Indestructible Objects Invented So They Never Break

September 7, 2019

– [Narrator] Picture this:
you’ve just bought a product you’re beyond excited to use and lo and behold, it breaks. Not exactly what you pictured, huh? While there’s still time
to return it to the store, why not just buy something
that’s impossible to break? It may seem too good to be
true, but for the following 20 things, it’s their main selling point. – Amazing. – [Narrator] Number 20,
Hercules Safety Glasses. If you’re looking for heavy duty eyewear, look no further because
Hercules Safety Glasses takes every breakable
situation into consideration. Whether it’s your friend’s
butt sitting on the glasses or an SUV running over them, these glasses are practically indestructible
thanks to its shatterproof polycarbonate lenses,
something even Hercules himself can’t break. Number 19, bear-proof suit. Troy Hurtubise is straight
out of a comic book. This modern-day mix of
Tony Stark and Bear Grylls has invented a bear-proof
suit that is so unbreakable that the mere sight of
it scares a wild bear. True story, and yes it
can withstand anything. The local bike gang tried to break it but they didn’t succeed. However, they shouldn’t
be ashamed of themselves because even a 300-pound
log couldn’t break this behemoth of an armor suit! Number 18. Nokia 3310. Ah, yes, the legend of the Nokia 3310. While this needs no
explaining other than the fact that it’s virtually
indestructible, I feel there’s a vital question that needs to be asked: Is there any other
cellphone that can compete with the 3310’s indestructible features? I’m here to tell you that,
yes, there just might be one!. And it’s called Kyocera Torque. Only time can tell whether
this cellphone can live up to the name of Nokia’s
3310, but it has promise. Number 17, indestructible watches. Bulletproof not enough for you? How about bombproof? Well, that’s what the
Kaventsman Triggerfish Bronze A2 is offering. It boasts a massive
44-by-20 millimeter case and has been pressure tested to 300 bar. For you average Joes out
there, that’s the equivalent of 3,000 meters of water pressure. Still not convinced? Well, This watch was blown
up with 10 pounds of C4, and the only result was that
the crystal got scratched. If that’s too intimdating for
you, and I don’t blame you, the I.N.O.X. by Victorinox is
a watch that’s just as sturdy. While it hasn’t been bomb-tested
with 10 pounds of C4, it’s the only Swiss watch
to withstand 130 extreme endurance homologation tests. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it does sound indestructible. Number 16, Stretch Armstrong. Who knew a toy would make this list? If you’re Stretch Armstrong,
you wouldn’t be surprised because of the creative, and
mostly crazy, ways people have been testing how indestructible you are. Just to give you an idea of
the lengths people have gone to test Stretch Armstrong,
there were two friends who tied the toy between two cars
and tried to break it by driving the cars forward. Sounds like a torture
scene from a horror movie, but needless to say,
they were unsuccessful. After all, that’s why
they call him Stretch! Number 15, One World Futbol. Playing any kind of sport
with a flat ball is a bummer. You’d know this if you played
sports, and if you don’t, well maybe it’s time to try one out. The One World Futbol makes
sure your football never goes flat because this specific football doesn’t even need a pump. What started out as a noble
cause to bring the sport to impoverished areas has
resulted in an indestructible ball that can be found in almost
any part of the world. Number 14, Boba Fett Helmet. We’ve come a long way
from the typical helmets we see in war movies, and the
DevTac Ronin Helmet proves it. While it received the
name the Boba Fett helmet, any Star Wars fan will
realize that the helmet looks more like General Grievous. Anyways, that’s not what’s
important about this helmet. What’s important is that
this helmet is literally bulletproof and uses
heat-seeking technology to hunt down enemies. It’s currently being used
by the Special Forces and to be honest, it
kind of makes you want to apply, doesn’t it? Number 13, tactical pens. Writing with a normal pen
is so flimsy and mundane. The only thing it can do is, well, write. Tactical pens, however, are
an entirely different story. Not only can they write,
which is what they should be doing in the first
place, but they can be used for self-defense too because
it’s made of ultra-strong anti-rust aircraft aluminum. If that doesn’t sound macho,
deadly, and indestructible, then I don’t know what does. It also features a tungsten
carbide tip glass breaker for all of you who are in dire need of a sneaky, defensive tool. Hopefully, though, you
won’t have a need to use it. Number 12, tungsten rings. One ring to rule them all, in
terms of toughness that is. These indestructible
rings are made up of one of the hardest materials in existence. And that’s tungsten. It’s
harder than titanium, and the only thing that has a chance of scratching it is a diamond. So if you’re looking to propose
to your significant other, getting them a tungsten
ring is a great way to show your unbreakable love. Number 11, the indestructible hard drive. Given its name you, would’ve
thought a hard drive would be, hard. But that’s not usually
the case because there are quite a few people out there
who have had their hard drive ruined, especially
after fires, which leads to all your important
