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Is Seoul Beautiful ? – Surprises In Seoul ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท

November 9, 2019

you can see like what my hair it’s so
windy right now because typhoon hitting South Korea I’m not sure how well this is going to
go because most of the things in the city I’m imagining aren’t going to be
too busy today because of the typhoon Tah, right ? and actually the warnings were
sent out saying telling the locals to stay inside winds could be possibly 30
to what 60 kilometers an hour and we still decide to go out but we’re gonna try and
do something indoors how shall we describe Seoul this is
definitely a high energy capital that has so much to offer its diverse
bustling thrilling and even delicious with about 22 million people living here
you know what that accounts for over half the country’s population this
capital city is definitely more than just a normal capital city not only with
the thriving economy and booming pop culture but it’s also a city with outstanding appeal to travelers from all over the world good afternoon guys good morning good
morning this time good morning guys after a very long train ride about one hour on
subway we have arrived at the end destination of Lotte World Tower and I
realize I left my wallet at the apartment okay but Tah has her business
card so let’s let’s hope it works sometimes there’s been some confusion
when trying to pull money out of the same account with two different cards
it’s not only for us but I also ask Bubble and Beg the Swiss girls that we hangout with a couple days ago and they also say that it’s the same thing happen to
them that if you go to like a small ATM machine which is like happened to be in
front of convenience store in subway station normally it doesn’t work but you
have to go through like the actual bank it’s more like a look like a computer
you know to do like touch screen and everything in a computer like a big one
that one tend to work but the small one tend not to well I don’t know why It’s mirror honey the ice cream is in here babe that’s crazy we plan to go to 7-eleven signature
today guys there’s no employee there in 7-eleven
basically you do everything by yourself it’s like a sell order it’s the world
first automated manual 7-eleven in the world it’s going crazy though because I
have a like this very strong feeling that that’s the way everything is going
to be so this is quite common in the US now as well in at least in New York
where I’m from employees are like demanding that they get paid $15 an hour
to work they’re like McDonald’s so what McDonald’s is doing to counteract is
they’re putting in all these machines so they can hire less employees so it’s
just like a constant battle between people wanting more money for things and
the company’s coming up with a smarter way to make it automated it’s quite sad
because then people are gonna be losing jobs and it’s actually gonna hurt so the
Lotte World Tower is actually like the biggest skyscraper in all South Korea
and I think it’s what the biggest the fifth biggest skyscraper in the world because so long to try to find where we
want to go just this one we are right now in luck table more but we want to go
to Lotte World Tower we haven’t tried to find a way to go up
to 30 first full of lots of Elmo because that is where the 7-elevens sickness is
you have to tell the name and you have to tell the Korean phone number but just
in case if you don’t have Korean phone number we just asked the receptionist
and she said that you can just provide a hotel name scan yourself in and you can
take your way up security is quite tight here so that’s kind of why they do talk
to that polar bear the polar bear hello tons of different food options here and
a little bear that you check out with you can buy like JBL speakers you can
buy wine you can buy panties but right now we’re starving so
to pick some Korean stuff cigarette machine Scioscia to guys like
3.9 to meet really cheap omelet rice and hamburger steak nothing to you that things I think we
need us things accompany me back – Camila da ba
ba da ba ba ba la cabaña is the name seriously that is too barefaced Wendy
this one is mini and this one is papaya yes
Bala is the native Kimba happy page Sarah unfortunately if you don’t speak
the language cute amazing teddy bear only speaks Korean so
it was just telling us that we had a deal that we could get if we buy that
food oh sure she said thank you come again
hang on excellent
then you plant just say thank you the way that they’re cooking my food that’s
not how you normally do it normally in most 7-elevens they have a hot water
machine sewing this it’s actually a hot pot and automatically heats it up from
the bottom of the hot pot so it cooks your noodles instead of just steaming
your noodle it’s quite interesting I’ve never seen that before I got a Korean traditional style food I
think more of like a Chilean eat chicken and kimchi and egg and a little bit of
pork I believe this is the green they’re a bit green three big so that’s all used
to Nortec bitch smells just like fresh green grapes surely
actually that’s incredible I think it’s become
become the icon of 7-eleven already the wiper because it’s the same name say
Here I am booming Bini is Benny the same name with the Nikesh FA the polar bear
gets your Paula Korean love their milk dairy product snacks
they have bear on the package you could go up all the way to the top pick up a socket Korea is the socket
line it’s like everywhere you go you can expect to see at least like the sick one
section of the table that they have the socket a couple years ago we went out
with Sophie of a Korean friend that we made from Kazakhstan and she took us to
she said it’s a proper place for local to hang out they are like all Korean
hanging out we really didn’t see any foreign instead of anyway the price of
the food there is about the same as here like beer here is four thousand beer we
have with Sophie in Tonga is so four thousand fried chicken we have this
Sophie in general it’s about 17,000 fried chicken here is twelve thousand I
don’t understand it’s supposed to be expensive yeah if you ask me it’s like
this place is a bit expensive give back the card thank you oh my god guys so hungry so I was so
hungry good evening yeah definitely good
evening it’s about seven o’clock and we’re coming up on like the last part of
