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How to Turn a Dress into Jumpsuit | DIY | smilesfornicole

November 19, 2019

hi guys welcome to my channel my name is
Nicole and I like to do fashion DIYs and in today’s video i am doing a
last-minute attempt to make an outfit for a work christmas party that i have
tonight and i have this idea like two days ago i don’t know why i
left it so last-minute of what i was going to wear but i really wanted to
find some sort of floor-length dress that i could alter into a jumpsuit so
wish me luck if this doesn’t work out i’m just gonna have to find something
random in my closet and of course i could leave it to the last minute and I
couldn’t find anything until this morning so I don’t run out thrifting and
I actually found something at Value Village
I found this velvet dress and it’s actually um it’s kind of brown
unfortunately I wish it was black but it’s dark enough that you can kind of
like pretend it’s black and I really like the fit of it the length is great I
am gonna tailor it a bit but it’s pretty much what I was looking for I also I’m
going to alter the neckline it’s a little bit more like inward and it
closes off the shoulders and I want to open it up to show off the collarbones
so yeah and then I’m gonna make it into a pantsuit and because I won’t be able
to pull it over my head anymore I actually got not one not two but three
zippers because I couldn’t figure out in the store when I was grabbing them which
lengthens zipper I would need so I just picked up all of them and I’m gonna see
how far down and I’m gonna see how far down I made the zipper to be for me to
get in and out of it so I just wanted options so yeah wish me luck I have to
get this done in like two hours realistically hopefully I think I can do
it though and hopefully it turns out I guess we will find out together so the
first thing I did was measure five inches down from the side seam and
marked with the pin I did this on both sides then use my rotary blade and metal
ruler to cut the dress in half to adjust the neckline I measured an inch from the
shoulder seam and marked it with a pin on both sides then I started marking
with pins how I wanted the new neckline to be then flip the bodice over and
marked how low I wanted it to be in back and use pins to mark the rest of
the back out then I carefully cut along the outside of the pins using them as a
guideline it’s also important to note that I did take a quarter inch seam
allowance into account before pinning and cutting then I seemed ripped by the
sleeve met the bodice so I could complete the raw edge properly when
hemming then I seam up the back seam since that is where our zipper is going
to go later and I pinned a quarter inch hem and sewed using a straight stitch so
at this point I have tried it on and realized that I wanted to add a few
darts in the waist so to do so I marked with a pen where my bust point was then
extended the pins to the hem line to transfer the dart to the other side I
folded the bodice in half and marked with the pin then measured an inch below
the bus point because that will be where my dart will end I don’t want the dart
to reach all the way to the bus point that’s how you sew pointy boobs so to
complete the dart I folded the bodice in half along the center of my dart I
measured about a half an inch that is where I’ll be sewing my dart to I then
use my ruler and some chalk draw the dart line and repeated the same to the
other side and sewed and the bodice is done moving on to the pants to the
jumpsuit I folded the skirt in half from front to back so the side seams were
touching and laying flat then I used a pair of existing pants as a guideline
for the crotch I used a ruler to help cut a straight line and gave myself
about an inch seam allowance I was very careful not to remove too much from the
waist since the sizing was pretty close and I also needed space to insert the
zipper then I cut across the opposite side to separate the skirt into pants
then pin to the crotch with the right sides together and sewed the next step
was to sew the inner pant legs together so I pinned both sides and sewed all the
way to the waistline ok this is the progress so far I have to just fix the
crotch I don’t think you can see it actually but I just like soda in a way
there it like it’s really bunching but and then I have to attach the top to the
bottom and add a zipper it’s actually treating it surprisingly well I thought
I butchered it and made the pants way too small but apparently they fit
perfectly so so excited to sew in the zipper I had to seam rip
the center back and pick a zipper length I decided on the 35 centimeters which
was the largest one I picked up I needed the opening to be low enough to pull
over the bone to attach the bodice to the pants I had to find the centre front
of the bodice I did that by folding it in half and marking it with a pin and
lined the center front of the bodice to the front seam of the pants and pinned
right sides together and sewed the final step was to sew in the zipper and I’m
not going to lie the zipper went pretty wavy when I sewed it this way so I had
to seam rip it out and install it in a different way and since I was pretty
pressed for time I wasn’t able to film it but I am planning on filming a video
showing how I install zippers and once it’s up on my channel I will link it in
the cards above okay so it’s been a few days since I made this romper and I
couldn’t film the after because I cut it really close with time I finished this
at 7 p.m. and the party was at 8 p.m. but I did it and it was a success
honestly it kind of turned out very Reformation inspired which it wasn’t
intending but the fit of this fits me so well I have really surprised myself but
this is by far my favorite DIY that I’ve done so far and this is the final result
as I mentioned the fit of this jumpsuit was perfect the only thing I messed up
on was the zipper placement the zipper ended up going above the hemline but
luckily my hair covers it so it’s not a big deal so please be sure to let me know what
you guys think in the comments below and give a big thumbs up if you’d like to
see more fashion DIYs and subscribe for more video content and I will see you in
the next one


  • Reply Where's Wallace? January 7, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Wow! That looks amazing! Plus you look so much taller when you wear that

  • Reply Reagan January 8, 2019 at 9:45 am

    Wow! It turned out amazing!!

  • Reply Raena Jackson Armitage January 9, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    Awesome job!

  • Reply simplyteee January 10, 2019 at 2:07 am

    DAYUMMMMMMM! Shookith. Love the neckline of this dress on you

  • Reply Sheila Wisner April 9, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    This is amazing Nicole. Thanks for sharing

  • Reply Nikkie Jones April 16, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Bless you sweetie you did really well for the first time! You can easily re do the zip at a later date! Thank goodness your hair is long eh!! Lol great DIY Tfs x

  • Reply The Thrifter Diaries August 28, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    I suggest you use an invisible zipper if you want to attach a zipper at the back of a dress/romper/jumpsuit. That way you can avoid the “waving” from a normal zipper. 😊

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