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INSECURE 19-Year-Old boy quits his job and becomes a real SUPER STAR in The Voice

November 9, 2019

What’s your name?
– My name is Jamie Miller. How old are you?
– I’ve just turned 19. Wow. I first started singing
in primary school. He’d come home from school,
upstairs, bedroom, singing, dancing… floorboards shaking, and that was it.
Every day. My dad is such a wimp,
like he cries all the time… When he hears me sing it’s
actually quite embarrassing. He’s crying already. Singing wasn’t the coolest thing
to do in high school. All my mates have always been
rugby and football lads. So being the singer of the group,
I was embarrassed so I did stop singing… for a while. My life could change if the
coaches just believe in me. What are you looking for,
in a coach. I didn’t even come here
and expected a turn. Have your moment,
take your time. Um, just someone who believes in me. (mumbling) Just someone who believes in me,
and just be there to help me along the way. Wow. I totally understand how you feel. And you would definately have that support,
over here on Team JHud. I just wanna share that with you.
– Thank you so much. I’m sorry I didn’t turn.
I was almost there. I’m regretting it,
because you’re an excellent singer. so don’t worry about anybody
believing in you because… I’m sure everybody in
this room believes in you. Can I say something real quick?
– Yeah. Where do you get your soul from?
I don’t really know cause like… My family is like tone deaf,
so they can’t sing. Your parents, I want to meet them.
Because you seem like… very well mannered, kind. My dad is just gonna cry. Awh, dad! I’m so thankful for you both,
turning around. The person I pick, is Jennifer. Big decisions to make.
– Oh, so tough You have some great people.
I got the best team, there’s no question about it. I got the best team.
– Only one person wins, I got the one. That would be me. Jamie, you will battle against:
Stacey. It was a real sigh of relief because
he’s such a lovely person. But now I need to kind of switch
my brain to the fact that he’s my oponent. I wanna see what you
guys got so far. Oh, I’m sorry.
I thought we we’re singing first. Sorry, I was…Okay. I’ll just go right in for it. He was nervous,
and it was very obvious. But then, when he started
to perform and sing…. It helped him.
Because it gave his singing an edge. I thought I had it figured out
but I don’t. I’m petrified, I’m not gonna lie.
I’m petrified. I just need to start
believing in myself. Whooh, that was good! Are you okay?
– Yeah it’s just an amazing… experience being here.
I didn’t ever think, I’d get this far. So I just want to thank Jennifer for… I just want to thank you
for believing in me. You’ve really brought
up my confidence. Jennifer, who is the
winner of the battle? I gotta go with Jamie. You want me to talk? Thank you so much. You got a voice on you babe,
You got a voice on you. I am here to tell you that. I don’t know this part
– You convinced me. Yeah? Cause you’re so passionate about it.
Where does it come from? I’ve been told I’m not good
enough in the past. and I never thought I’d be in front,
like of… Oh babe, na-ah
That’s so sweet! I think I was just getting choked up cause,
I don’t even know how to explain. It was just, you’re so close to
what you want to do in life and i’m doing it. Jamie’s so passionate,
so it’s about controlling his emotions. Look, again every single
one of them, on their feet. You okay? I’m good, it’s the first
time that I haven’t cried so. I finally believe in myself and
I just wanted… to show people that
the real Jamie matters. Yes.
Uhm, Tom! Yes
– What did you think of Jamie? Uh, I think you are going
to become a superstar. Because you have
the whole package. And your Welsch. But honesty not just the worst thing,
You have the whole thing I loved everything about it.
The sound, the way you move. You have the whole thing. You my friend, took it to the next like,
to the next level. Don’t start getting emotional
now cause like… I don’t wanna see tears coming out
your eyes, I wanna see fire…. coming out your eyes.
– Please don’t set anyone on fire right now. I won’t, no. You set the stage on fire. Jennifer, are you happy? I am so happy, for you. I am proud of you. You showed everybody who told you,
you weren’t good enough… that you are by far good enough,
better than good enough. So you should applaud yourself,
for that alone. And to me you’re
already a superstar. Okay so, you did that Jamie. In no particular order,
I can now reveal. that the first singer through to the
quarter-final is: Jamie! to get through to the semi-finals,
he needs to show… that he’s not just a performance.
he’s a vocalist too. I’m ready to fight for my place
in the semi-finals So I’m gonna do exactly what
Jennifer Hudson told me to do… And sing my heart out. As you can see, we groom stars. Everyone take a look
at Jamie Miller right now. Jamie, you know you
did that right? My favorite part was the confidence,
you came out here like this is my show And that is what we represent here,
at JHud productions. So you made Mama Hud,
very proud. In no particular order,
I can reveal, the first through is: Jamie! Oh my god that…
You gave me my life with that. You did that so that I thought
I could dance and then Ioved… that you show that you are a
true performer and then… act like you bust
those moves on me. You said: hold up, I can sing too
and then you bust out that note. That guys, is a superstar. I would be like completely,
completely honest. So, If Michelle doesn’t win The Voice
and you won The Voice… I wouldn’t be mad at all. The results are in,
this is it. In no particular order, I can now reveal
the first singer going through to the final is: Jamie! Can you believe we’re
at the finals now? I just like, thank my lucky stars every day.
It’s just mad. Do you believe in yourself now?
– I started believing in myself the minute…. you pressed that button. I will never, ever forget
my Blind Audition. You made my dream
come true that day. That was your moment. Working with Jennifer is so amazing,
she’s the most caring… down-to-earth, nicest person
and teaching faith in me. I gotta go with Jamie. He truly shows,
how much he wants it. Thank you so much. That’s why he’s so emotional. The knockout performance of Shape of
You by Ed Sheeran was my… favorite performance
so far in the show. I remember when you came down
them steps, over there. That’s when you definitely
made your stamp in this competition. I’m just so happy and excited to
perform it one more time. To me, you’re already
a superstar. We’re here, this is the final.
Own the moment. Thank you so much. This is your time. This is where I’m meant to be.
The live that I’ve always wanted… is in reach,
I just want to win. I think I’ve turned in to you now,
because I wanted to cry. And I’m like uh-oh I’m getting
emotional like Jamie… but it must be.
Isn’t he a superstar? Say it again!
He’s a superstar honey. Singing like that, moving like that.
That presence on the stage… You owned it.
This is your moment This is your night and you
owned every minute of it. I’m so proud of you, Jamie. Will? So, a couple of weeks ago I said,
If my contestant doesn’t win… and you win, I’ll be happy. If you don’t win. I’m really unhappy. Thank you so much. Real talk, I’m like…
Almost gonna protest. Ok, so sadly it is time to say goodbye
to one of our absolutely incredible acts. The results are in,
this is it. In no particular order,
through and singing to win is: Into the Ark! Also through
and singing to win is: Mo! Jamie, we have honestly…
We loved having you. You’ve been sensational on stage, off stage.
What would you like to say to Jennifer… What would you like to say
to the people that voted for you? I just want to say thank you. I never thought I’d get this far,
and I love you so much. Thank you. And I can’t imagine it’s
the last we’ve seen of you. Please, put your hands together one more time,
for the lovely Jamie Miller!


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