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I.O.I (아이오아이) – V LIVE [ENG SUB]

November 8, 2019

1,2,3. Yes, I love it.
Hello, this is IOI – It’s been awhile since we last came on V LIVE.
– Hello Other members are busy now so they will be on V LIVE in the evening Thank you for your understanding We couldn’t come on V LIVE recently Even if we did, we had to finish up really quick We will be on V LIVE more often Tomorrow is our first performance Showcase It will be released at 12 PM We are waiting for it now [KyulKyung] And if you take a look at what’s behind us You will get this if you purchase our album We have 3 photos uploaded online We have several pictures in units but this is – our first picture all together.
– We all look pretty huh? we had to get ready like this when the shooting
took place [Chaeyeon] Until we got the best picture Tell us about the album I think our debut song is very meaningful to us. – True.
– I am sure you know why Since each of us participated actively and
our opinions were reflected by having meetings [Sejeong] We thought about butterfly as one of the option to symbolize our beginning – Papillion was one. So many ideas.
– Each of us presented ideas Then, we realized that we are not at a stage
of butterfly yet So we thought of chrysalis But the word chrysalis sounded so weird in Korea (Sound about to become normal) So, we were looking at various language and chose chrysalis in English We had one more [Chungha] Glu… Glu… Gloris? Glo… Glor.. Gloris? Gloria – Oh yea, gloria. That was one of the options. Gloria is butterfly Gloria means butterfly and chrysalis means pupa We chose chrysalis since we are still
preparing to become butterflies So we named our album together It was Sejeong’s idea [Nayoung] We did have very meaningful time together
gathering all these ideas [Chungha] We also participated in selecting tracks and our title song That was very meaningful too. – We have a total of 7 tracks “When The Cherry Blossoms Fade”, the track fans
really love is also in the album We tried really hard to depict our own color into
the album. So please look forward to it Also, me and Yoojung wrote lyrics to the songs Please look forward to it! So awesome – Our title song will definitely pump you up.
– I know We have various feels in the song The song has various elements including
hip-hop – I think everyone would love the chorus part.
– True In a nutshell, – the song is very uplifting.
– Very uplifting Uplifting as the
“We are girls that dream” Our debut song name is released. – Did you check it out? It is called “Dream Girls”.
– We are still dreaming Even from the title you can tell
we are ready for everything Can Kyul-Kyung show us our main choreography? Yes, our main choreography is called I.O.I dance.
You need to put your fingers like this. Very easy, huh? I.O.I dance One more time with the song That’s it. That’s it [Chungha] Other than I.O.I. dance, we have another piece of choreography Please name the choreography for us. The dance is…
Can I say the lyrics? How about we do it after the single is released? – Okay, after it is released.
– We will ask them tonight. All 11 of us will be back later tonight. So please wait until then.
I think not many of you know what I.O.I means So we prepared the introduction [Chaeyeon] I.O.I means the most ideal idol. That is the main meaning of our name We also thought of other meanings to it I as in “I” and O as in “Our” So, our name could mean where I and I met together to form all of us, Our [Chungha] I.O.I stands for Ideal Of Idol With the meaning of the most ideal idol Also, I.O.I resembles 101 – We have many meanings to it.
– What a great name! – Thank you!
– Thank you! We only 5 minutes left – I can’t believe this
– I am so nervous – Please help us to make #1
– Thank you – We have much competition
– True [Chungha] So I feel very nervous But we shouldn’t think too much about where we make in the chart, since it is our first song – Act like rookies.
– We should just enjoy this moment. I read an article this morning. It said it is time for us to fly like butterflies I really appreciate how they put it like that – It is now the beginning
– Just like how our album – name is “Chrysalis”
– We are ready to fly like butterflies Open your wings! – I am so nervous
– If you take a look at our album… Can I say this? If you buy our album, we have many pretty photos of us So please get our albums! [Chungha] We have many photos of each
individual member Also, we have the special edition – Please support us.
– I took a look at it earlier and it is definitely special. We asked them if we could get it early but – they said no.
– I know. – Do you have to buy it?
– I thought we were just going to get it. They will give it to us They said they will just give it to us. Can I get the special edition then? – It’s really awesome
– They said, “no” last time Don’t forget about online streaming Thank you.
