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Interview with the circus performers in Smetana’s THE BARTERED BRIDE – Garsington Opera

February 20, 2020

I’m Lara. I am playing the role of
Esmeralda in Bartered Bride. Esmeralda Salamanca is a circus artist
who arrives with the circus in Act 3 and essentially falls head-over-heels for
Vašek. I get to show off some of my circus tricks in the show and then also sing. In rehearsal one day I just did a cartwheel because I felt like it because, you know, I think being around all these acrobats made me think, I just need to move around a bit more, and I did and then Paul said, “that’s going in the show.” My name is Jen. I’m the circus captain
for Bartered Bride this summer. I’m in charge of keeping the
circus acts all nice and clean. I’ve been an assistant to Darren, the choreographer, in
creating the circus performance section and just getting these guys to work together. So we’ve all come in as, you know, as a
traveling circus and then we discover that our bear has gone missing. So the show
is sort of planned and then where that happens everything kind of goes a bit
AWOL. So in the show I run around and then
there’s a moment when I (spoiler alert), when I balance on the big circus ball. I am the aerialist in the show so
I perform aerial hoop. It’s pretty incredible being accompanied by such a vast array of magnificent singers. The sound when you get up
into the air is pretty spectacular. It’s fantastic the way that Paul, the
director, has integrated the circus in with the rest of the performers as well.
The chorus are brilliantly energetic and that keeps everything
rolling along really nicely in the air and on the ground as well. The Philharmonia’s such a fantastic orchestra.
The sound they create, it’s empowering. Yeah it’s fabulous. It’s such a beautiful setting and just so much fun. Everybody is lovely. Yeah, I love the space,
I love the setting. Garsington’s beautiful. And it’s an incredibly lovely company to be working with and it’s such a small team of people that work together but even after one season
you know everyone quite personally.

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