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How to Lace in a Floating Modesty Panel (3 Ways) | Lucy’s Corsetry

November 17, 2019

Hi everybody! I received a few requests from people wanting a tutorial on how to lace in a stiffened, separate modesty panel similar to this one. So what I have here is the Timeless Trends stiffened floating modesty panel. It has three bones going vertically and two bones going horizontally here. And you can see that it has grommets at the top and the bottom if you want to lace it through, but another nifty thing about it is that it also has tabs that are fastened by velcro The modesty panel I have here is finished in white satin because I wanted it to match the white satin of this corset. This is the standard length hourglass powder blue lace corset. But the modesty panels come in a couple of different colors so you have the white satin, you have the black cashmere, and you also have a dyeable cotton so if you have a corset that’s a different color, you can custom dye it to match if you really want to. So like I said, this modesty panel is Timeless Trends’ label but you can actually use this modesty panel with other types of corsets as long as the length is right. So this one is the standard length which means it is… how long… 11 and 1/2 inches long in the back but there’s also a cincher one that’s a bit shorter, a longline one that’s a little bit longer, and an even longer one that’s overbust length. So the nice thing about these modesty panels is that they are sold separately, so if you even have some different brands of corsets and you just want a floating stiffened modesty panel with it because you don’t like the unstiffened modesty panels that are kind of attached like sewn into one side of the corset and you prefer to work with something like this you can just get one that matches the length. So you can use this modesty panel in three different ways. If you really don’t want it suspended on the laces, then you can just start putting on your corset until you have like a little bit of tension in the laces and then go ahead and slip that modesty panel underneath the laces like that. And so if you happen to get overheated or something when you’re wearing your corset and you just want to slip out that modesty panel while you’re still wearing, it it comes out really easily. You might need a friend to help kind of you know slip it out from underneath the lace, But it’s still relatively the easiest way. The second way that you can suspend it on the laces is just by using these velcro tabs. So what you want to do is before putting on your corset, just lie it flat on the table like I have here, undo the velcro tabs, and then just take this very top ribbon – the one that’s kind of going under – and slide that into the velcro tabs and there you go. So that is going to stay relatively suspended. The bottom might still kind of… flop around a little bit like go on an angle while you’re lacing up but it’s still easier to keep it centered compared to when it’s just slipped behind the laces without being anchored to anything. But if you do want to prevent the bottom of your modesty panel just kind of flopping around, what you can do is just undo the knot at the bottom of the ribbon here, and lace it through those bottom grommets like so and then just redo this knot. And there you go. And that is going to stay pretty well anchored while you’re lacing up. And so you have the velcro tabs at the top and the ribbon threaded through the grommets at the bottom here and it’s still pretty fast and easy if you want to take the modesty panel out. Say you have a couple of different corsets that you rotate through, and you want to change the modesty panel in there. It takes a couple of seconds to undo the ribbon through the bottom grommets here and you can re-knot that and then you just undo the velcro tabs at the top and that slips out really easy. So if you want to use your modesty panel for several different types of corsets, I recommend anchoring it in that way. But let’s say you have one corset and you want to lace your modesty panel in the long way. This is how you’ll do it. Start by undoing the laces through pretty much the entire corset. You really do have to start from scratch here. For better or for worse. Here we go so we have the laces completely out of the corset. Now you just want to find the two ends of the ribbon, put them together, and follow that through until you find the midpoint of the ribbon where you have this loop here. So mark it with a safety pin or some marker that fades over time or you can just tie it into a little knot like this And then what you’re going to do is try not to get yourself tangled for one, and then you’re gonna take your modesty panel Remember that you want your modesty panel to be laced underneath the corset, not over top of it, so you need to make sure that the ribbons of the corset are going over the modesty panel and you’re not lacing it underneath. So you have your center point here and I’m going to lace up. Then take your other end, and again, lace up through these top grommets here. And you know it’s the top of the modesty panel because of the velcro tabs. And then you want to lace up through your Timeless Trends corset. Now if you have a different brand of corset with a different number of grommets, you might have to lace it in a different fashion. But it is easier (especially when you’re lacing in these modesty panels) to start with the ribbon coming up through the grommets instead of going down. And pretty much from now until you get to the end of your corset, you can effectively ignore the modesty panel underneath and just lace your corset as normal. So for all the Timeless Trends corsets, you have three x’s above the waist and three x’s below the waist. So for this brand at least it’s pretty easy to re-lace your corsets. [cheerful music] So we’re at the halfway point now. We have our two pull loops at the waist and now we’re going to continue going to the second half. And I was going to show you a tutorial on how to put on your corset with the modesty panel on but it’s really not that different from how you would put on a corset normally. You just don’t have to worry about pulling and tucking an un-stiffened modesty panel. So I have a different video where I showed you how to deal with different types of modesty panels and I’ll link that above. So for the sake of keeping this video as short as possible I am not going to show you again. [laughs] So now I’ve finished lacing to the bottom of the corset and we just need to do that very last bit. I’m gonna open up the laces a little bit here so you can see more of what’s going on. So you have the two loose ends of the ribbon and you have the two loose grommets here at the bottom of the modesty panel. And it’s just like I showed you before: put those down through the modesty panel and tie a little knot there There you go! And now you can see that your modesty panel is permanently suspended in the laces here. And if you keep the knot at the very top of the laces (and obviously you have to keep the knot at the bottom of the laces) these aren’t going to slide through the grommets very easily and it will help your ribbon stay nicely distributed so that you don’t end up with like one lacing loop bigger than the other if that’s a problem for you. But if you don’t like the feeling of the knot against your back then obviously you can take this out. So this is what it looks like from the top side and this is what it looks like underneath. There you go. So I hope this helps some of you who wanted to lace your modesty panel right into the corset permanently. Again, I do recommend just using the velcro loops, and if you need a little bit of extra support anchoring, just thread the ribbon through the two bottom grommets. That’s the easiest way that you can have your modesty panel kind of anchored in the corset without sliding around a lot, but also really fast and easy to remove if you want to use it in a different corset so it’s kind of the best of both worlds. So I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I will see you all next week for another video. Bye!


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    Would you need to use some other than spiral steal bones if m aking this by self? Doesnt those press your spine?

  • Reply Janelle Aleff December 12, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    The white and blue is so wintery! 😍 I somehow missed that TT sold separate modesty panels… good to know! 💕

  • Reply Sunny K December 12, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Wintery blue!! How did you time this video to coincide with my snow day?

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    Have you ever done a review on Nicole Moan corsets?

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    What's a good beginner's corset to start with?

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