our trip in Korea today we can explore in Mapo district which is the district
that is so well known among local for barbecue but we’re gonna try to go to
the car make you son they call it translate it to English is like a
seafood me seagull me so I’m very hungry very excited I think you can tell we’re
in BBQ district because literally every us aren’t you up but there’s nothing but
different Korean barbecues and wow you see this smoke just rolling out the
Korean barbecue restaurants it smells so good Korea side-dish cultures think that when
you eat somewhere like this I get unlimited outside so if you love
vegetables and things like that fantastic because you can eat a whole
bunch of you really only pay for the meat and you get tons and tons of side I
just got done telling Todd I don’t know if I’m gonna trick tonight and then the
guy goes everybody’s drinking yeah everybody sure you all right drinks I
don’t think you can actually go to a Korean barbecue without yeah
I’ve never seen I’ve never seen how they put like the different vegetables around
in the fat oil and then mix it with eggs but if you never ever seen I’ve never seen a piece of pork that big
on a Korean barbecue ever I’ve never seen that is how easy it’s so thick it’s
like this thick that’s not so this addition is Korean barbecue
astrology is known from this specific area where they do some gifts on and the
other other type of meat and they do like the eggs stuff but it is so so good
with the combination of the mint and lettuce Lee it’s like absolutely the
best free barbecue I’ve ever had the city is this pretty quiet it’s like
8:19 on a Wednesday so it’s not too busy it’s nice to take this tour during the
week so you don’t have to wait too much would you be able to fight it by
yourself – no you know this guy disguise is a comedian very popular in Thailand
like I was him before there’s so many famous people came here to eat it must
be good guys be later every time you go to Korea and you drink
but every drink that you get there’s always have some sort of food paired
with welcome so you’re never going to be hungry especially their eating which is
really good better for your stomach better for your digestion you don’t
really have any problems while you’re actually drinking I’ve never seen that’s
a kimchi pink that’s a kimchi pancake with cheese on top I’ve never seen
where’s the pepperoni a deep fry everything that they comprise no inside
yeah would see me this place is so much fun they said
there’s a thing in Korea where you like look around at the tables and see who’s
been drinking the most and we look over and there’s four people and there’s like
15 bottles of mafia I swear to god they’re definitely beating everybody in
the school looks like some bathtubs oh dude like somebody like makes it oh is it
try I’ve never even heard of this hello stronger biz we are marketing in
there between my dad was taken to Mexico it’s so cool everywhere you go there’s
different types of street performers whether it’s you know dancing singing
comedy or like this traditional style street performance it’s just so
beautiful to see different street performance all over the city I don’t know if all of these people are
renting them way down the road but they have a shop down there that rents out
traditional coal didn’t for you to walk through this village enter and get
pictures and stuff so as you can see behind me the people are dressed up in
traditional clothing it’s like Alberto nobody you guys run
it’s a holiday you pay per hour but the first out when you pay for the first
hour you get two hours actually why I don’t know that’s what they said at the
last place you want I absolutely love their traditional
dresses it is so cute you see it seems like this area down here is like a lot
more modern than where we’re staying you’re hung day basically there’s no
power lines here everything is buried under line but where it is by us and
Hongdae it’s like rats nests everywhere and just
like a mess of wires from pole to pole going down every street now there are
certain parts of the city that are you know changing as time goes on but I feel
like Korea is just that’s like the one thing they’re struggling with right now
is just getting those wires taken care of because everything else seems to be
like way above and way ahead of everywhere else we are kind of large guys so based on
the information I found on the internet that said that when you can exit to you
just have to walk straight but nobody explained anything food so we see that
girls in a red uniform you see them before when we were in Nam them moon and
basically they just like have like a MOBA informational center so we cannot
go ask them and I believe that if they are around here meaning the a bunch of
tourist attraction around here too oh my god that’s so huge how you see a
big sign that says a book shun cannot village it’s right on your left hand
side it’s strictly see where the roofs start to changed and there’s tons of
people walking up and down the hill and we’re here mid-afternoon so it’s bound
to be crowded it’s 3:24 but they say that our the market value of Humber can
be up to like 300 minimum 300 u.s. dollars to buy one to buy one does the
market value of the hand of handle honestly I think the best part about
being in this village is finding those little alleyways but you have to be
quiet they literally take a picture in front of somebody gate some house they
put a sign and say that no photos and they’re not come up these are people’s
houses all right it is yes so people still live here it’s quite interesting
because some of the houses you see like full security cameras and motion
detectors on them so because you’re in such a traditional village they’re still
really trying to make sure that they can keep their own personal space Oh the main strip is beautiful full of like
white marble walls and brick walls with this beautiful rooftop all right there
but it’s full of curious okay but if you walk a little bit further all right
follow to the footer footer protect water are we gonna turn right Oh totally
different just like same thing this within like five is that five sticks
it’s literally the exact same thing he’s over there but people just don’t walk
past it and find this I’m so surprised tough on this like hell yeah girl they
closed every Sunday and they close at seven shut down completely nobody is
allowed to walk in this village there isn’t wine is because they’re actually
