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Is Yamaha PSR-SX900 Better in Features than KORG PA Keyboards?

October 20, 2019

How’s it going Jeremians. In front
of me is a brand-new color for the Korg PA700 so internally nothing much has
changed for this PA700 but the color is now a lot more striking and I actually
like this color way more than the previous muddy brown color and this just
has a lot more stage presence there is no shortage of videos on YouTube
comparing the called PA series as well as the Yamaha PSR-S series and there
are also a lot of PSR-SX series videos that you can watch and you can make the
comparison for yourself but most of these videos are made by music shop
assistants sales guy who are just you know don’t really use these arranges for
a living day after day I have been teaching and performing on arranger
keyboards for the past 25 years and many of my students when they come to me have
already an existing instruments and they range from the PSR-E series to the yamaha
PSR-S series and also a number of them have the KORG PA series really day
after day every single day of the week for the past two and a half decades so
in today’s video I will talk about the real-life usability of this arranger
keyboards the PA series versus the Yamaha PSR-SX series however in my past
25 years of teaching on the cord PA as well as the Yamaha PSR keyboards I can
tell you with great certainty that technologically the core PA series
arranger keyboard is just much more superior in terms of the features and
functions than the Yamaha keyboards especially when you take into
consideration the price that you’ll be paying so before I begin to tell you the
14 reasons why the KORG PA series or in this instance the KORG PA700 is a much
better value proposition than the Yamaha PSR-SX there has been launched with
great fanfare hype and rah-rah you know about being revolutionary I will tell
you the 14 reasons why this is a better value proposition but before
we dive right in I want you to take one second to smash that like button for the
YouTube algorithm and also do check out the description for links to the gears
that I use and recommend the very first thing I want to talk
about is price so the newly launched Yamaha PSR SX is available at a
suggested retail price of almost two thousand eight hundred US dollars
although the street price is actually about $2,200 so the last time I checked
on the major music retailers and Amazon this PA 700 is actually a massive 1,200
u.s. dollars cheaper than the Yamaha PSR-SX900 and in addition for just about
a thousand two hundred US dollars they would throw in a x-stand they would throw in
a bench they were also throw in headphones as well as the damper pedal
with the same price of a thousand two hundred US dollars so the suggested
retail price of two thousand eight hundred dollars for the PSR-SX900
really is more expensive in Yamaha MODX which might think as a sound
generating device as a synthesizer is a lot more capable than the PSR-SX and in
fact that price of two thousand eight hundred US dollars is pretty much the
price of a Yamaha montage their flagship workstation that really professionals
used to produce music for big productions
so the next thing I want to talk about is the tree upper layer south so the
cork has had three layers of upper layer sounds for the longest time I remember
playing on the called PA50 almost 15 years ago and dad model itself which
isn’t the very high-end model already had three layers of upper voices and
it’s only now almost in 2020 does the Yamaha bring out three layer voices on
the PSR-SX which has traditionally been guarded by them for only the flagship
Tyros and now the GENOS and if we look at KORG EK-50 which is just like a five
hundred dollar arranger keyboard to compete with the peers are eseries the F
was extreme event at at that price has the ability to layer tree upper layer
voices reason amatory why I think the KORG PA700 is better value is because it actually comes in four modes this PA
series is actually kind of like you are buying four different instruments but
it’s all rolled into one if you think about it the PSR-SX is actually an
arranger that you can also play as a normal keyboard for your band or your
for your music production so that is first and foremost a arranger first but
for the PA700 and a PA Series you can actually tell that it was really meant
to be a full fledge workstation with full-featured sequencer you know and
with that four different modes you can see where its heritage lies so we have
the four modes here which is the style play and that is for playing this as an
arranger keyboard we also have a song play where you can load up mini songs
mp3 songs different kind of audio files and play along or sing along with the
songs that’s playing back and mode number three is where you are going to
use this for a music production scenario it has a dedicated sequencer mode you go
into the sequencer mode and it has a very very full fledge very complex and
complicated but very powerful sequencer that allows you to do events level
editing and the fourth mode that you have on this p700 is where you use this
as a since as a keyboard for playing along with a band and that is more
number four reason number four is KORG DNC which is
their define new ones control and this is very much alike to Yamaha super
articulation to which they reserved purely for their TYROS in their
GENOS and even after decade of this technology
Yamaha just adamantly suddenly refuses to trickle this down to the PSR-SX range
of reason number five is you got to live
control knobs just like that on the PSR SX series which also has two assignable
live control knobs as what Yamaha call it but in addition to the live control
knobs the call PA series especially PA 700 and above actually has three
additional assignable switches on the left side just above the joystick which
you can assign to a whole myriad of different features and functions that
you want to trigger next let’s talk about touch screen which
is like the biggest thing onto Yamaha PSR-SX series has been trumpeted as like
oh the next big thing and this is such a wonderful thing that they are including
it is a very very good thing but it just seems like too late in the game that
Yamaha is introducing the touchscreen on their PSRs series from my experience
twenty years ago when I play it the KORG i30 arranger keyboard dad
already had a touchscreen so it seems like Yamaha is kind of like twenty years
too late in putting a touchscreen in the middle of the line arrange your
keyboards at this price that the PSR-SX900 it’s selling for I would have
expected that it would have a tilt table touchscreen because that would
definitely increase the readability and usability of the screen but
unfortunately you don’t find that on those Yamaha models but on the core PA1000 you actually get a tilting 7-inch color touch screen for a price that is
even cheaper than the Yamaha PSR-SX series
the next big feature trumpeted by Yamaha on their PSR-SX900 is the chord looper
feature and this seems to be a trend these days where if you turn that on it
will actually start recording the court sequence as you’re playing so that it
frees up both your hands to be able to play other stuff on the upper part of
the keyboard so this really isn’t new and has been found on the KORG PA series
like for the longest time that I can recall and that is actually called the
CHORD sequencer that is found on here they call PA700
for reason number let’s talk about the ways that this to keyboard store their
sounds we are talking about DPS our SX still has the traditional way a slightly
more linear way of starting registration with all the settings that is found on
the keyboard is captured into one registration memory button and that is
the way that Casio does for the registration memory as well as roland
exe resources uses the same manner of registration memory buttons however the
KORG PA series the PA 700-thousand actually has a songbook feature so this
one will feature I feel is a very very powerful way of storing your
registration your voices your styles and your songs that is because it is not so
much of a linear way of storing things it’s actually in database so Yamaha PSR-SX has introduced this feature called playlist in the neo keyboard which is
not a new thing because on the call PA I have been using set lists for years and
years and you know this is what a gigging musician is expected to use let
me just give you an example of how powerful the core PA series songbook
feature is assuming you have accumulated a library of a couple of hundred songs
maybe a thousand songs which a number of my students actually have more than a
