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How to Play Rikki Don’t Lose That Number on Guitar

November 3, 2019

hey what’s going on guys Jon here hope
you’re having a great day and in today’s lesson I’m gonna take you through how to
play Ricky don’t lose that number by Steely Dan this is an incredible song
there’s quite a few chords and sections I’m gonna break it all down for you step
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that said let’s get into the video the intro starts out with this Latin groove
over an e 9 chord and it sounds like this what that is is starting with an
open E string on the downbeat one and two and three and then on and three
there I’m playing the seventh fret of that low E so one and two and three and
four and then we’ll go to the low E again on the end of four and one and
we’ll start again one and two and three and four and one and two and three and
four McCoy there is a nine the acoustic guitar does these thirds that sound
really cool it goes like this we’re starting out on seven and seven
they’re on the G and the B strings and we’re going one and two then we go to
six and five there and then drop it down to four and three then two two and two
here on the same strings the G and the B strings and then repeat again then on
the last time in the fourth bar we’re gonna play back up to the fourth fret
and the 3rd fret so I’ll use my third and second finger there ending on the
and a 1 there and you just let it ring out so this is going 1 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2
& 3 then we hit the verse and the verse goes
through these changes here it starts out on a D I’ll play it for you first so we start out on a D chord there and
that’s gonna be played from the D string down just open two three two then go to
a in the second bar there and I play from the a string down open to two to
open and we’ll go to e open two two one open open so we’ve got one bar on the D
one bar on the a and two bars of e now we repeat that progression again but
with a little variation we’re gonna go D for a bar a for a bar b for a bar then
we have this really cool this goes from a c-sharp bar chord to a b bar chord and
c-sharp you can just play here on the fourth fret four six six six a lot of
people play it like this or with their pinky I use two fingers I know it’s kind
of weird that’s my play it and then you drop it
down to the second fret and I like to
arpeggiate these like then you go back to that first progression baby for two
more so really what it does is Dae three times but in the second time it does
this little progression in the fourth measure there so instead of two bars of
e you do one more ie and then the variation then you go back to the
progression same as the first time and then we’ve got the bar of F sharp minor
seven to a bar of a and then a bar of like b7 sharp 9 or b7 altered so this
chord is with my thumb I put my thumb on the 2nd fret of the low E string and
then the first finger bar is from the D string down that’s when the melody goes in and then
you could play b7 sharp 9 which is this chord – 1 2 3 starting with the a string
this is like a Jimi Hendrix chord but I play this line which is actually based off of that b7
altered chord so we’re gonna play you can line up your fingers almost like
that chord we’re just gonna edit it a little bit so we’re gonna play the
second fret then the first fret on the D string 1st fret on the g string go to
the 2nd fret on the g string and then to the 3rd fret on the B string then back to one on the g-string – and
finish on one of the d-string it’s a pretty cool line a lot of people
don’t play that line right I was recently on a gig with a friend of mine
who teaches at musicians Institute here in Hollywood and he actually teaches a
class on all Steely Dan tunes and so whenever we’re on a gig together we end
up playing a ton of Steely Dan tunes and we play this one the other night and
everything we play like lined up perfectly and he spent so much time
transcribing all these lines and parts so I’m pretty sure that’s what’s funny
original recording there that’s how I play it so that’s over the b7 sharp 9
next up is the chorus let me play it for you first this is where the melody is
ready here we go three four you we’re back to that intro groove so we’re
starting out with two bars of an e 9 chord and for this chord we’re gonna
play open seven six seven seven we go one two three four two two three then
move to G for two bars and I play this as a hendrix kind of thumb chord here
third fret of the low E string and then mute the a string
five four three three two bars there then take it up two frets so that’s gonna be a bar of a 1 to 2 bar
G and then two bars a D then we go to see as from the a string down three to open
one open humility then see E minor see and then here we play one more SC and
then we go D to a real quick man and then you can open this up
and play from the a you can go to an a sus two we just open that B string and
then go back to the a so then the melody there you know there’s a little break on
that a so melody we’re back to that intro bass line so here’s the whole
chorus one more time ni to Chi take it up to a back down to G see II minor see a bar and the quick da after this we go into a guitar solo
that’s similar to the verse but has a couple different changes to it we’re
gonna start out with a D for a bar just like we did in the verse then go to a
then e for two bars then the second time we go T a and then G for two bars so
it’s then tea
and she there we go at the major seven G major 7
F major 7 E minor and then back to that original progression so let me show you those variations
there F major seven you can play this an easy way to play it
is just from the D string down three two one open
or what I played there was this thumb cord so I’m just playing one three three
two one open and you could even take that cord up two frets and just play the
same thing for G it’s like a g6 if you want to play G
major 7 you can do it like this this is 3 on the low E mute the a string and
then 5 4 3 2 G major 7 this back to F major 7 and E minor that may inverse progression Dae one last part we got to look at is the
bridge so this comes out of the guitar solo we go to this a major seven and the
melody goes so we’re gonna play a major seven I’ll play it for you first three
four then back to that little pre-chorus hook
there so we play a major seven for a bar from the a string down open to one to
open then we go to G sharp minor seven which
is like the F sharp minor seven we saw just up two frets then we go back to a
major seven you don’t even know this is C sharp minor seven here from
the a string down four six four five four and then we tagged that
with the Mele then we played it in the very first verse f sharp minor 7 to a
and then the lick off the B alt chord so all of that together sounds like this
three four then we go back to the chorus we play
the chorus just like we did the first chorus at the end of that final chorus
we play to the break the melody goes when we go
back to the intro we go and it ends on the end of one there there you go guys
that’s a breakdown of Steely Dan’s Ricky don’t lose that number it’s a tough tune
there’s a lot of changes and a lot of sections but if you get it down it’s
really gonna feel good when you play through the whole song so work towards
that and take these different parts and put them together make sure to listen to
the song you gotta listen to the song a lot of times and you got to practice
these parts along with the recording before you go I’ve got a free gift for
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guys for your support we’ll see you in the next one


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    You know Steely Dan is my favourite band……this is like Christmas comes early……cheers.

  • Reply Jon MacLennan November 2, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    Try this song next:

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    Nice Job, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try 🙂

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