now you can play, learn how to play for real, Halls. There you go. – So when you’re playing, done practicing like a billion times and you can just play a normal guitar. You could just taking it off. – That’s right. The kids are getting ready for bed and Hannah and Zeke
have been playing this, these guitars for, on and off for most of the day. Their fingers get tired and then they have to take a break. Then they come back to it. Hannah wants to show
you what she can do now. I haven’t seen this yet myself. (guitar music) – I’ll play it. I wanna play the guitar. – Hannah got a bath robe today too, by the way, which she really
really really really likes. – It’s not a bath robe. – [Tim] Oh, what is it? – A night robe. – [Tim] A night robe, oh, my bad. What’s the name of that song? – I didn’t name it. I just keep on playing. – [Tim] You just keep
pushing different buttons and strumming? It’s pretty fun, huh? – [Halle] I wanna play! – [Tim] So, are your fingers pretty tired? – No.
– [Tim] Really? – Not tired! – [Tim] They’re all awake
now it’s time to go to bed? – Yeah.
– [Tim] Okay, well you can each take a turn. We had several different bands, my family. I played guitar with bass. We all played multiple instruments. I played piano, guitar, bass, viola, harmonica and then we have, my other
siblings played cello and violin and banjo and fiddle and my sister did voice and so between all of us, my mommy used to like us to play a lot at people’s weddings and in church and things like that. If this looks like something that would be great for your family, I’ll put a link to them
in the description below. It’s You can see their guitars, you can see all their training materials and everything that they have there. So go check ’em out and I think it’s gonna be something your kids are gonna love using for a long time to come. And if you’re new to our
family’s story, welcome. We’d love to have you follow along. We’ve got new videos every
Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We’re just exploring how to grow together as a big family team and it’s just good to see the role music plays in that
here in our family story. So thanks for hanging out and we’ll see you guys on Monday.

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