thousand songs in the collection of songs if you are asked to play or if
you’re thinking of playing a song by John Denver the walls which is type C
nature of tree and a slow waltz which is perhaps slower at 80 beats per minute so
you can actually use this tree parameters and filter the database to
really hone down to this exact song by John Denver to start playing out of your
couple of hundred songs whereas in the Yamaha system of storing stuff it is
just gonna be a lot harder to find because it uses a folder kind of analogy
kind of like your Windows computer folders where you have a routes folder
and then you have sub folders and subfolders etc so it’s a really a
database of sorts so Yamaha fanboys would say you know generally we
the music finder but really the music finder or the MDB is really just a very
rudimentary way of storing songs it’s nowhere near as powerful as the cock
samba reason number nine is the Kaos
technology that is found on the cork PA ranges so a couple of years ago call
came out with a Kaos touch pad for the DJ equipment so they have made it such
that the entire touchscreen becomes a Kaos touch pad and you can dynamically
just move around your finger on the touch sensitive screen to control
different parameters in a graphical and very natural way the one is just not
able to replicate using just knobs and switches so this is something which you don’t
find equivalent off on the Yamaha PSRs eggs at all
reason number 10 has got to do with the way that the intro buttons work on both
this top-of-the-line equipment so Yamaha actually has treat intros which is good
we have intro one with short intro to longer intro 3 longest but on the core
PA series intro number 2 is actually an intro where you can play along your own
clock progressions with that intro and then is something that you’re not
able to do with DRI intros because the Yamaha intros is really just a preset
sequence piece of introduction music and there is not a lot of changes that the
player can make to it once it’s triggered you know you can play along
with it but you definitely cannot affect the core changes found on the intro
reason number 11 is the way that fill-ins Auto feelings between
variations of the style is used so on Yamaha we have your four different
variations of the fill-ins a B C and D and those are really just presets but on
a PA 700 other than just this preset way of triggering your auto fill in there is
actually a feature called Smart Auto field and this is something which not a
lot of people talk about because the computational power found on the core PA
series can actually randomly decide for you what is a good appropriate feel for
example if you’re going from variation 4 which is the very busy variation of the
style to your variation number one and this SmartWater field can actually
decide for you to choose appropriate fill-in to actually insert when you
trigger an auto fill so reason number 12 has got to be how
cork organizes the voices in a sounds so cog actually organizes their sounds into
what we call a keyboard sets I find that this is a very powerful way of
organizing sounds because you don’t just think about sound as just a solitary
instrument but you start to think about it as a cohesive harmonious a bunch of
three different sounds that you can either mix or turn on and off using the
touchscreen example if you select a pen flute you know there will be a couple of
strings or pad voices that you might want to go with it or some Bell sounds
that you want to go with it and you can actually group them as one so that
whenever you call up a pen fluid voice to get ready to play your Styles all the
additional dual layer triple layer voices are already all ready to go and
you don’t have to configure them from scratch each other every time which is
the case for literally most of the other brands right now that I know of
reason number thirteen has got to be the number of effects that is found on the
core PA series that can be used when you plug in an electric guitar into the
input or a microphone into the input so it has a lot of tube amps choruses
delays and distortion effects in fact I have a friend who is actually a busker
he doesn’t play a lot of keyboards but he has a PA series that he uses just to
plug in his microphone and his guitar and he uses the effects found on the
core PA series for his guitar and microphone because it is Dada good and the very last reason why I think
they called PA 700 actually has a better value proposition and really Yamaha is
just kind of doing catch up with your SX series is debt of stop grabbing so cork
has a guitar rx programming mode which allows you to humanize guitar picking
and guitar strumming without having to actually program each and every
individual notes of a guitar strum so it has all the parameters to allow you to
customize different guitar strumming x’ and different guitar patterns based on
the kind of guitars you’re using and included as part of your style and when
you talk about the programming of styles we cannot not talk about these style
creator boards so if you just dumped in a MIDI file
you know the Creator bought in here the style creator board can actually create
a style for you as well as suggest paths and create keyboard sets sounds that
picks up from the MIDI file and all you need to do is just do little tweaking to
get it to sound the way you want rather than having to create everything from
scratch so who are the people who usually choose
the Yamaha PS RS or SX series or the Gino’s the Pyro’s over the PA series it
is really to me I think those who want a less steep learning curve much easier to
use you don’t have to spend a lot of time to learn it and it’s less complex
as well and you get a lot of hobbyists intermediate students and from what I
know especially in my market a lot of retirees love the Yamaha arrangers due
to his ease of use and the other group are those who are already stuck in the
Yamaha eco system so we have those who have bought lots of expansion packs or
pirated lots of expansion packs from the Yamaha eco system and has built up a
whole bunch of styles that they either pirated or downloaded from somewhere or
bought from the Yamaha online shop and they just feel that they need to
continue to be in an ecosystem just like how you would be if you bought an Apple
iPhone but only core PSU is even for the big range thousand US dollar series you
can find features that the pigging musician requires and we’re talking
about for example the audio inputs on this are actually quarter inch stereo
inputs unlike a little mini jack input that’s found on the Yamaha PSR SX or s
range and I can already hear the Yamaha fanboys screaming and shouting hey
Jeremy but you know the Yamaha PSRs X 900 has vocal harmony and your PA 700
doesn’t have it you know what just for a thousand nine hundred US dollars which
is still almost a thousand dollars cheaper than the suggested retail price
of the PSRs X 900 get this the PA 1000 a harmony by TC Helicon and that is a
professional voice system for professional singers you know go Google
up that company he has long history and it’s been around for almost 20 years a
likety more generic in-house Yamaha system and for going a little bit more
on a PA 1000 you get a tilting a tilting LCD screen which you don’t find on
Yamaha and you pay a lot more and for just a
thousand eight hundred US dollars the PA 1000 actually comes with aftertouch mind
blown the FS a key bed on the Yamaha range has been fiercely guarded by
Yamaha on the Tyros range as well asked ya Geno’s range and it just refuses to
trickle down you know it is more of a marketing thing and a profit thing
rather than it being so expensive that it cannot be trickled down it’s a lot
more expressive when you’re talking about your own bows clarinets and even
your leat sins and all this really just need after touch to really bring out
that new ones and expressiveness of that voice and tone but with all that beings
here nothing is perfect so now I’m gonna talk about what is the Achilles heel of
the called PA series so the Achilles heel of the coffee a series is that it
is just very very complex complicated and so so so deep in fact it is so deep
that those coming from the Casio CTX the ctk or even the PS are eseries will just
instantly be lost in here you know they would just be swimming in a lot of
Technology and functions and features but that is to be expected because the
reason why it’s called a PA is because this is a professional arranger I hope
you guys found this video useful if you did make sure you smash the like button
and subscribe if you haven’t done so and I’ll see you in the next one bye bye


