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Jay’s Tech Tips #8: Checking Bearing Clearance

August 24, 2019

Hi, I’m Jay from Real Street Performance. Today, we’re going to talk about checking bearing clearance. There’s a few things you’ll need. An inside mic, an outside mic, preferably a rod vice. And your crank and your rods. So today we’re working on a BC stroker. Toyota 2JZ. It’s gonna be a 3.4L with some Manley Turbo Tuffs and Manley pistons. We’re gonna measure the crank up while we have it on the bench. So you’ll take your mic and slide it down onto the crankshaft. Respect that it is sharp and you can mark the crank up. Most pics have a clutch where I can turn this as many times as I want. However, it’s not going to sandwich down on the crank journal any more. If I grab the end of it and force it down, I’m going to make an inaccurate reading. You just want to get the air gap gone and that’s as tight as you can get it. There will be some tension, but don’t crank it tight. Most pics have a lock on them. So I can lock this down. Once you got your measurement on the outside mic, I lob it onto the vice. So it will hold still. And then take the inside mic, and plunge it into the outside mic. You’ll have to fumble around with it a little bit to get it zeroed out. Next, you’re gonna take the connecting rod with the bearing inserted in it with a little bit of oil on the bearing. You’re gonna take the inside mic and you’re going to plunge it into the rod. And what you’re gonna do then is measure the vertical bearing clearance. So on this particular rod with this particular bearing, we got just over a thou and a half. I hope you’re taking away some good information from these tech tip videos. Go ahead and subscribe to the channel. You can make a suggestion on anything you’d like to see in the future. And if there’s parts that you are missing for your build. Or you’re looking to get into a build and you want to speak to a qualified, experienced sales guy, give us a call.


  • Reply Sloppy Mechanics December 2, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    i know it might be hard to ask but start to finish build would be awesome, similar to fullboosts dandy performance ford V8 build video, that would be incredible, its hard to pack in the details into one long video as most people would probably get ADD and quit hah, but i would love to see it. thanks for the tech tip videos, i like the work and detail you guys put in.

  • Reply 755hp October 26, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Please do a video regarding choosing the right turbocharger for your engine; example, 2JZGTE.


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