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How to travel with the guitar in flight

November 2, 2019

Let’s talk about boarding on the flight with with your guitar. There are 2 ways of transporting the baggages via airplane. Firstly, checked-in baggage, secondly, carry-on baggage. What if, your precious instruments are stored with the checked-in baggage including all the other passengers’ baggages, wouldn’t you be a bit worrying about it? The regulations on the baggages are so different by each arilines. Therefore you should check the rule of the airline you’re using before you take the guitar to the airport. I’ve most frequently used Korean Air and occasionally used other various airlines companies as well. The most of them tend to consider these standard sized guitars, which have head, as, checked-in baggages only according to the rule. However, I often exprienced that they just let me carry the guitar inside the aircraft. Once again, I’d like to urge you to obey the regulation of the airlines company always. That’s the rule of thumb. I’ll tell you how you should prepare for the situation. The most regulation-oriented method is carrying your instrument within the hardcase. Then you check in the hard case. That’s a way you strictly obey the rule. When you check in a musical instrument, the airline give you this agreement form to sign. What this form states is that the airline doesn’t have any responsibility although the instrument was damaged during the flight. Some airlines provide special services like covering your checked-in baggage with bigger and harder cases. I’ve seen this service when I used Hong Kong Airlines. I called them before arriving the airport saying I’m taking the guitar and want it to be transported in very careful manner. As this video shows, they prepared this big case like coffins and put my guitar inside it. Very secure way. Each airlines companies may have this sort of services so your research before the flight may be quite rewarding. Let’s talk about the case we carry-on the instrument. The airlines sometimes are flexible to let you just take the instrument with you. Once again, the size of the normal guitars are usually not allowed to carry-on. Although the regulation states so, airlines sometimes allow you to do that considering the booking amount or their internal discussion. However you must check in the guitar if you brought it in the hardcase. I’d like to say ‘there is possibility of carry-on only if you brought it within soft case.’. Since I travel with Mono softcase, I always ask the staff at the kiosk if I can hand-carry the guitar into the airplane. In my experience with Korean Air, they accepted it in 80 to 90 % of chance. In some occasions they didn’t accept that because of the fully booked seat or too many carry-on baggage of me. In that case, you must check in your soft cased guitar reluctantly. It’s kinda risk taking situation. Therefore I tend to prepare for the risk of the ‘checked-in’ situation filling my softcase with cushiony things like socks, undies and pajamas. In summary, first, you need to check the baggage rule of your airlines since all the companies have different rules. Secondly, the most rule-obeying method is taking the guitar with hard case and checking it in. Thirdly, the airlines sometimes allow you to take the soft-cased guitar with you. My choice is always travelling with a robust soft case, filling it with many cushions, then,, I tend to ask the staff at the kiosk politely “Would it be possible to carry this guitar on?”. If they say yes, I say thank you. In case the guitar goes checked-in, just follow the rule because that’s what the regulation states. But still, I feel a bit sad when I sign this agreement form saying the airlines have no responsibility of damage. Ok. I wish this video would help you who are flying with the guitar.


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    꿀 팁 감사합니다! 정현 형님! 나중에 기타가지고 갈 때 좋은 팁이네요!ㅎㅎ

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    do this video in both. English?

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    Hello non-Korean speakers. Turn on ENG Subtitles on! Cheers.

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    전 필리핀을 몇번 다녀왔는데요. 모노케이스에 기타를 넣고 공항내에 택배사에 가서 특수포장을 합니다. 비용은 2만원 정도구요. 큰 네모 박스를 만들어서 기타케이스에 뽁뽁이를 감은다음에 넣어줍니다. 밴딩까지 해줍니다. 올때도 그 박스를 잘 보관해놨다가 다시 그대로 넣어서 테이핑해서 가져왔는데. 아무 이상이 없었습니다. 참고하세요~!

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    헤드리스 기타가 땡깁니다ㅋㅋ

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    이렇게나 유용한 영상이 있다니

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    앗 저번에 정말 궁금했던 내용인데 자세한 영상 감사드립니다😊👍

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    Hi funtwo, would you do a video on guitar recommendation? Been wondering if ibanez rg421 is beginner friendly.

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    Great video. Apparently this is a topic that is not talked a lot about

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    Great, short and informative vid! Hope to see you at NAMM again!

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