  • Reply Jeremy See October 6, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    This video discusses a "value proposition" and should NOT be construed as a Yammie bashing session. ✌🏽

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  • Reply JADEN PINA October 6, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    Is the pa700 new

  • Reply Stephanie Guilmenot October 6, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    You look 25. How is that possible? You know I do not know any one who even knows what their keyboard does or even how to use it! I am sending them your videos so they can learn. PA Korg 700 sounds great, need more keys. It is difficult to play the blues and gospel with only 61 keys.

  • Reply Aniruddh s b October 6, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    I think Yamaha has a better sound it might be just because I have a psr s 970 and I am used to that sound

  • Reply dave riggins October 6, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    Hi Jeremy as much as I love your videos Honestly I`m more into yamaha however I owned Korgs coming from an Is 35 to an i3 long time ago but recently i bought a korg kross 2 and to be honest i sold it after 2 weeks cause I wasn`t impressed by the sound quality when i sold it I bought another yamaha . so my point is im not saying korg are bad or this or that but Im saying everyone has opinions and I find yamaha are more user friendly and sound better in my opinion ( my suggestion is this before you buy you got to try )

  • Reply DennisBuCS October 6, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    I own korg PA600, microarranger and yamaha PSR-s970. No doubt that Korg is way powerful in terms of features, but for me yamaha's sound is more 'polished' right out of the box. And I agree about the yamaha ecosystem, i am one of it. LOL

    Great video btw, hope to see more of this type of content.

  • Reply Eldred Dsouza October 6, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    This is a great keyboard. Has such great features. Also this color looks really slick!

  • Reply Francisco Diaz October 6, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    Hello Jeremy. I like your channel and feedback on products. This time however was hard to pass how you are genuinely biased after the fact that Yamaha neglected sending you their new unit for demo for your channel (Yamaha's big mistake on this regard) .
    I have no doubt and I could feel that you are still hurt by Yamaha not sending the unit where you compared things as present facts like new features introduced in the new SX line that Yamaha has been playing catch up to Korg.
    When you do a comparison you need to be as much objective as possible. And saying things like Yamaha didn't have this feature or another feature that it didn't have before while Korg had it in the past is totally irrelevant. What is relevant for the viewer is comparing Apples with Apples on a one to one comparison as a present basis.
    I like the advanced control capabilities on Korg but we cannot deny that Yamaha have stepped up in the sound quality and style programming which is to me the most important feature among the 2 units including now having friendly interface with Korg features that didn't have before.
    I'm not biased myself since I've owned these 2 brands in the past including Roland. Just wanted to stress that when you do a technical comparison about 2 products you need to put your particular issues on the side to do a real after the fact comparison. I didn't want to sound harsh at all but wanted to point this out to you for your next videos. We are human beings after all.