information going up in flames. The ioSafe N2 Indestructible Hard Drive dares to be different. It can withstand floods, fires and storms. Before I reveal the next
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on some amazing knowledge that could have filled your brain. Now let’s get back to it. Number 10. Garrison
Bespoke’s Bulletproof Suit. Be indestructible, and look
good while you’re at it with Garrison Bespoke’s Bulletproof Suit. Thanks to nanotechnology,
the suit is made up of the same carbon
nanotubes that are found in the U.S. troops’ uniform in Iraq but is thinner and more flexible. Your dream of becoming the next James Bond might just come true with this kind of indestructible apparel. Just make sure you let your
boss know before you go chase off the world’s
most menacing villain. Number nine, the Tweel. We’ve all experienced flat
tires, and the thought of having tires that can withstand
anything has always seemed so far away. However, with these sets
of heavy-duty tires, your replacing-flat-tires-in-a-highway
days are long gone. The Tweel by Michelin
doesn’t need compressed air to work, and this is a huge advantage compared to normal tires. Simply put, if it has no
air, it can’t be flat. Ingenious. Number eight, fire ants. This is a rather unique example, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. These little insects may
appear breakable individually, but when you put them in a group, they become an indestructible material. By linking their bodies
together, they have the ability to form large structures to
endure almost any kind of force. Due to this phenomena, scientists
are currently researching how to adapt this trait
into a real-world material for us fragile humans to use. And I for one can’t wait to
see what they come up with. Number seven, Trust Shirt. Your shirt tearing up is
a hassle that everyone can relate to, right? Not for people who own the Trust Shirt. This slash and tear
resistant shirt is made up of high-molecular polyethylene
and other avant-garde fibers. In layman terms, it’s made
up of the really strong stuff that the army uses for their armor. Not even Hulk Hogan himself
can rip this shirt apart. Number six, Lego. If you’ve stepped on one of these things, you’ll know how tough they are. They’re made of an extremely
strong kind of plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, phew, that was a mouthful. Just be careful next
time when you’re walking throughout the house. Number five, Panasonic Toughbook. Dropping your laptop won’t be an issue when you have these models. The Panasonic Toughbook
and Getac X500 are tougher than nails laptops that only the most hard-core of people use. I’m talking about firefighters,
policemen and soldiers who need a rugged laptop
that can withstand all kinds of impacts. If they can survive these conditions, they can survive almost anything, even the wrath of your mother. No guarantees, though. Number four, Sargent
and Greenleaf 951C Lock. PadLocks are designed to,
lock your stuff but sadly, there are some models out there
that just don’t do the job. Not the Sargent and Greenleaf 951C. This sophisticated lock is
made up of proprietary alloy that allows it to withstand
extreme physical force. Safe to say, your belongings
will be protected no matter what as long as you’re using this lock. But at over $2,200, it’s
only worth buying if what you’re trying to keep safe
is extremely valuable. Hopefully, you don’t lose
the key, though, because that’ll most definitely cause problems. Number three, Toyota Hilux. Dubbed the indestructible
truck, the Toyota Hilux is capable of enduring the
harshest of conditions, such as finishing a journey
across the Antartic, that’s 6000 miles, without wearing down. This reputation was
highlighted in several episodes of the BBC motoring show Top
Gear, as they repeatedly tried to break it without much success. Also worth mentioning is The
Marauder, which is a 10-ton military vehicle meant to destroy. This beast of a vehicle
can withstand seven pounds of plastic explosives. Let me know any other car
that can withstand that. I’ll wait. Number two, Line-X. What if I told you that
there’s a spray that can make anything indestructible? For example, a simple coating
would be enough to stop an egg cracking after being dropped. You’d probably laugh and call me crazy but sorry to say, it’s a reality. Presenting, Line-X. This spray protects
anything you spray on it, whether it be your truck,
pipes and furniture. And while it may be tempting
to spray this on yourself, please don’t. Number one, 3M Security Glass. And for the last indestructible thing, here’s 3M’s Security Glass. 3M pulled off this crazy
stunt some time ago, and they dared to challenge
pedestrians to break it. Their prize? $3 million. Who wouldn’t want that?! As you can guess, people
tried almost every kind of way to break it, but all of
them failed miserably. Best of all, the company
set up a CCTV camera to film their attempts, which
made for an ingenuous advertisement of their product. If only I knew about this challenge, I’d probably fail just like everyone else. That is until bringing out my trusty Nokia and throwing that at it. Do you know any other things
that are as indestructible as the things mentioned in this video? If so, let me know in the
comments section down below. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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