people live here is this like normal village but it just looks so traditional
in Korea they call this guy up house huh nope which is translated into Korean
house Todd’s clearly got baby fever she’s running around taking pictures all
the babies dressed up in traditional clothes they are so adorable though we
actually didn’t eat much yet today other than a little breakfast but we found
this place so Kiel to come with always the soup it’s a suit
that they actually put rice put the pitch cake in it so yeah the brought
that they put fish cake in it so it’s gonna tell us a little bit pitchy which
is not to me favorite for my cereal and toddy sausage which is very very
interesting dish with liver for 2500 first comes with fish sauce mine’s come
mine comes with soya sauce pizza this too and then a Fanta for 1000 basically
if if the fish broth here is for anything good
surprisingly enough that because this place is so close to such a main tourist
attraction in Seoul it’s still very very affordable and it’s a whole lot cheaper
than most other places we found and the last time she kept saying it’s
Korean culture to not let guests pay don’t let guests pay don’t let guests
pay so this time before she got a wallet out I threw money at the register lady
and she took it but I feel like I don’t know if that’s actually true in Korea
I’m not too sure but let us know down below that’s a part of like the Korean
culture I know in India they like guest is God so they don’t allow people to pay
for anything but I’m not sure she cheese kimbap or beef kimbap what do you want
cheese or B beep okay macoco beam is 5000 guys give me this call I don’t know why so
we’re gonna actually grab some food from this like cafe area this like it has
like everything to have soups they have desserts a fried chicken fried shrimp we
have to pay for the Bob about Timson so it’ll cut down on
plastic and paper use yeah sure lastic plastic is a really really big issue so
the less you can use the better off you are for sure all the way around and
we’re going to head to the Riverside and see if we can get something and just
hang out and camp out and just have a little picnic with our friend from Korea
oh my god I do bring the lantern this is so cute so we’re down by that
River on the river side and that’s the north side of Seoul and this is the
South Side south side is where dum-dum is and they have the fountain on every
15 minutes and they turn it off and then 15 minutes turns on but this is a huge
area when you’re walking down here they hand you like little tickets and stuff
and you can actually order like chicken and you can order pizza and stuff right
to the Riverside chicken please yes chicken it’s really cool because you get
to you know stay down here you don’t have to prepare anything you can just
order it all right to the Riverside it’s like look for the guy with the pink
blanket and the flashing lights I told you the kunais is given to a
Korean so many people sitting here relaxing like kind of camping out eating
it’s really really nice and it doesn’t cost anything so you can just grab food
and come here it’s cheap affordable and like just relax it’s a very popular
place for dating – yeah yeah so feed that closet yeah with my ass under
that’s right there do that it will avoid the tree it’s so interesting you see all the
lights on Seoul tower like all the time always lit up well it’s actually telling
you the air quality so if it’s like red you don’t go outside or it might be
blood donation day if it’s green it’s perfectly perfectly fine err good to go
yellow it’s alright but yeah it lights up different colors and this viewpoint
up here you can see old Seoul new Seoul and like the modern and old districts
and you can see all the markets and this is like honestly think this is better
than Seoul tower this is really nice this building is incredible it’s got a
huge huge upper deck they got a party room that you can rent a party room they
just recently started doing Korean dramas and like live performance up here
so this is like brand new to the city and just developed like last year the
year before so not many people know about this place and this is a really
nice place to just come up and relax especially if you’re here during
September to October it is amazing weather mike is giving us all these different
you know ideas and thoughts on where we should go and suggestion
so all all the good places are in these little alleys and a lot of tourists and
corners are very intimidated or very scared to actually go into these little
dark alleys in the country that they don’t know but it’s actually one of the
safest countries in the world I’m not going to get raped and I can get jumps
when you have kingster but our Kings are not violent games right gangster
actually a businessman so majority of them they own a parking lots so
basically so land is very small and very expensive and a part is very expensive
and very hard to find about how like in Korea like the chopsticks like the most
difficult thing in in the world life but most places use wooden chopsticks been
creating metal chopsticks and the main reason is is because everything used to
be copper and so the poison – poison acam would be seen if it’s copper and
copper metal and you wouldn’t know that the king was trying to be poisoned you’d
have to use a food taster and the food taster started dying off so fast so the
poison had changed and when the poison change they came out with metal
chopsticks and the copper chops medow because it’s cheaper copper is mainly
just a royalty lets you know that there’s poison in the food and don’t
praise the only places metal chopsticks this thing’s ready to change the color
of my top you can bleach it again I gotta win until I get to your house and
preach it welcome to my crib


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  • Reply Andrew Davidson November 9, 2019 at 2:05 am

    The Polar bear murders you if you try to leave without paying

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  • Reply Choonghoon Hyun November 9, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    @21:40, we call it "Sondae" which is simiar to Irish Black pudding.

  • Reply Choonghoon Hyun November 9, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    In our culture, we don't allow our guest to pay food. We don't even split a bill. A host always pays for the food.

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