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    Thanks to your videos I bought my first synthesizer and started learning to play 🙂
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    Nice comparison. Personally I think the PA 700 compares rather to the SX 700 not the 900. Also, you named several features which are now available on the SX as well (Touchscreen, 3 layers etc.). However, what is left, is impressive enough. I also like the sounds and the styles of Korg better. Dont know why. But I think they are more professional and way less cheesy. Currently I own a PSR S 770 but my next one will be the PA 700. Mainly because of the sound.

  • Reply Johnny 990 October 6, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    Lot of good points there. The Korg Pa series styles have always sounded more natural to me as if a live band is playing while those on the Yamaha sound like something coming out of a studio. But to each his own I guess. Some days I want both. Now that would be something. Yamaha really overpriced the SX series and they might actually end up pushing people towards Korg now. Nice video as always Jeremy.

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    This is a very informative video and more people should pay attention to these minute details. I have been a yamaha user for a very long time and owned PSS 290, PSS 480, PSR 630, PSR 3000 and currently PSR S970. Of late, I have been researching about Korg arrangers by watching youtube videos and reading their manuals and I have come to the conclusion that Korg arrangers are far more powerful. They have deep voice editing capabilities which can easily rival some of Yamaha's synthesizers. All these differences are not apparent when watching youtube comparison videos. You need to try them both and you will discover how powerful the Korg arrangers are. This is one of the first videos that clearly shows these important points of difference. I am pretty sure my next arranger will be a Korg. Thanks for putting in the time and effort Jeremy.

  • Reply Samson Pinto October 6, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Hi Jeremy, I want to learn more about Korg's song book feature, specially how many voices can be stored per song and how to quickly switch between various voices. On a Yamaha keyboard, we use registration buttons to switch between voices. Since we have 8 reg buttons, we can have 8 voices (not counting layers in order to keep it simple) per song. What is the equivalent in Korg's song book?

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    Hey Jeremy. By now, you know what I'm going to say…."another masterful video"…lol…and so indeed it is!! Thanks again!! Would love to hear what your overall opinion is on which has the best quality sounds: Yamaha PSR SX series or the Korg PA series? Cheers!

  • Reply KEN 88 October 6, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    I agree!!! PSR SX900 too overpriced, PSR SX700's sound/voices are still the same as old PSR S series. I think PA 700 da' best!!!

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    Jeremy, I love your videos, but to compare Korg’s ENTRY level 61 key arranger (PA-700) to Yamahas BEST 61 key arranger (SX900), is deceiving (as far as price comparison). Apples to Apples would be the Korg PA-1000, which is $2,000 USD. You did have some good points with technologies resident in the Korg line but what it had “20 years ago” is irrelevant. Don’t you agree that ultimately it is the quality of the SOUNDS/VOICES and the STYLE programming that really counts? In past videos, you have commented on the beautiful lush sounds of the Yamaha, and the elaborate and amazing Style programming found in the Yamaha. The KORG PA series is old and it sounds like cheesy, dated Casio styles (yes they are cheesy.) In my opinion, the quality of the VOICES/STYLES is what matters and outweigh all the KORG gimmicks like KAOSS, etc. But these are just my opinions. Sound and Style is very subjective. (PS. If Yamaha would have provided you a demo unit, would you have been as critical?). Thanks.

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    As a a Yamaha PSR-S775 owner, this video convinced me to reconsider the Korg PA series. The touchscreen and triple layer voices actually sold it for me.
    But I'm really just waiting for an arranger with more options on customizing the layers like workstation keyboards (setting the layer range and bypass the sustain pedal at least)

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    I almost got myself the Korg PA600SG a few years back but I ended up with the Roland BK5 instead. The reason was I find the DNC more difficult to use than velocity switched patches for the nuances, plus I prefer Roland tones. Perhaps I should have a relook at the Korg PA700. While I use a DAW, the chord and MIDI sequencer on the Korg look enticing. 🙂

  • Reply Brian Petersen October 7, 2019 at 1:59 am

    I agree with you regarding the better features on the Korg PA series. I have a korg PA1000 that I like (especially for the tilt touch screen and aftertouch), however, I still prefer to use my old Roland FP-4 for satisfying piano sounds. I use both on a double keyboard stand and they work well together.

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    Very good info on KORG PA700…THANKS JEREMY.

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    Hi buddy Jeremy,I have a pa4x,lot of functions even I don’t know yet ,can you please help me if I ask you doubts ? Thanks and God bless

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    I'm giging since '96. My first synt was yamaha psr. After that kawai. Until i bought korg pa50, i didn't realize how far ahead they are. Now they are still ahead, but now they make some cut out from features on new models. Fir example, u don't have two sequencers any more (with cross faders). U only have on x series. I hope it will fix this in a future models, and will reincloode those functions.

