How to Successfully Beg for Money

September 10, 2019

How to Successfully Beg for Money. Begging is not exactly a noble pursuit, but
if you’re going to do it, do it well. You will need A nice outfit A good location
and a sign. Step 1. Look nice. When Dress for Success author John T. Malloy
wore a shirt and pants and asked people in Manhattan for money to get home, he collected
$7. When he put on a tie, he made $26. Step 2. Stand in front of a bakery. Studies show that pleasant aromas boost generosity. Step 3. Use the “pique technique.” Research shows that asking for an odd amount
of money—like, 37 cents—is usually more successful than asking for a quarter, because
people assume you have a good reason. Hide your wine bottle. Beggars who look like they’ll use the money
for drugs or alcohol get fewer donations. Step 4. Hold a sign that’s about them—not you. One marketing intern convinced a panhandler
to switch from “Help me. I’m homeless,” to “If you give once a month,
please consider me next time”—and her intake soared. Did you know According to one study, males
give to panhandlers four to one over females.

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