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How to make a Guitar Neck

November 22, 2019

What is up everyone welcome back to this
episode of Home Built Workshop. Today is an episode that a lot of you have been
waiting for, and I’m making some necks Check it out! The time has come for me to finally
build my own electric guitar necks so without any further ado, let’s jump right
in and get these things done. So I’m gonna start this out with some maple
that I machined from a slab of maple. To prepare this piece of wood, I cut it dow,n
ran it through my planer and then ran it through my drum sander to make sure that
it’s nice and flat and we’re right at three quarters of an inch. There’s a
couple of defects on this board that I want to work around. There’s a knot right
here and also I think this is some spalting just beginning right here along
the edge. I also don’t want that in there although I do like spalting I don’t
think that it’s going to be stable enough without some sort of
stabilization process to make it usable for this project, but it’s nice and solid
no spalting no knots all the way up through here and I think my template is
just gonna fit on here perfectly so I’m just gonna drop my template in place,
position it where I can avoid the pieces that I want to avoid and I’ll trace it
out now attach the template to the neck
blank using some double-sided tape and using a template bit in my router
I’ll route it to the exact shape of the template this is not sponsored by Radian Tools
but their router bits are really really nice.The finish that their router bits
give is amazing. Now before I remove the template I’m just gonna drill some
small pilot holes that’ll mark the location of the tuners now I just need to carefully pry these
apart now I can move on to the truss rod now I’m gonna carefully measure the
width of the neck and mark out a centerline now I’ll use some double-sided tape to
stick my routing jig to the neck. Then using a spiral down cutting bit in my
router, I’ll rout out the truss rod channel to a depth that’s exactly the same as
the truss rod. So now that I’ve got the truss rod slot routed, I need to cut a recess in the end that’ll accept this barreled
portion of the truss rod I’m going to use this drill bit that’s made
specifically for drilling this recess now I can draw a center line on the fret
board clamp it in place and using a fret scale ruler I’ll mark out all the
positions of the frets then using a machinist square I’ll draw a line across
the entire fret board now when I’m marking these out I want to be very
careful that I make a nice square line across there so to make sure
everything’s lined up I put my pencil on the pencil mark slide my square up to it
and then make my mark now with my fret slotting saw in a jig to hold it
perfectly square to the fret board I’ll cut all the slots to the proper depth
for the fret wire that I’m using now it’s time to install the truss rod
and glue the fretboard in place I’m gonna use a nice solid clamping call so
that I get nice even pressure all the way across the threat board the whole
time I’m tightening the clamps I’m watching my center lines to make sure
nothing moves I’ll let that glue dry for a couple of hours then I can come back
trim off the excess and route it flush with a template bit now using this belt sander I’ll remove
some thickness from the headstock this will also help bring in the radius for
the transition between the fretboard and the headstock there’s one little spot
that’s hard to get to that belt sander but a sanding drum in the drill works
really good now using a special stepped drill bit
I’ll drill the holes for the tuners using the pilot holes that I drilled
earlier for alignment and now I can glue in some homemade
maple fret markers now using some adhesive back sandpaper on a radius
block I’ll begin the process of hand sanding the radius into the neck it’s a
fair amount of work to do this by hand but really if you start off with a
heavier grit sandpaper eighty a hundred it’s not that bad
just got to go really careful to make sure you don’t go too far because it
does go fairly quick I’m trying something just a little bit
different for the side markers on this neck I’m actually using some bamboo
skewers that I’ve cut down so one last thing I want to do is cut a little
recess where the logo is gonna go to do that I made up a little jig that holds
the neck in place using a template bit in my router will allow me to cut the
recess right where I need it I worked pretty good I’ve got all the
frets cut ready to press in I have a front press that I was going to use for
this but I don’t have the right radius insert that is one thing that I did not
check before starting this I’m using a radius that I don’t have the insert for
little brass insert that helps put even pressure on the frets so we’re gonna
have to do this old-school style what do you say let’s carve a neck I’m
gonna start out with a spokeshave and remove the majority of the material then
I’ll switch over to a saw rasp and refine the shape I’ll finish up with an assortment of
rasps and files followed by more sanding than you could ever imagine well after a
lot more sanding than you ever care to think about
we got a finish neck turned out really good I haven’t done the finish on it yet
because I’m gonna wait until it actually has a guitar body to go with but this
thing is ready for some finish hardware decals and a nut but the majority of the
work is complete there’s still a little bit of fret work that I need to do I
need to level and crown they feel pretty good they went in really well I’m really
happy with the way this thing came together I think this is gonna look
really neat with a nice flame maple it’s gonna come out really good when we get
some finish on there so thanks a lot for watching this video guys I hope you
enjoyed it I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this video I know I’ve
had a lot of feedback from some of you guys on me making my own necks well
we’ve finally got it done and I am excited now I just need to get some
bodies made to put these necks on so thanks a lot for tuning into this video
I hope you guys enjoyed it in the video description you’ll find links to my
social media pages website my web store and a bunch of other things you might
want to check out thanks a lot for watching everybody and we’ll see you
next time


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    Your process and results look great. Maybe the grain runout on your maple didn't parallel the edge of the board but angling the blank to avoid the splat could make the neck weaker because the grain is slashed rather than straight. Maybe the board was sawn crooked I couldn't tell in the video.

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