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HUGE Summer Haul | Jazzy

November 20, 2019

Say hello to YouTube. Aww! Teddy seems to be in a bad mood. She had a long walk around the park today so she is knackered! Hello everyone and welcome to my channel. If you’re new to my channel then hello, I’m Jazzy and I’m a Deaf YouTuber. Oh my god, I was so busy last month – July! I had lots things to do in July, that’s why I didn’t have time to make videos. I can’t believe that the last video I made was Prom: Makeup, Hairstyles and Dresses ideas. That was in June, can you believe it? I haven’t made videos for a long time. but I have uploaded my holiday videos – Center Parcs and Menorca. 2nd of July was my birthday and I had a Hawaiian themed party. I’m only 17 but I love a fancy dress party. Two days after my birthday, I went Center Parcs with my friends. Center Parcs was really good This was my very first holiday without my family. Me and my friends did lots of things in Center Parcs like doing different activities and the spa etc. I really miss Center Parcs, I want to go back. I have uploaded my Center Parcs video on my channel but it was disappointing because I did lots of videos on my boyfriend’s Go Pro like going swimming, climbing etc. My boyfriend deleted videos on his Go Pro, he forgot that I needed them too. But I have uploaded the Center Parcs video with my camera. Center Parcs was an amazing holiday with my friends. It was difficult to cope without our families such as cooking dinner, managing our money etc. We realised that being grown up is hard, wow! After I got back from Center Parcs, I was busy with holiday shopping because I only had a few days left before I went to Menorca. I went Menorca with my family; my mum, step-dad and step-sister. Menorca was amazing, I met so many lovely friends there. It was relaxing, I needed a break. I felt relaxed in the swimming pool and sunbathing. I went on a boat trip in Menorca. I was with my friends around the pools. I really miss my friends I met there. When I landed in England after the holiday I was literally crying because I wanted to go back to the beautiful hot weather in Menorca. I had a good break and it took my mind off things. I’m so excited to make a video again. This video is about Huge Summer Haul! I have many summer clothes, shoes, bikinis and sunglasses. I’m so excited to show you all my summer things today. I’m really excited to do this video because Ive never done something like this before. I really hope you like the video. Don’t forget to subscribe! The first product is.. This is a really beautiful playsuit. I’m in love with this playsuit, Ive worn this playsuit a lot this Summer like in Center Parcs, Menorca etc. This playsuit is so comfortable and the colours are lovely with a lot of patterns on it. Looks like it has coins on the top of the playsuit but it’s not. I like the colour and back of the playsuit, it keeps my back cool from the sun. Its from American Eagle Outfitters. I’m not sure the price of it but it wasn’t bad. I think it’s roughly £30-35? I’m not too sure. The second product is.. These are my very favourite shorts. I love these. I’m in love with glitter, I’m obsessed with glitter things. When I saw these shorts, I was like OMG, I have to get them! The glitter gives makes them stand out. They are such pretty shorts, I like the rips on them. I like the rips because it gives the shorts more details on it. They are SO pretty. I bought them from American Eagle Outfitters. I bought them on the same day as the playsuit that I have showed you. The next product that are so beautiful I really love this top I like the design of this top like a circle with flower patterns on it. I also like the plain black with patterns in the middle. It has a gorgeous hole on the back of top. This top is from BooHoo. I like the sound of BooHoo! Should I sign this as BooHoo? BooHoo is an online shop. This top is very affordable, it’s only about £6. It’s a nice quality top! I’m so excited to show you this. This is my No 1 my favourite top! When I saw this bikini, I was like OMG I’m definitely getting this. The two reasons why I wanted to buy this bikini – Number 1: Pink is my favourite colour I absolutely love the colour of pink. I’m obsessed with baby pink. Number 2: Glitter – every time I see glitter things, I always buy them. This bikini is glittery and pink! I was like oh I’m definitely getting this, I don’t care how much it costs. Even if its £50, I will still buy it because I’m so in love with this bikini. Look how pretty it is, this so pretty! I’m so lucky because it was on sale and the last one in my size. I was like that’s perfect! When I found out the price of bikini, I thought thats not bad! I was so happy when I bought it, I wore it mostly on my holidays. It’s sparkly, ooo! Really lovely. A lot of people have asked me where I got this bikini from. This bikini is from New Look. They also have this bikini in black. If you love the colour black with glitter then it would be perfect for you. I like pink the best because this is my favourite colour. I think the colour of black is too dark for me because I have a blonde hair, pink is a good colour for people with blonde hair. The next product is shoes. I love the colour of these, the colours are bright which is lovely. White, light blue and light pink with flowers on it. I love these colours together, I was like ‘these are perfect for me.’ These shoes are so expensive! When I found out the price of these shoes, roughly £100. I was like that’s so expensive! I asked my mum to buy me these shoes for my birthday. My mum said “ok, but are you sure?” She asked me that because I always change my mind about buying things and don’t want it. I will never change my mind about these shoes. I really love them. These shoes are pretty and are good for playing sports or outside. These are from Office. I’m showing you my next product. I think these shorts are so pretty, I like the colour of them. The colour is bright. I also like the flower embroidery, it looks interesting and gives more detail to the shorts. These shorts are good for parties, night clubs and nights out. They are from Miss Guided. I love this shop, they sell lots of nice clothes. The next product will include two tops because they are the same but different colours. You probably know where these tops are from, they’re from Primark. I really like these tops, they are good for relaxing/simple days like biking, going swimming etc. These tops are comfortable to wear, they also are crop tops. They feel cosy and comfortable. They’re only £6 each so that means £12 for two tops. I like the colours, the colours are pretty. I love the badges on them. The badges are colourful which is interesting. The cherry one is my favourite. The next product is.. Sunglasses! These are my favourite sunglasses, I absolutely love them. These sunglasses looks good! Let’s see what I look like with these sunglasses. I really love these sunglasses, the quality is good and they don’t break easy. I love the look, shape and style of them. These sunglasses are from TopShop. This is my favourite outfit. I love this playsuit so much. I wear this playsuit like every time I go out somewhere nice. The flower patterns and the colours of this are so beautiful. When I saw this in Lipsy, I was like wow.. I want to try this playsuit on me. When I tried it on, I was like I’m defo getting this! So pretty. I like that the colours are bright. The curves make it look prettier, rather than straight. The top of the playsuit has a beautiful colour with flower patterns on it, The bottom of playsuit is full of flowers and bright colours. I like it when the bottom of a playsuit has curly shape. This is really pretty. Go look my Instagram, I have posted a lot photos of this playsuit on me. My beautiful baby. This playsuit is from Lipsy. I love this! I’m very excited to show you this product. Sorry if I show you too many glitter products! These shoes are popular at the moment, I think they’re called sandals or something like that. People normally buy these sandals in brown or pink. The glitter was added on the sandals, I was like that’s amazing! I’ve never seen glitter on these sandals. When I wear these sandals, it looks so pretty! They also are comfortable to wear. I’m in love with these shoes. I can’t describe how much I love these gorgeous sandals. I’m showing you my last beautiful product. My beautiful bikini! The white bikini with a cross on the chest reminds me of surfing. Looks like it has scratch on it. Like it has been scratched. I think this bikini is cool. This bikini is from BooHoo. BooHoo, BooHoo! This is all I have to show you today, I bought so many summer products this year. I want to say thank you so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed the video. Bye!


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