  • Reply Stílusok Professional Yamaha October 7, 2019 at 7:51 am

    -Korg has an old menu system

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    The KORG display seems like an old EGA display… toy-like vs the pro-like YAMAHA. I think these are instruments on diifferent categories

  • Reply Robert Christopulos October 7, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    Well Jeremy is good to see you again. I don't disagree with most of what you've said. There are some points however that I take issue with. I need you tell you a little bit about myself first. I've been playing semi-Pro for nearly forty years, and in that time I've played most major keyboards. I found that KORG was intimidating, Casio was nowhere near as capable as I needed, Kzwai lacked quality, and was easily damaged, etc.. I finally settled on Yamaha, probably, mostly for easy, powerful production, features that matched my needs, and dependability. For the most part you've nailed me perfectly though I don't pirate, I've relied heavily on PSR Tutorial, and user groups for the accumulation of virtually every type of style or voice available for my particular keyboard (Which, at the time is a PSR S770.). Yes, at the present time, after forty years of performance as a gigging musician I am 79 years old. I'm also somewhat handicapped, with a badly injured left hand, unable, for the most part of playing standard chording. The single finger system used by Yamaha, modified by Casio, and Kawai had worked very well for me, and now,, in respect of my age, I'm not really looking to change horses in mid stream (as it were). However, certain things are readily apparent. I'm not really impressed by the quality of styles or voices that come standard with the KORG PA700, or PA1000. Certainly there's a marked dissimilarity in prices for the two keyboards. However the prices are not a we ranging as you've said. Though Yamaha lists it's keyboards at one price on it's web site, the actual sales price is quite different as you look at dealer pricing, listing at about $2200 Dollars retail. On KORG's site they don't list a retail pricing. I know that in dickerng with the dealer,I can usually come up with a much better pricing than the retail price. At the moment I'm still leaning towards getting the PSR SX900. This will depend on actually handling both of these keyboards at the dealers store.

  • Reply Maxi Dar October 7, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    Thanks a lot, the best one making keyboard comparison, really really best one. So informative and honest.

  • Reply John Horazy October 7, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    Bamm…….Yamaha user for decades……KORG….is awesome goodbye Yamaha for my future

  • Reply Stanley Thomas October 7, 2019 at 11:19 pm

    Very well explained

  • Reply John MacMillan October 8, 2019 at 12:23 am

    What a great video Jeremy. You certainly know your stuff. I’d love it if you could do some tutorials on how to get started with the Korg.
    But I’m being selfish. I’m 76 yrs old and bought a Korg pa 4x when my daughter started learning piano (I’ve never played piano but do play guitar and bass in a band for 30 years in my youth) You are right, the Korg is not easy to learn on and even the Youtube tutorials are pretty useless – or I’m pretty stupid.
    BTW, I’m a New Zealander living in Vietnam so the language barrier is a big problem when I ask anyone to help.
    Keep up the good work Jeremy.

  • Reply LeonardoPhildeg October 8, 2019 at 3:52 am

    Great video, Jeremy!!! The SX900 doesn't have video out??

  • Reply Harry Ebbeson III October 8, 2019 at 4:09 am

    I’ve had my PA700 since Sept 2017, when they first came out. Clearly the best arranger I’ve ever had. I perform about 40-50 times a month and it is a great instrument.

    It’s clearly better than anything that Yamaha has on offer around the same price.

    Korg has the arranger market cornered for customization and getting what you want in an arranger.

  • Reply Rick Blain October 8, 2019 at 5:57 am

    Based on your excellent video (they all are), I went to a shop and tried the sounds of both. I think the Pa700 sounds more sophisticated. Yamaha has some "ear candy" sounds that grabbed me but which would eventually drive me crazy if I heard them too often because I would hear the gimmick. I prefer the feel of the Pa1000 to the Pa700. The displays on the Pa series were FINE. I am not after a screen to watch movies or photos, just the basic information. When I asked about your final comment on the difficulty, the dealer made a good point: the Korg is harder to learn because it does more, because it comes not from a home entertainment background but a professional working player background and he asked me which would suit me long term? Well, obviously, the Korg system. Thanks Jeremy. You made this a lot easier for me.

  • Reply Christopher Fernandes October 8, 2019 at 7:07 am

    I'm sorry but I mostly disagree with you. Coming in late doesn't mean it's a bad thing. In my opinion, Yamaha perfects whatever it makes. The display UX/UI is miles ahead of what Korg (which is much expensive) has to offer. KORG's display is so pixelated like something from a Mario game or something. KORG PA1000 has fewer styles, the drum sounds on KORG was so underwhelming and sounded dry even though KORG has better output through its speaker. KORG's variations/fills have such inconsistent transitions, sounds broken. And the quality + quantity of styles (except for dance styles) is clearly inferior to what Yamaha SX has to offer. The built quality, buttons, materials, knobs on Yamaha PSR-SX is clearly so much better than KORG PA1000. It's very obvious that we need to compare KORG PA700 with Yamaha SX-700 and A1000 with SX900. (PS. I have used PA700&1000)

    To keep some balance, here are some things that I really like/agree about KORG PA series:
    – Has better voice articulations + has 3 dedicated articulation buttons.
    – Has much better speakers (compared to S975, can't tell about SX900 as I haven't used it.)
    – Aftertouch.
    – Has much better dance styles + synths/leads + effects on the touchscreen.

