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Interchange video book 2 (Unit 13. Street performers)👩‍🏫APRENDE INGLES CON VÍDEOS

August 31, 2019

Host: Here I am in Boston. My trip has been really fun and interesting
so far. I’ve gone on walking tours, which taught
me a lot about the history. I ate some really good clam chowder. I went to a baseball game. But I think the best thing about Boston: the
street performers. Host: So what did you think about his act? Woman 1: I was amazed by what he could do
and all the things he could make out of balloons! This man is really talented. It makes you feel like you’re a child again. I think adults and children both really enjoy
what he’s doing. It’s exciting to walk by someone on the
street, and suddenly, they’re just making something creative out of a balloon. Host: What do you think about street performers? Woman 2: I was pleasantly surprised to come
to the park and find street performers here. Host: What words would you use to describe
that performance? Woman 2: Uh, exciting, amusing for Kate! Host: Amusing? Woman 2: Yes! Host: Yeah! . . . How do you think she felt? Woman 2: Oh, she loved it. . . . I was amazed by the talent – I didn’t
realize that there was so much talent among the street performers in Boston. It definitely made me feel alive and energized. Host: So what’d you think of his act? Woman 3: Well, I thought it was fascinating. Host: How did you feel about his performance? Woman 3: I thought it was great. I thought he did an excellent job. Host: Did you enjoy it? Woman 3: I loved it. Host: What is it like playing for the general
public? Musician: I like it. I enjoy it. Um. It’s satisfying. Host: Could you play us something of your
own? Musician: I’d love to. Sure. Host: This has been such an amazing day! These performers were so talented! . . . I want to be one! I don’t know, you tell me, I don’t know. . . . [beat boxes] Come on, what do you think? Subtitles by the community

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