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I got a GIFT from a stream sniper! – IRL Stream In New York!

January 22, 2020

Excuse me, what are you doing? Are you streaming right now? Oh uh… livestream Livestream? Twitch, twitch yes Oh that’s awesome Okay chat, hi! Today, I’m New York In uh… Chinatown Yeah so Lets go! I’m first want Buy small bag Yes I don’t have now small bag So I want uhh… First Small bag Oooh Now we are China and America mix Mix city New York and China mix city So a lot of uhh… English and Chinese language Mix, mix! Oh, what is this What!? What fruit? I don’t know this fruit, what is this Wait what? Fruit? Oh my god, what is this… Sorry, what is this? 龙眼(Longan) What? 龙眼(Longan) 龙眼(Longan)? Yeah 龙眼(Longan) Fruit, fruit Yes you can try one also it’s so sweet Really? Really? Of course
I just say you try one for free Free!? Really? Maybe I don’t know this cover I eating cover I don’t know Oh sweet Thank you I’m find it Bag store I’m find it Okay uhh… I want very very mini bag Oh… oh my god oh uhh… N-n-n-n-no Maybe cross bag is perfect Cross bag This is cross bag? Oh yes, I want cross bag You make video? Twitch You make video? Make yes yes yes yes Maybe this? This is good? Looks good? Good, chat? Ok, ok uh… This one please Jake here? Hi Jake! I’m now New York in Chinese… Uhh… City. Yeah… Chinese… town, yes Ahh Oh thank you, what is this uhh… What is this uhh… Sun… sunshine… Sunshine shield Sunshine shield is what is this name This building… this building made uh… Sunshine shield Hey Oh You’re HAchubby right?
HAchubby: Hi Oh hi yes yes Can I get a picture? Yes, of course Can you stream? Yeah, yeah Hi nice to meet you Hi HAchubby: Oh good!
Thanks Its really cool meeting you Have a good day Sniper Hi chat! Now I’m very very big mall Wow Ok first uhh… I need short selfie stick Because yeah… My hand… Not good so Short selfie stick find let’s go Uh! Earphone… Oh… earphone… oh Uhh… Car What is this I don’t know What What the hell No… Strange Ah! Hey… Hiii! Very very cute Ayaya! Just close, close, close… I don’t know just go to the eating Eating is first because I’m hungry Eating is best Eating is number one Eating is everything good Eating is always good Oh my god! A lot of uhh… Store A lot of food store Oh my god… Oh my god this Kitchen store Charred store? I don’t know What!? What is this Fortnite? Ohh… wow What this store Ah just hamburger, hamburger store Yes hamburger store Taco bell, you want taco bell? Taco bell store Ah pizzeria Pizzeria So… chat You choose This is number one store This is number two store You want what store? Number please Oh! Oh my god, what is this Test? Oh… Mmmmmmmmmmmm… I like it This store? Mmm okay “A few moments later” Ok lets go! Lets go! Mmmmm… Oh my god Amazing Perfect IRL donation Oooooooooooooooh… My god! You can press this It makes some noise
HAchubby: Really? And ahh… English name what is this Uh Snorlax Snore Lax Snoreless
[ Tries to pronounce “Snorlax” ] Snorlax Snoreless
[ Tries to pronounce “Snorlax” ] Yeah… Snorlex
[ Tries to pronounce “Snorlax” ] Snorlax Snorelass
[ Tries to pronounce “Snorlax” ] Snore Snore Uh huh, lax Lax Uh huh Snorelax Yeah Ahh! Korean name is Jammanbo Girl: Jammanbo? Jammanbo HAchubby to Girl: Yes
Boy: Ah, I don’t know how to say that Oh my god perfect Perfect Perfect hamburger This is best New York best hamburger Maybe… Not best hamburger I don’t know Just I’m first try hamburger, sorry But, crazy delicious Yeah AHH! [ Sad music ] Oh… Wow Okay, uhh… Let’s go find new selfie stick uhh… Yes Hit you with that DDU-DU-DDU-DU Ah yeah, ah yeah Hit you with that DDU-DU-DDU-DU Ah yeah, ah yeah What… what is this? HELIRIDE what is this It look like you are flying in the real helicopter It’s ten dollars, you want to go fly? Okay Ahh! Wow, wow… Okay, okay You can fix it Yes, yes good… You can see the helicopter now? Yes I can Okay, now I will start You will see the New York city You can move your head right, left, up, down Okay I’m going to start… okay? You start see the buildings? Yes