  • Reply PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja October 8, 2019 at 7:46 am

    Jeremy, what is your opinion on using other keyboard and with the help of a windroid tablet we are using the ORG2020 software? Sort of getting 2 keyboards in one? Thank you for sharing this video, so we don't have to check it out and go to the nearest shop.

  • Reply Allan Joshua October 8, 2019 at 7:58 am

    I was waiting for someone to make a video like this. This is great. Please make more videos on pa700 regarding songbook and playing styles.

  • Reply Ondrej Popp October 8, 2019 at 10:02 am

    Interesting. This was my first time introduction to Korg. I still love my Yamaha psr 520 with the broken screen I bought many years ago. But I can play just a little bit, so concerning these devices I felt always scared to even get near them.. But as an engineer I can understand the technology much better than playing it. So if I ever decide to buy a more sophisticated keyboard, I will remember Korg. Although I already had my eye a little bit on the predecessor Yamaha Psr S 970. That said, in your talk Jeremy, you already sound emotionally biased against Yamaha… Like maybe even hating it? So, that does not make a good first time impression. I listened to your arguments, and I am fine with those, it is just that your emotions against Yamaha are a bit too obvious to see?

  • Reply Kurama U October 8, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Hello Jeremy, can you make review about Yamaha NP – V60 / V80? Compare with Np 12 / 32.. tq b4

  • Reply Steve Davies October 8, 2019 at 11:50 am

    Interesting video. I use both a PSR 970 and a PA 600 onstage . For sounds like piano and organ, it has to be Korg. Strings,Brass and Guitar- it has to be Yamaha, BUT, as a gigging musician, the Yamaha is way ahead. Trying to find songs is a lot easier for me on the Yamaha than having to use the jog wheel on the Korg. The touch pad is not THAT important to me. Also, I find the accompaniment on the 970 a lot better. Yamaha have a vocal harmonizer on the 970- it's worthless. I use a Digitech Vocal Live 4, the Yamaha is that bad. The 700/1000 series has the TC Helicon harmony. I tried it- it's really good. As for price. Presently, I live in Vietnam- and these are REAL prices..not MSRP.. the PA 1000 is 42 million dong, the SX900 is 36 million. $1810 t0 $1552.The PA 700 is the same price as the 900. I have checked them both out. I will be buying a new Yamaha next month, and keeping my Digitech, but looking for another harmony box soon-probably a TC Helicon, cos the new Digitechs are not very good. Just my opinion. I work about 24 times a month. The build of the Korg is way better, by the way, but the keys tend to rattle during 'gliss' work. They don't on the Yammy.. Just my 2 cents.

  • Reply Kofi Opoku October 8, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Does the Korg support the tutti?
    Forming a chorale choirans was wondering if you could suggest the best keyboard to use

  • Reply Akshay MV October 8, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    How about pa1000 vs sx900?

  • Reply Hendrik Mostert October 8, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Yamaha keyboard player since 1994, but…. Loving Korg more everyday. I love it that we have both Yamaha and Korg, we need more competition… In the end we will benefit and get better keyboards. Battle on. Its refreshing to hear that someone can both critisize and praise a specific manufacturer… This video, korg wins, sound comparison video between yamaha and korg, yamaha wins. Thanks for being objective. I depend on videos like these. I have purchased my yamaha psr s910 and Korg Kross without ever playing a single note. But, i did watch videos like this and i did some online research. It was the only tools available. Living in remote area and shops do not carry all the keyboards i wanted to test. Loving you work and value your opinion.

  • Reply Mrityunjay Tripathi October 8, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    Copying a comment from another video : Chord looper was there in Yamaha Electone HS8, a 1988 product. The feature name was CSP (Chord Sequencer Programming). So it was there 30 years back!!!

  • Reply Panos October 8, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    Hi Jeremy,
    Is it really better?
    Would you buy a musical instrument because it has more features but the other one just happens to sound better to you?
    Talking about features, just to mention some that maybe are kind of interresting:
    Assembly function, Registrations, AI figured mode.
    Anyway,there is a taste is sound as there is a taste in music.
    Everybody's got his own ears and nobody can change what he is hearing.
    I wouldn't expect from the best piano or keyboard player to create or modify soundwaves and create fantastic sounds.
    That is a totally different skill.

  • Reply Sekhar Subramaniam October 9, 2019 at 1:06 am

    Hi Jeremy. Value for money, introducing old technology and features aside, in your opinion which keyboard has better sounding styles programmed in it? Which is more enjoyable to play with the styles?

  • Reply Blessed Child October 9, 2019 at 9:44 am

    Can you record another vocal on top of another vocal?

  • Reply Mark Gill October 9, 2019 at 11:34 am

    Hi Jeremy, When was the Korg Pa900 RD released? I have the current brown one, just bought this week, however I have 30 days to return. I would love the red. Looks amazing. Do you know if it will come to Australia? Thanks, Mark

  • Reply OMB52 October 9, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    Jeremy the Achilles heel for KORG has always been the amount of styles available vs Yamaha isn't it?
    that said this was a gteat demo and makes alot of sense vs sx900 etc,…

  • Reply Dev Moorthi Keyboardist October 9, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    Thanks for this.. I will take a korg soon

  • Reply Sandra Kennedy October 9, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    Why aren't you comparing PA 1000 to PSR SX 900? Or PA 700 to PSR SX 700?

