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How Nitrous Works – More Horsepower!

August 27, 2019

hello everyone and welcome to this week’s video today I’m going to be explaining nitrous and how nitrous can be used to increase horsepower now nitrous express was kind enough to send me a full nitrous kit for the use of this video so to help me explain this so after I demonstrate with this whiteboard how it works we’re going to take a look at an actual system see all the components involved and see how that works so nitrous oxide the purpose of a nitrous system is to increase horsepower now how it does this is by allowing the engines to burn more fuel per power stroke now how does it allow the engine to burn more fuel well it increases the amount of oxygen inside of the cylinder during each power stroke so what we’ve got here is a plate type system now there’s multiple ways you can you can do this but for the demonstration here what we’ve got is a plate and this plate is between our throttle body and our intake manifold and you’ve got injectors you’ve got fuel solenoids and a nitrous solenoids so these are going to control the flow of nitrous and fuel which are going to be injected into this plate sandwiched between the throttle body and the intake manifold so here we’ve got and you’ve got individual injectors as well now there’s two types of nitrous systems there’s DRI systems and there are wet systems now a dry system is going to be just nitrous injection and it’s going to have to be used with electronic fuel injection because as you’re injecting the nitrous you’re again more oxygen your cylinders now you’ll have an overly lean mixture so obviously you need to burn more fuel so your ECU is going to tell your fuel injectors hey you need to inject more fuel and it’s going to do that by listening to the oxygen sensor in the exhaust that’s saying hey there’s too much oxygen coming through here you’re burning a lean mixture we need to fix this so it doesn’t react quite as quickly as a wet system where you’ve already got the correct amount of air and fuel so as I just said a wet system you’re going to be injecting nitrous and fuel so this is a wet system here where you’ve got nitrous coming in on inside of this plate and fuel coming in on the other side of the plate now you’re also going to have individual fuel injectors for each of your cylinders or it could be carbureted and then you’d have another system of fuel coming in regardless there is going to be there’s going to be fuel that’s going to be burned with the air that’s coming in and then there’s going to be fuel that’s going to be burned with the nitrous come in so it’s constantly correcting that air fuel mixture and you’re going to keep the right amount of air and fuel in each in each cylinder during the combustion process so what’s the process starting at this plate well you’re going to be injecting the nitrous and the fuel into the intake manifold now what happens when that nitrous and fuel is injected into the intake manifold is the nitrous which is coming in as a liquid once it’s sprayed in it changes to a gas and when it changes state it drops its temperature to minus 127 degrees Fahrenheit so what that does is it cools the entire intake charge therefore allowing you to pack more air and fuel into each cylinder and then you’re going to increase your horsepower so that’s one way that it helps increase power also our next step what we’ve got is the cylinder is compressing what you’ve got is a nitrogen two nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom fuse together so that oxygen can’t combust when it’s connected with that nitrogen so it has to be split free to be able to combust with the fuel so what happens is during compression and during combustion when that air fuel mixture is heating up once it reaches about 600 degrees Fahrenheit that oxygen splits off and once it splits off it can combust with the added fuel so you’ve got more oxygen you’ve got more fuel and each and in the same power stroke this is occurring so you’re going to create a larger reaction larger combustion bigger force pushing down on that piston and therefore create more power so now let’s take a look at what the actual system looks like and how the the flow of nitrous gets here and how the flow of fuel gets there and how the system works so here we have our full nitrous kit and we’re just going to start at the bottle and work our way and just check out the different components see how they all work together to increase horsepower so starting with the bottle you’re going to have these mounts and it’s going to be mounted somewhere in your car as I’ve shown here with the bottom of the bottle is going to be lower than the top reason being there’s a siphon down here which is going to be pulling the liquid nitrous and sending it to this line which will then come to your plate sandwiched between the throttle body and the intake manifold and here you’ve got the mechanical solenoid which when activated will allow the nitrous to spray in through these little holes you see here now on the other side you’re going to have a fuel line so you’re going to have your fuel line coming in here and then this is going to lead to the fuel rail injector which will be injecting fuel to the engine directly and then you’ve got this fuel line which will pull in additional fuel to this plate and so then you’ve got another mechanical solenoid which when activated will spray the fuel in through these little nozzles here are these little holes here ok so then we’ve got some electronics involved so what activates this is when you’re on wide open throttle so when you’re on wide open throttle you’ve floored it basically you’re going to have this sensor here which is going to be attached to it’s going to be wired to the throttle position sensor so when the throttle position sensor reaches its maximum voltage or the highest highest setting on the on the throttle it’s going to send a signal to this and this is going to send a signal to this relay now this relay is what sends power to these solenoids so once this is read that the throttle position sensor is at wide open throttle it sends a signal to this relay this relay is connected to the battery and so it sends a power supply from the battery to these mechanical solenoids opening them up and allowing the fuel and nitrous to be injected now here we just have a little cool button that you see in all the movies and everything so basically this is just going to arm the system that will be connected to this throttle position sensor and it’ll say ok when this sense is that wide-open throttle has been reached then you will activate these solenoids you can just leave it off and then still get to wide-open throttle and it won’t send in nitrous now the cool thing about nitrous kits is how easily you can change the amount of horsepower that your engine’s going to produce so you’ve got these little brass jets here which are located inside of this cool connection so for example here’s a little brass jet and you simply stick this breast jet in here and then connect the fuel line and so you’ll have a brass jet one for the nitrous and one for the fuel and depending on which jets you choose is how much horsepower you’ll create so for example these two here you’ll create you’ll add an additional 50 horsepower whereas these down here you’ll add an additional 200 horsepower so you can see these are not the nozzles for the nitrous system and you can see how much larger they are then the fuel injectors or Jets and that’s so obviously you’re going to be having more nitrous injected than fuel so thanks for watching and if you have any additional questions or comments feel free to leave them below


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  • Reply Sean Johnstone March 7, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    For Genesis 3.8;
    Best bang for the buck is N2O .with supporting minor mods ,meaning : true dual cat back exhaust (no headers needed) , NX 5/16-8mm fuel line adapt ,drop in K&N filter ,open up air vents (hood),catch can,TBI coolant by-pass,MSD GMR digital shift light which will allow you to use The NX Maximizer 4's window
    switch and other safety functions.Bottle pressure gauge , NGK colder
    plugs ,aluminum drilled & tapped TBI spacer with thermal
    gaskets,grimspeed phenolic manifold spacer ,purge kit and open slits in
    front of air inlet snorkel( check my GCtuner's pics) ,Move Air inlet temp sensor on top of air filter
    box and driver side valve cover vent tube to former AIT's location
    ,install a 45degree silicon 3.5 air inlet tube in place of the OEM air filter inlet tube/hose and get rid of the heat soak causing OEM engine cover.jet as I have given and WALLAH!!! 75 true rear wheel HP without ECU tuning and worries of harming your motor as the 44 N2O jet & 20 fuel jet is on the 11:5.1 rich side ,just use 93 oct and above . .
    Shorttrack. Gencoupe Forums. 🙂

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