Should we read the comments? Jaeyoung… BWOR… Never mind. I am sorry I can’t read it well The monitor is too far away – But we are reading the comments
[Chungha] Since Kyul-Kyung has good eye sight… [Sejeong]They all got our special edition album – Thank you
– Thank you [Sejeong] They are asking about your socks’ colour!! [Kyulkyuing] I will make sure… Put it up high!! [Kyulkyung] I got her socks [Kyulkyung] Pretty huh? [Chungha] Kyul-Kyung got it for me [Nayoung] There is a character on it [Chungha] I’m not so into gray My mom got me the gray socks I have many other socks too. Please don’t get it wrong [Chaeyeon] We have 2 minutes now – 2 minutes
– We have 2 minutes – I can’t believe this. This feels weird
– Oh my [Sejeong] Will it be on Melon? – It will be on there.
– On online streaming website right? Yes, with this poster – This one?
[Chaeyeon] I really like our song – It’s very hopeful and uplifting.
– Of course, we picked it out [Chungha] All 9 of us picked the song It was more than our personal opinion.
We believed that and.. – Oh my, only 1 minute left?
– We didn’t get a chance to watch the music video. Let’s count down together when we have
30 seconds – I mean 10 seconds.
– 30 seconds is too long – She’s so nervous, that’s why.
– Since this morning – my heart was racing. [Sejeong] I didn’t feel too nervous when we performed before but now, I feel very nervous and excited [Chungha] Oh my [Chungha] All I can say is “Oh my” – In the past, when I was on V LIVE, I couldn’t
read comments in Chinese But now, now we can – Read the comments in Chinese later.
– We have 30 seconds left 30 seconds?
Oh my I am so nervous.
Very nervous The long-awaited debut of I.O.I. We did our best. We had to rush the debut but we did our best during that
short period of time 10! 9 !8! 7! 6! 5! – 4,3,2,1!
– That!
– That was too quick! Is it on now? Congratulations all! – Wow, it’s on.
– Wow. So cool – All the tracks are on.
– Click on the “Like” please! – I didn’t get to listen to the intro. Can we listen to it?
– Me too Everything was secret. Only Nayoung and Yoojung got to listen to it
when recording. We didn’t have a chance – We had to practice choreography.
– Can you send it through e-mail? – Streaming!
– We didn’t listen to the intro – I want to listen to it.
– Can please listen to it until the music video starts? – We didn’t even watch the music video.
– I know. – Is the music video released too?
– Yes, it is Please watch our music video~ – We did our best with the limited time.
– I was so cold We picked out each theme Chaeyeon picked baking,
Kil-kyung picked ballet Some of us picked the theme we liked And of course our company picked the theme
for some of us too We really participated in the process.
It’s like my baby – Really.
– What is this? My baby? We really feel attached to it Oh my.
Thank you so much We really feel attached to it [Kyulkyung] “Chaeyeon is so pretty”.
[Chungha] I wouldn’t be here without you fans I always say that. What should I do? I’m saying that again today.
What should I do? – My palms are sweaty.
– The player is not installed yet I am so curious – “Chungha, I love you”. ID Flashlight.
– Me too – They will listen to the song after V LIVE
– We can listen to it together on V LIVE Should we watch the music video?
Can we? Let’s listen to the intro first.
Intro – This one?
– Yes I share a room with Nayoung and I saw
her writing the lyrics even after we practiced until very late Nayoung is awesome – Until 5 in the morning?
– Longer than that – She started at 5 in the morning.
– Can we watch the music video? I don’t want to say this here but
we didn’t sleep much after finishing practice at 6 AM [Chungha] We finished after 6 AM. We had limited time – Limited.
– Yes I wish we had more time to practice – We will do more.
– Will do our best to better. [Sejeong] It is the beginning [Chungha] Oh my! I am so excited This is our first time watching it too – Sohye!
– So pretty! – Really pretty!
– Look at her neck line! The color looks really nice Can we make it louder? Early in the morning [Sejeong] The song is about how we can make mistakes in the beginning but – we will make it in the end
– Don’t give up Nayoung tried fencing for the first time
for the music video Me too. I learned ballet when I
was really young It was very awkward at first but I got better with the angle as I practiced In the end, I was like a professional fencer and said,
“This is pretty good”. [Chungha] We had very long waiting time.
Kyul-kyung had the longest waiting time – I waited the longest – Quiet. Don’t say that in front of me [Chungha] Oh yeah, you were the last!
– I finished the next day at 12 PM Sejeong and Mina had to wait until
the next day – I was so cold in the morning.
– I know – If you look at our outfit.
– I am sure it was colder because you were outside I am not sure if it’s on the music video,
but I enjoyed it. I really like strawberries “Chaeyeon, go ahead and eat strawberries” – She really loves strawberries
– Me too – She kills strawberry latte.