  • Reply Sandra Kennedy October 9, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Street price of PA 1000 is almost same as PSR SX 900

  • Reply Sandra Kennedy October 9, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Obviously Korg has been ahead of the game with features, but does it matter now? I like your comparisons Jeremy but I wish you would make a fair comparison with the new Yamaha PSR XS models with their comparable Korg models.

  • Reply ベンゲル の カナズミトム October 9, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    I completely disagree with you. The PSR SX-900 and the PSR series in general is technically superior to the PA series keyboards.

  • Reply Mark Kiambo October 9, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Quite honestly, this review is extremely biased.. I wish you had both boards to compare them side to side. Then give the pros and cons (best practically) between the two. There are aspects where Yamaha does better than Korg. And there are aspects where Korg beats Yamaha face down. As you have shown in the video, this Korg has certain features superior to those in the Yamaha S and SX.

    The presentation here.. you sound like a person paid by Korg to advertise their brand; but then you put a clause to show that you are not. An independent reviewer will definitely see the pros and cons of each, and then conclude which has more pros than the other for their respective prices. I would definitely buy this PA700 for the features you've demonstrated, but no…. Do not call yourself an independent reviewer. You are a KORG sales person. Period.

  • Reply ベンゲル の カナズミトム October 9, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    To answer the question in the title of your video: Yes it is.

  • Reply Bambi Music October 9, 2019 at 10:16 pm

    You forgot to add another reason,
    Each style variation can have UP TO 6!!!! chord variations in them which will change the style according to the chords you play. THATS A TOTAL OF 24 POTENTIAL VARIATIONS, and you can obviously choose what chord will play what variation…. Mind boggling. Yamaha has a lot to learn

  • Reply Praise & Worship October 9, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    Thanks for the pointers in this video, Jeremy. I have a Yamaha PSRs670 and wanted to upgrade to a Yamaha PSRSX700. Watching this is making me think twice and might consider the KORG PA700. If only we can get it here in Canada in that red colour!

  • Reply Joseph Noel Boaños October 10, 2019 at 3:19 am

    i rather buy this Kurzweil PC4

  • Reply colekeircom October 10, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    Hello Jeremy, thanks for your videos . From your experience do you think the Yamaha store content adds any value to their arrangers . I know about Korg's BOT feature but being able to obtain, [I know they're not free ] midi files , sound packs, and styles which are professionally arranged at Yamaha's site seems attractive to a beginner like me . I also like their ''follow the dot'' learning feature . I can't verify if Korg has the same system . I ask this as I was thinking of saving up for a PSR SX900 but now I'm not sure if I should get a Korg PA 1000 instead . I'm not trying to put you on the spot but I'd value your opinion . Many thanks , Kieron

  • Reply K. Isaac October 10, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    Please clarify my doubt im in dilama which on should buy
    Korg pa1000 or macbook pro and roland a800 pro midi controller ? Which one would you suggest. Thank you.

  • Reply ggolds5 October 11, 2019 at 7:17 am

    Casio ZM-X500. I think it beats the Korg on every check box. The casio does it all and has better speakers, better engines, and easier to use for less money.

  • Reply Sumi Rivera October 11, 2019 at 11:08 am

    What can you say about the alesis recital stage piano? And would you recommend roland go piano 61 keys? I hope you notice this. Thanks

  • Reply marc Thysebaert October 11, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    Hello Jeremy super demo korg is the best grt Marc

  • Reply Gary C October 12, 2019 at 5:10 am

    Jeremey, as a previous Yamaha salesperson and a Korg PA800 owner, I have to agree with you on everything, ESPECIALLY the 'complicated' part. I've had my PA800 for over ten years now, and there are STILL things I'm learning about it as far as capabilities go. But, I don't think that's the big turn off for most buyers.
    YOU know what a musical instrument (not a synth) sounds like. If you were given a recording of a piano, high quality, mic'd, etc., and then given a recording of the same music played on a Yamaha, or Roland, or most any other keyboard, it would be painfully obvious that the sounds from the keyboard have been seriously processed. Now, the Korg does some processing to their sample set as well, but it's not nearly as bad. This is why so many people call the Korg sounds 'thin.' Of course, they aren't, they're accurate, but ask your viewers when was the last time they attended a close up and personal encounter with a musician playing an acoustic instrument. Same reason that people who go to concerts complain that the sound wasn't as good as the recordings of the band. Of course, not, they get processed to the moon and back.
    I've always said that Yamaha makes 'radio-ready' sounds and Korg makes Mastering Ready sounds. If you're a gigging musician doing a single man show, those 'radio-ready' sounds may be just the thing you're looking for, but if you do a lot of recording in your home studio, I'll take the Korg all the time. Just depends on what you want and need.
    Since most people, at least here in the U.S., don't KNOW how acoustic instruments sound, when they hear them they don't sound 'right.'

  • Reply saxofon 521 October 12, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    What do the letters psr on yamaha keyboards mean?

  • Reply ggolds5 October 13, 2019 at 5:12 am

    Your last line was what I needed to hear. The Korg seems amazing, accept…… it's complicated. I cannot stand complicated. So with that said, I think I'm pushing towards the Casio MZ-x500.

