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John Cena Says Sho Madjozi ‘Did The Impossible’ By Starting The John Cena Dance Challenge

November 10, 2019

– I want to steal your wardrobe. You’re the most fun person
I maybe have ever met. I love you. – Thank you, there looks
like there’s police in here. – [Kelly] Yes, yes. (audience laughing) – [Sho Madjozi] You can’t steal. – This is actually intervention. No, I’m just kidding, I’m kidding. – Oh no. – [Kelly] I’m just kidding. No but Sho Madjozi, that’s
not your real name right? – No, no – What’s your real name? – Maya. – Maya? So, where did you get the name Maya? – Well, I’m from South
Africa but when I was born my parents were reading
Doctor Maya Angelou and I think they wanted a
daughter who was literate, so… (Kelly laughs) – So they said “Lets name
her after someone who writes beautifully” and yeah, that’s why. – Oh my gosh that’s amazing. – You are literally Kelly Clarkson though. (everyone laughs) – I know but I’m not Maya Angelou. I’m just saying that’s cool. – But you’re Kelly Clarkson,
are you aware of this? – I’m not, aim higher I swear. But thank you, you flew… I have gone to South Africa many times, that is a long flight. – [Sho] Yeah. – So thank you for flying
clear across the world to be here. We were very, very excited. But tell me about your John Cena song. What inspired it? I love the video. – Thank you. – I love the song. – Thank you so much. I love John Cena. – [Kelly] I love it. (audience cheers) – [Kelly] There you go. – [Sho] So… (audience claps) I do, I do. – Where, so did, are you a wrestling fan? – Oh absolutely.
– Is that were this came from? – [Kelly] Okay, okay. – Growing up I was already… I grew up in a very rural
area, Limpopo in South Africa. And there was one television in my village while we were growing up. And we got to watch two TV shows. One was a local drama called “Generations” and the other one was wrestling. – That’s amazing. – Yes, so if I didn’t go
by Sho Madjozi I would’ve gone by John Cena probably. As I learned back then
that’s already someone’s name so I didn’t. But I love him. – You didn’t steal it? I love it I love it. – And I made the song
cause it’s really about, you know cause John Cena
always used to say, “You can’t see me”? So when we used to play
wrestling with my cousins I used to pretend to be John Cena. – Oh my gosh I love you. (Sho laughs) – I just pictured you like eight years old just like giving it to em. I love that. – I just be like, “You
can’t see me” ya know. And so yeah, so then
recently I had this boy that I really like and then he just didn’t notice me ever so I was
like, “Man, this guy can’t see me maybe– – I don’t like him already. – Thank you, I was like,
“He can’t see me, maybe I’m John Cena”. (everyone laughs) – [Kelly] Oh my God. That’s amazing. So did you ever actually get to meet him? After you did this? – Who? – John Cena? Oh no, of course not, not yet. I hope I meet him one day. – [Kelly] Oh yeah, well that’s a bummer. I mean I think he posted, didn’t he post about it as well when he found out? – I don’t know if he posts for himself but his page, he put the
picture of me on there. And he doesn’t say anything,
he doesn’t caption, he doesn’t tag me, nothing. – He’s… Because you can’t see him. (everyone laughs) (audience claps) – But I love him. I don’t know when I don’t
know what will happen cause if I see him I’m gonna freak out. – [Kelly] You’re gonna die? Okay. – I love him a lot yeah. – All right well it’s our
first season he’s not here. We have a small budget but– – He’s probably watching, – But wait, say he’s
watching and he’s gonna love this moment and I want
you to perform the song, will you? – Oh yay. – Okay, let’s perform. (applause) – You come on over here. (upbeat music) – Hey. Sho. (sings in foreign language) ♪ I don’t know why you
treat me like a criminal ♪ ♪ Hey, we were just together though ♪ ♪ On the same line, why you
pressin’ enter though? ♪ ♪ Some wanna act rough like John Cena ♪ ♪ Some wanna get buff like John Cena ♪ ♪ We used to be cool, when
I used to come through ♪ ♪ Now you wanna act tough like John Cena ♪ ♪ Chi chi chi chi ♪ ♪ Chi chi chi ♪ ♪ Chi chi chi chi ♪ ♪ Chi chi chi ♪ ♪ Some wanna act rough like John Cena ♪ ♪ Some wanna get– ♪ (sho screams) (audience cheers) – [Sho] What do you mean? You said he’s not here. You said he’s not here. What is happening? (kelly laughs) – [Sho] You said he’s not here. (audience cheers) (sho screams) – John Cena, nice– – Holy cow, holy cow – [John] Nice to meet you. – [Kelly] Oh my gosh. – What. – We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) – So, what do you wanna say to Sho? She loves you. – [Sho] Oh my. – First of all thank