– Whip cream too. “Okay that’s enough” – That’s what happened.
– Then.. let’s read comments – Our name is on the most searched words list
– Really? The most searched words list? This is all because of you I can’t believe this Are in also in that… What do you call it – Articles? Profile?
– Yes, profile. – Is it on?
– Individual profile? – It’s on. – We are #2 on the list.
– We are #2. – Let’s take a look.
– Please click it for us Please listen to our song, “Dream Girls” – The title is “Dream Girls”.
– We can now sing it out loud “We are the dream girls
Chasing our dreams, dream girls” – Please support our song, “Dream Girls”
– Please! Our song is super catchy Should we… Never mind, we should sing it
together with the rest of members We will be on M Count Also, we will have a showcase We will be on TV for you fans With our song [Chungha] We already mentioned this but if you can’t make it to the showcase, don’t be too disappointed. – It will be on LIVE.
– Yes, live – Please look forward to it. – Also, other than our title, “Dream Girls” we have many tracks in our album So please listen to all of them. – They are all very good.
– We put so much efforts to select them – We had so many of the songs. – Hey all, “I am listening to the songs” “Make a promise on making #1 in the chart” – A promise?
– We should do it when everyone is here – Let’s do it later.
– Later in the evening We promise.
The naming for the dance and the promise – They want us to act cute.
– Act cute? – Who should we…
– Kyul-kyung Kyul-kyung act cute for the fans No, start from Sejeong – Let’s all do it. One by one [Chungha] (Oh god pls no) – Then, let’s say “Please love our song, Dream Girls” – And act to cute while saying it.
– Rock, paper, scissors Who’s going to go first? The losers? [Sejeong] The losers will do it! [Chungha] Yeah! The losers! – 3 losers.
– No, 2. Okay 2. Wait. Rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors. (Screams of horror) Rock, paper, scissors. (WINNERS ONLY CELEBRATING) (SECHUNG CRYING IN LOSER) (Kyulkyung HYPED AF) [Chungha] I will go first since you are better than me – There are many videos with us acting cute [Chungha] Do you want to go first? (Loser Sejeong tries to fake death) (Loser Chungha loses her mind) Let’s not make them wait too long – 1,2,3 (Loser Sejeong prepping her funeral) Please love our song, “Dream Girls” Good job – Chungha! – How can I do this? – This is the first time I see her acting cute – No way, she’s always so cute Please love our song, “Dream Girls) – So cute! Bring this for me! I can’t do this with a straight mind [Sejeong] You are so good – You better be ready.
– Let’s just move on What else is there? You look so embarrassed They are saying you are so cute Thank you for saying that [Chaeyeon] “Stone Nayoung,
please act cute for the fans” I know you are good at this. [Chungha] I am her roommate and I know that – She knows how to look cute.
– Really. Don’t call her stone I have one thing to say.
I went to a convenient store with her and Nayoung called me, so I said,
“What’s up”. – That’s right.
– I was wondering if she wanted anything “Can you get me something?” I said, “What?”.
She said, “Um… I want a Sprite” – I didn’t do that!
[Chungha] It was more than this [Chaeyeon] Yes you did! [Chungha] When Nayoung is tired,
she’s so cute Sejeong is sexy when she’s tired Nayoung is cute when she’s tired When I ask her, “Nayoung, do you want to wash up first?” She goes, “Okie” [Kyulkyung] People think Nayoung doesn’t smile often. – She smiles a lot She looks like a bag of snack when she smiles Blows up! She has to lean back like this Since our fans want to see it,
I will show them [Chaeyeon] Listen carefully. – Yes, you can do it. I did it too.
– You are already cute Please love our song, “Dream Girls” That was the oldest member in I.O.I Her lips were so cute.
Like a hamster She has small lips I have small ears too – Really small.
– I can’t get piercings – She has the best proportions.
– The best proportions Great body, Nayoung Can we find out how many hearts we have? [Chaeyeon] ID Yoonsaehee said,
“Make a promise for #1 in the chart if you get more than 100 thousand hearts” How many? – What is normal?
– 100 million is super high number – 100 million is super high number.
– Yup – How many did they give?
– 6000? – I think it’s impossible to get 100 million.
– I think we can make it 6000? 60,000? – 6000?
– Now, we have 6000 – ID Joheebae said, “We will make you #1” Thank you so much.
It doesn’t have to be #1 Just enjoy our songs 60 million?
