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How to play I’m Yours by Jason Mraz – guitar lesson

November 4, 2019

Hello! Hal here! We are going to do… I’m
going to teach you “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. You ready? First of all we’re going to do the
Introduction. Then we’re going to do the Verse. And then we’re going to do a
Chorus. So we’re going to start with an
Introduction and play this in the key of G. Now I’m tuned
down a half step on this guitar and so I’ll include the tuning link in the
description and there will be a leadsheet link in the description Let’s talk about the form of the of the
song just for a second. It has an Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, and then it’s got a Bridge. I’m going to call this part a Bridge because it’s
really not a Lead, where it goes that part right there. We’re going to call that a Bridge. Then it goes back to a Verse and a Chorus and then we’re done. OK? That’s the way we’re going to teach
it today. Ready? Here we go! For a simple Intro this is what you can do. Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it, I tried to be chill, but you’re so hot that I melted… ok.. so what I did was just played the
chords, and that’s it. one of live performances that I saw
Jason do was to sing. (for the Intro) Like this… Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it… ok? Because it’s difficult to play the
chords, and play a lead at the same time so he just used his voice. One of the things that I like to do is that I I like to actually imitate what he did with his voice,
but on the guitar, like this… Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it… Instead of singing.. You ready? To learn that part? This is what we do. Let’s zoom in. I’ve
got my little finger, and my ring finger, fingers 3 and 4, on the 3rd fret,
on the E string and B string I slide up two frets and I go back I play a G5 chord and then I do that again, slide up 2
frets and then I go down to D chord and play
those two strings and then play the D chord I do that again Then I go to an E minor chord, and then
I go to a C chord Then I do it again. Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it… Here’s the right hand on that… last Intro part that I did. What we do is we play… D chord for 4 beats, E minor Do that again… Now we’re going right into the
Chorus, and we just… You don’t even stop playing that chord progression just keep going. Verse “Well, open up your mind and see like me…” Then you go through the chords now what we’re doing right here is we’ve
got this strum that goes like this… So, we’re playing this strum, we’re going… Down, down, down up down up These are the same 4 chords… now we go to an A chord So I do an Aa chord there and then I do an ASus4 Like that, and then back to A Then we go back into another chorus. Now we go into the Bridge. So what we got there is a G chord… Same strumming.. now the G with a B bass is played with our
first finger on the second fret on the E string. Like that… mute the A string and then we go to E minor and then we go to D and then we go to C okay… and then we go to A and sometimes I like to throw that
little Asus4 and then back to A this is how I’m doing my A chord, with
one finger… you do it with two fingers.. or three fingers… this is the last Verse. Let’s see here… third Verse… you do that whole third Verse
just like we did the other Verses… you do the Chorus… And that’s all I do, okay? That’s the end of the song. Now let’s throw a cape on and I’ll show
you what I do with the capo, really quick. Okay, let’s see if this is in tune. This is how I play the Chords. G barre
chord, D chord on the fifth fret, E minor, 7th fret… C That’s how I usually do it But I realized I could do it with the G
chord like this… So I can just do it without barre chords okay? So you just do the whole song like
that, and then you end it like you did the other one, when you get to the Chorus… and just end it, ok? Whatever the words are. So, let’s see, do I have anything else to do? I don’t think so. Do you understand that?
Hopefully that will do it. Oh, forgot to tell you to subscribe! Make
sure you subscribe to the quail studios channel, and comment, and “like”. All right? Is that good? Let’s see… I don’t think I have anything else for you, so we’ll see you next time. Thanks! Bye bye!


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