you for the kind words while I was hiding back there. I was hiding the whole time. I do post myself and I
don’t caption anything because I kind of don’t want the viewer of the account to– I want them to take away what they can and people are finding
inspiration in your song. And here’s what you don’t know. She explained it very
candidly but her song is about, essentially
about heartbreak right? – Yeah – But it’s really cool because
it’s a high energy song and you can take something
negative in your life and express it creatively
and you’ve literally reached an audience around the world. – [Sho] Oh my gosh – I think that is super, super empowering – And super, super influencing. – [Kelly] John Cena
you are so well spoken. – But no that’s the truth, here we are in Los Angeles she’s from South Africa, geographically around the world. And you managed to
create a dance challenge in my name and we saw that I can’t dance. We just saw that, just saw that. (everyone laughs) – But wait, you used to rap. – You did the impossible. – [Sho] You were a rapper yeah. – Yeah you used to rap, would you ever do a song with Sho? I’m just saying. – I still got some bars. (everyone cheers) – I’m 42, I don’t I don’t. At all. – [Kelly] That’s what
would make it awesome. – But for you, for you, yes. – You’re the best, I can’t believe this. – Is this the real one? – That is the real, it’s
not a fake, it’s not a fake. – So that’s weird right? It’s John Cena, is that
the real John Cena? – Cause she’s overwhelmed,
especially, I can’t imagine being a child. I can imagine actually. You’re a child and you
grow up loving these people and you idolize them and
they change you, ya know they’ve made such an impact on you and it’s awesome to get
to meet them in real life later in life. It’s the coolest thing. – Are you kidding me? It’s hearing that song. So I’ve been in WWE a long
time, almost 20 years, and you forget the impact
that you have on people and hearing that song– like, you’re cool. I’m not. – [Sho] Noooo. – [Kelly] You are both cool. – So hearing something like that kind of makes me half cool again,
which is the best thing ever. Like really, I’m so very
excited to know that essentially what I did
had an impact on people around the world, that’s also really cool. – You’re so amazing. – Thank you. – [Kelly] What do you want to say to John? Now he’s right in front of you. – Yeah, here we are. It’s just us, nobody’s
watching let’s just– – Nobody can see you first of all. – [John] Nobody can,
who are you sitting next to on the couch? – The whole audience is
like, “She’s really excited about that empty space”. (everyone laughs) – Yeah, it’s a WWE thing, you
know what I’m talking about. – I think you’re the coolest ever. – [John] Wow. – I think you’re the coolest ever– – [John] Thank you. – Like, I would have
gone by John Cena if it wasn’t, if you weren’t already John Cena. – Well here’s the thing,
it’s not really my name. My dad’s name is John Cena. So I’m saying if you want
to borrow it, it’s got legs. – What do you mean it’s
not your real name? – Well it is my real name
but it’s not my name. My dad’s name is also John Cena so– – Oh I thought maybe you were saying it was your middle name. – At family functions we
have to fight to the death just to see who gets the
name for the evening. – That’s amazing. – No but yeah go ahead
use it, no you stick with Sho Madjozi. Everyone around the
world knows Sho Madjozi. – [Kelly] It’s infectious,
it’s infectious.


  • Reply Cheriza van Schalkwyk November 10, 2019 at 9:29 am

    Me being from South Africa also and seeing one of our girls getting to meet him and hug him is Soooo amazing for me. Growing up so isolated in my family and the abuse and rejection I went through as a child, I could only fall asleep to the fantasy of John Cena coming to find me and taking me away to find my real family as we drove into the sun set. I was so inlove with this man. Till today he is still my favourite, other then Eddy who sadly passed away. Love you Cena, always and forever.

  • Reply Chai Lee November 10, 2019 at 9:29 am

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