I can… I can now see Yeah good, good, good Wow Oh my god! Wow, helicopter! Helicopter! Empur Emperor Empire this Empire Oh wow… AAH! Oh my god! Very high building Oh my god Very very high building Good? Yes good, good Thank you Very good… Very good… very good… Very good… Wide view Perfect… yes Uhh! Oh my god… hey… Ahh… Wow Very hot Oh my god, banned No no TOS I cant… oh my ahh! Oh my god! I cant show Oh my god TOS shop Just uhm… What is this Just… very very small Uhh… clothes, yes Wow… Adidas? Adidas Looks good But this men Maybe this is woman La la la… Ohh, cute! Very cute What dollars? Fifty dollars? Little expensive, but… Looks good Hey chat, this good? You think good? This is genius Oh no no no no no… Uh ohh.. I don’t have… I don’t have hand One second And my selfie stick now broken So I can’t Oh I’m genius, I’m genius… I’m oh… sorry I’m not genius Pink? Pink? Pink shorts You want pink shorts? You want pink shorts? This? Yes!? XL short Very big size, I don’t… Oh my god… Oh my god! Very very discount Oh my god good Ahh my god good Okay let’s… oh my god Excuse me, what are you doing? Are you streaming right now? Oh uh… livestream Livestream? Twitch, twitch yes Oh that’s awesome Yeah, sorry I’m not good english It’s all right, you’re good I was just wondering I was just curious. Keep doing your thing
HAchubby: Uh oh, thank you thank you Oh thank you so much W-w-w-wait, I will be right back I will give you a follow
HAchubby: Yes, yes What is it? M-my… my… my ID? Yeah H, A… Yeah… C, H… U… B, B… Y… Hachubby, yes Hachubby Yes I just gave you a follow Thank you Maybe I will give you a subscribe Thank you so much, have a good day Okay let’s go This two clothes I’m… I’m buy uhh… My buy my new pink shorts thank you I’m very happy thank you so much Thank you, thank you… Have a good day! You too Uh! Uh! Jamba juice This… I know, I know, I know In Korea have this ye… Ahh! Hey chat! So yeah I’m… I’m… I’m… I’m… Yes, yes why I’m… Oh hey, why I’m not buy Oh my god this… this… Hey chocolate, chocolate I want… I want this Yes yes yes Ah, oh my god! Hey, why free? Free? Ah, just you buy five You one free understand [ “Oh my god, what!?” facial expression ] Do you need help with anything? Sorry uhh… Maybe I can… One piece buy? Yeah, you can buy one piece
HAchubby: Oh really? Oh okay Uhm… I want uh… Uh… This chocolate one please This one? Yes What dollars? I don’t know Cashier: One dollar eighty two
Oh good Ahhh… just oh… Thank you Oh my god I can buy just one piece So This one piece is two dollars, right? Okay Just chocolate, yeah… Just two dollars chocolate taste Good, good… Good, good, good, good! I like it, I like it I’m happy Ok We are Go to the game shop Oh, hey… switch Oh wow A lot of… Deals Ohhh… Game, game… Ehh! Oh… Uh! Uh! Pika pika! What is this? What dollars? What? Token? Three dollars? Oh my god! Very very cute Three dollars uhh… What? No? Hey! Expensive Very very expensive Ahh! Wow big size pokemon ball Not bad, oh I’m fail find my new selfie stick But I’m get a new pink shorts I’m happy! Wooo! So umm… Today stream bye bye time Thank you so much, bye bye chat [ Song HAchubby – 4$ by 2DTL ]


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  • Reply Tasin Ibrahim November 17, 2019 at 7:31 am

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  • Reply Nobody • 36 years and November 18, 2019 at 6:22 am

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  • Reply caliboyization November 18, 2019 at 10:45 am

    I started watching her content about 5 or so months ago, is she really like this? Or is she acting in a way lmao? Because I know a girl I went to college with who is from Japan and she would act just like Chubby and she was completely being herself lol.

  • Reply Nguyen Viet Cuong November 18, 2019 at 11:46 am

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    1:25 seems like LITCHIE FRUIT , common in south Asian continents.

  • Reply Dave David December 12, 2019 at 12:13 am

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