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Kid Rapper Young Dylan Freestyles for Ellen

October 16, 2019

So you had a birthday
since I saw you last. Yes. How old are you? You’re 10 now? Yes. Yeah. And um– How’s it feel? Oh, it feels really good. And what I learned
from my classroom is that we’re all preteens. Yes. You are. It’s like we’re like,
rookies, like, you know how you’re getting
drafted from the NFL and you’re like you’re a rookie? I’m like a rookie team, so. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. What grade are you in now? I am in fourth grade. Fourth grade. And what are you
learning in fourth grade? I’m learning math, fractions,
angles, area and decimals and all of that. Well. Hard stuff. Yeah, it’s hard stuff. But you know you got to pay
attention to math because you don’t want anybody
taking advantage of you, because you’re
going to be famous and you need to
watch your money. Mm-hmm. Yeah right. OK. And I know that you’re
working out lately. What are you doing? I’ve been doing 50 push ups. Oh, I said, 50 push ups. What? 50 sit ups and 20
push ups every night. My coach told me to do 100. But it’s just too tiring. So. Yeah. Well maybe cause you’re
doing them at night. Wouldn’t you rather
do it in the morning when you have more energy? True. Is it– yeah. It’s hard to go to sleep after
you exer– for me, anyway. I like to exercise
in the morning. But think about it. And break them up. Maybe do 20 in the
morning and 20 at night. And pretty soon you’re going
to be able to get there. OK. Like Jason? I’m going to get buff. Yeah. He’s– yeah, he’s
pretty buff, right? Yeah. Yeah like Jason. Yeah. Everybody wants
to be like Jason. What are you listening
to music wise? I’m listening to
Nipsey Hussle and– Uh-huh. I went to his store. And I did a freestyle for him. Thurs-Dyl freestyles. And I’d like– but since you
sent me to the all-Star– Yeah. I’ve been doing
like, freestyles. Like, I did it for Meek
Mill and Nipsey Hussle and like, all of that. And I just be talking
about my life or something tragic that happened. Oh, that’s so cool. It’s freestyle Thursdays? Oh, like, not–
Thurs-Dyl freestyles. I see. I’m sorry about that. Do you have a freestyle
now that you’d like to– Yes. Oh good. [CHEERING] Do you need that? Not yet. All right. OK. I stay after that bag. Good grades in my classes. This one could do numbers
cause I’m amazing at math. Yeah, I stay in the
lab like Dexter. And get’em Dyl, I got
more drive than the Tesla. Whoa. Oatmeal for my breakfast. Fans spot me like freckles. Through the roof of that Lexus. Poof. Disappearing like presto. You might see me on Ellen. You might see me on Nick. Half time, I was lit. Every time I get lit! [CHEERING] Wait. Oh, no. I want to say every– you
might see me rapping quick. You might see me rap quick. Yeah. I didn’t mean to say Nick. Sorry everybody. That’s all right. That’s all right. That’s all right. You can say whatever you want. It’s your freestyle. All right. What are you going
to perform today? I’m going to perform Kanye
West, “Touch the Sky.” All right. I love that song. [CHEERING] I gotta testify! Come up in the spot,
looking extra fly! For the day I die,
I’mma touch the sky! Got to testify! Come up in the spot
looking extra fly! For the day I die. I’mma touch the sky. Back when they thought pink
polos would hurt the Roc. Before Cam got the stuff to pop. The doors was closed. I feel like bad
boy’s street team. I couldn’t work the locks. Now let’s go. Let’s take’em back to the plan. Me and my mama hopped
in that U-Haul van. Any pessimists, I
aint talked to them. Plus I ain’t have no
phone in my apartment. Let’s take’em back to the club. Least about an hour
I stay on line. I just wanted to dance. I went to Jacob an hour. After I got my advance. I just wanted a shine. Jay favorite line:
“Dawg in due time.” Now look at me. Dang, dog. You where I am. A hip hop legend I think
I died in that accident cause this must be Heaven. I got to testify. Come up in the spot
looking extra fly. For the day I die. I’m going to touch the sky. I got to testify. Come up in the spot
looking extra fly. For the day I die. I’m going to touch the sky. Let’s take them high,
la-la-la-la-la-la-la. Put your hands up. Go! Go! Let’s take them high! La-la-la-la-la-la-la. See, when I say
Young, you say Dylan! Young! Dylan! Young! Dylan! When I say Young, you say Dylan! Young! Dylan! Young! Dylan! Thank you. [CHEERING]

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