  • Reply Mark Gill October 13, 2019 at 6:49 am

    Such opposite to your critique in this video… about the Pa700 vs PSR S775 … however I tend to agree with your line of thinking Jeremy, that out of the box, the Yammy just works… is perhaps rather more user friendly…however the Korg is very sophisticated, and has more depth to it from the point of view of editing ability, and presents the most amazing value for money…

    For what it's worth, I purchased the Pa700 last week and I have found it to be exellent, I was all ready to settle in and persist and learn the whole operating sytem….however today I purchased the Yamaha PSR SX900 after trying it at the store today… I could not resist it. It's mad! The styles are just too good, as are the voices, features, speakers and screen! It is so user friendly.

    I find that this all comes down to personal choice, and what we want to achive. So my choice was based on the Yammy being easier to use. The Korg is just amazingly crazy good for the price, you get so much value and sophisticated manipulation and editing ability… BUT I find the operating system on the Pa700 just too overwhelming for me, (I am probobaly too impatient for sure which won't help) and this will always be subjective however I suspect a far steeper learning curve applies to the Pa700 than to the Yammy SX900.

    This all proves to me that we humans will always choose in the end, what we actually like, based on personal taste. And of course what makes us happy! The yammy has made me smile, big time.

    I will sadly return the Pa700 this week, as the store allows a 30 day no questions asked return policy. I am happy with my new Yamaha PSR SX900 and am looking forward to learning all about it.

    However let it be known I am a fan of both machines!

    Thanks Jeremy, love your work as always!

  • Reply Fred Villaume October 14, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    Good vidéo Jeremy but i disagree you compare the Pa700 to PSR SX900 and not the SX700 which is at the same price… but I must say SX700 got many things less than SX900 like chord looper… 😉

    3 layers sounds on PSR SX series… better late than never ! 😄

    SX900 got 6 assignable buttons which can control the Sart!sounds.

    As for the sounds mode on the Pa700, who really needs to create sounds by using the oscillators…. (I owned a Pa4X for 13 months). Better buy a Modx6 or Krome.

    On the other hand, midifile to style converter is good but SX700 doesn't have VH mic, Pa700 as well.
    Arranger keyboard are ready to play instruments. All functions added can be considered as bonus ! 😉

  • Reply Mike Phillips October 14, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Jeremy, I agree with everything you said. Yamaha is just now catching up with Korg technology, but Korg has not caught up with Yamaha's sounds/voices quality and quantity. I mostly use out of the box sounds/styles so simple is best for me. You do a great job on videos so keep 'em coming.

  • Reply Siman Juntak October 15, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    I can't speek english

  • Reply Angga Eka October 16, 2019 at 5:38 am

    I would love to have a Yamaha pa600 but don't have money … Give us a master

  • Reply climbtibet October 16, 2019 at 10:26 am

    Thank you for being so helpful and sharing your expertise and experience. I am a guitar player that tinkers in keyboards mostly to write songs. I am enjoying playing keyboards more and more. Short story long I need a great keyboard at a great price that that is reasonably easy to control especially for someone like me that is a weaker + growing. I can lay down guitar parts with the korg as well. I’m going to buy the korg with confidence now! Thank you thank you thank for helping me and saving me $$$s!

  • Reply Rajesh Das October 16, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    How to price both arenger

  • Reply Patrick G October 17, 2019 at 5:53 pm

    I'm sorry but I think you are wrong . Based on your video I purchased the pa1000 and it looks like a useless iphone to me . It's been 2 hours so far and I couldn't load one simple style from a flash drive to play . It's very complicated. I'll return or and stick to my tyros 4

  • Reply Roman Ruder October 18, 2019 at 10:50 am

    Thanks very good

  • Reply Shelton Samuel October 18, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Is Px 900 better than s975?

  • Reply Serkan Taşçı October 18, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    Yamaha iphone
    Korg samsung
    Roland Nokia

  • Reply Ajit V Gupta October 19, 2019 at 4:33 am

    Used a PA Flagship …. for two and a half years
    OS is super super complicated … and found at least three bugs.
    Was never a fan of touch screen, There are a lot of buttons, but most of them useless.
    Keys start cluck'ing after a years of mild to moderate use. Knobs and buttons are rubbery.
    Pitch joystick was poor, leave it at center, you will detune it.

    Lots of useless gimmicks, (Mp3 Cross fader to cross fade between two mp3 playback)

    Lots of missing features for indian Musicians. (Step recording, pattern sequencing, last note bend etc)
    Did away with it.

  • Reply Sk Das October 19, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    Ur comment on Yamaha Genos

  • Reply JOSE LUIS GARCIA October 19, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    Hello Jeremy. I have a Psr s975 (with 3 months of use) and I want to change it for a korg PA 1000- I like the sounds of Korg more than Yamaha. But I have a question. I have almost 40,000 Yamaha stylos that are worth the PSR series. Where can I find stylos for Korg? Free of course.

  • Reply Eduardo Hausser [email protected] October 19, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    I get recently the pa 700 for 1300 dollars I love the color looks nice the sounds you can set up the way you want I believed Korg beat Yamaha for long time ago perhaps I get a old Korg iS 40 that have amazing sounds and the Korg iX 300 almost the same beautiful sounds I can compare with the Roland Fantom G 6 and it’s no way can Fantom compare with the sounds of is 40

  • Reply Eduardo Hausser [email protected] October 19, 2019 at 11:14 pm

    I will like to say why Korg not redo it the i30 with more memory space and the new technology I like the pa 700 for instruments I didn’t use yet with the arrangements or styles

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