We have 60 million? – I thought it was 6000.
– Me too Thinking we are far away from 100 million 60 million is so awesome Should we talk for next 10 minutes? – I have tears in my eyes.
– Let’s make a promise – Let’s do that.
– What should we do if we get 100 million hearts? – What should we do?
– Or tell us via comments – Yes please.
– Tell us via comments What you want us to do if we get
100 million hearts? – That would be awesome. – I think … this is very meaningful Kyul-kyung knows a lot difficult vocabulary – They are talking about fan signing event.
– We never had one It was a secret but let me tell you.
We will have a fan signing event on May 13th – Please come and join us.
– The first fan signing event, right? – May 13th?
– Yup We will have another fan signing event then – One more.
– Can we make a promise on that? – Can we?
– I think that would be out of our control We might have to have it super
early in the morning. – Fans will have to wake up super early… Hold on – We will move on.
– Have another reverse fan service event It was so meaningful for us – We want another one.
– We should have more than 200 – It ended so quick last time.
– It was so much fun. Hold on,
ID MIK said, “There is no way you can get 100 million.
Go for 70 million” We should go for 100 million So we will have another reverse fan
service event? – For example, the coffee truck.
– Or something else I think we will get to 70 million soon.
Let’s go for 80 million – No, 90 million. – 100 million.
– 95 million. Let’s just go for 100 million.
Let’s do this! – I wanted to do this for reverse fan service event. – What is it? Have you tried this?
I wanted to – give them ice cream [Chungha] I know some celebrities rented the – what was it… coffee shop and had a very great time with their fans How about we have the event not in Seoul but
in other cities? – “Come to Anyang and Pyungchon”.
– Anyang and Pyungchon Are you from Anyang?
Anyang. Anyang We should be there.
“Come to Busan” – We will soon.
– Do we have an event there? – Yes.
– Yup What should we do for the reverse
fan service event? Last time, I didn’t have much time with our fans because I had scoop the ice. – I couldn’t talk to them much.
– We rotated our duties. I hope we can talk to our fans more this time – What can we do?
– Also, we only had Americano for the menu Teenagers couldn’t drink coffee So we should have some options this time At least 3 options – They are saying ice cream.
– Ice cream is good – I want to have a picnic.
– Picnic? I have an opinion! Sundae from McDonald’s You can choose between chocolate syrup and
strawberry syrup I think there is green tea flavor too – They have many options.
– We should get 2 syrups It sounds like you want it We should have toppings and ask fans,
“What would you like?” – And put on syrup on top.
– Ice cream is a good idea. Because it will get hot very soon. Shaved ice too [Kyulkyung] Too hard to make [Chaeyeon] It might melt – right away in summer.
– We should do it now Should we pick ice cream? Can we just say it? We have to make a promise on
100 million hearts – We are trying to decide on that.
– I thought we are talking about the fan service event We will have the fan service if we
get 100 million hearts (sound becomes weird) Oh, “Write comments on the fan cafe” Do we have one? – Yes, we do.
– We have an official fan cafe – We do
– Only you and I didn’t sign up We had to focus on our practice so some of us didn’t sign up You can’t hear it? It will work now “Sing for us” First, what are we going to do if we get
100 million hearts? – So we will…
– So, it’s 100 million? The fans can give us hearts even after the show. – Really?
– We already had thousands of hearts even
before the show So, if we get 100 million hearts before the
evening show time, we will do something for the fans Good. Good – Before the evening show time.
– Wow – Smart.
– Please give us hearts until we come back Giving hearts while they are working – Hold on.
– While working – You can’t hear us?
– Why is that? – Hello? Can you hear us?
– Hello? Is the audio not working? Maybe the mic is covered How about free hug for
100 million hearts – What do you think?
– Good We shook hands with fans last time
in Daegu Should we do that instead? – We are rushing this.
– Let’s think about what we can do.
Maybe something on the stage? But I think that’s too… – You think that’s too small?
– Tell us how to end the performance Can we do that? We are mentioning everything
Sorry “No free hug” ID SandyKim said, “Come to Canada” We want to~ – “Back hug”
– Back hug [Sejeong] Let me try We will stand in one line – Then, the fans will hug us from the back.
– Like this – What should we do?
– We should think of promises When we come back on V LIVE in the evening,
please name our – dance.
– Or tell us now How about we will decide later we come back? The song is released That’s it? Sing for us then. Go! This is our dance We named it temporarily as “watch dance” But we are open to better idea

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