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James James – Magician Busking in Adelaide, Rundle Mall, South Australia

August 24, 2019

secondly, it’s not really worth it Thirdly more importantly though I’m surrounded
okay surrounded by beautiful people here beautiful people here,… people. !
(GROWLS) My future Ex-Wife, okay… if you are video
taping this let me say this before we do the trick,
My name is James James I am the Tartan Trickster I’m a magician who works with the streets around the world
I just got back from a 3 month engagement in Malaysia I was busking there (……) but i was busking for your about to see is 20 years of my life Im the best magician in the world that
does it, I’m NOT modest i’m just the best!
So watch very carefully and if you can, if you got a YouTube video put it on, if you got a YouTube channel put this on YouTube, watch this, keep your eyes on the 10 dollar note do not take your eyes away from the 10 dollar note Keep your eyes on the 10 dollar note, Keep your eyes GLUED to the 20 dollar note !!
(Crowd Cheers) Now!, I give these away every other week aren’t
you all cheesed off you didn’t let me borrow your 10 dollar note, hey !!
Here Ya Go Harry ladies and gentlemen….., i wish i could, ladies and gentlemen,
i’m gonna have to ask that man to leave… ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself, My name is James I am a magician I’ve been doing this around
the world for the past 10 years I think a very good at what i’m doing for 15 or 20 minutes I’ve already held your attention I’m gonna give you a big finale so watch very carefully, at the end of my show I’ll put my hat on the table,
at the end of my show I will ask you politely to come forward.. ..and put money in the hat for the fun we shared because this is the
only way I get paid I’m proud in what I do I do not sign on The Dole I could not
do anything else that’s is what I do for a living supplied.. and provided for people who watch the show is a
busking show by the way if your still video taping, let me… share 1 last thing with you.
My name is JAMES it is not Gazzo Gazzo taught me what I do I payed for the trick the trick the routine, the whole lot,
about ten years ago not this, but I payed for this, for
people to post my show online like that he’s got no sprayed by which
so cars what’s this fuks K if you cannot give get you if you give me 10 dollars I go home
happy if you give me twenty dollars which most people do I call very happy if you give me one hundred
dollars I go home with you class I met my wife yes of right but some people can fortify most can afford it and what you can
afford is a big massive right before so yeah faster than by scared on smith wesson Francis what’s this watch don’t walk
away said he will miss and I’m is happening harry wants to
spank Harry what he did there’s something not
a lot of other people do on a regular basis the trust others I
appreciate support so that’s a good sign I will be a of 40 forty-years-old a lot few think Harry what’s the mall everybody
house police what’s that it is generous you
listen to the radio if you watch the news if you read the
newspapers you will see that the world that we live in this planet called home is in a bid to
stay unfortunate that solve the problems that we’re facing family tale of I can be viewed each show
and i cant get it on for and I have done my job paul asked
politely say 14 something in my your job he where here on the streets small every house watch that the ball will disappear ball as this appears thank you I I hear your voice weird with yeah map will check to check and
check the audience consents right after people leave the ball is
this appear that’s what Obama shows faith has cooled that’s not have you don’t believe that’s
okay to church to find the cord after he couldn’t care less either way
welcome to my world also boxes Harry if I could not be
bought the superior man I couldn’t make it happen come back yeah fenced-in for expecting something else salt give you something out swaps why because that one there that’s an orange
its margin there’s a margin their arms came from there to the size it
feels about just like this for months service margin there’s nothing that is
already there is on from there there good scraggly gonna getcha yeah good scale 246 E for Everyone next week we’re watching magic use
television talk of the web this TV show right back web-based web-based TV show doesn’t cost anything
to join you at the game because I get away secrets I only want people to
remember sex is he going to play out there so restore the free next week lot 157 look
on significant it’s free response but that’s the last thing is I
do this for a living if I make an offer from a job please
before sea views have a great day have a great life please come forward
peace and I have no very much as well thank you very much
guys we’ve got these out affect future yeah free thank you

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    Does everyone use gazzo's act these days?

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