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November 9, 2019

Doing a talk show is lots of fun. Similarly, at the same time. When we started to do the show or before we decided to do the show. We thought we had a lot of responsibility towards the society, which we should not forget. We planned the show with lots of fun and lots of social responsibility. What do you say? Yeah that’s right. Definitely, the show is a celebrity talk show. It celebrates their life. We bring in lot of life and positivity into the show but then we also get real life heroes and celebrate their way of life also. So it is celebrating celebrities and real life heroes. And with that spread so much love that is Anbu ‘Love’ and so much positivity. Correct. We didn’t tell the name of the show, tell them the show name So you must have watched it on Star Vijay, it is called Anbudan DD. Anbudan DD, Anbudan DD… Hi, I am Johnny, Director of the show and she is Rashmi, Writer of the show. Writer, director, no director, writer. Wrong ! Director and writer, correct! Celebrities have done lots of inspiring work, but celebrities don’t speak about their work. Because they are celebrities. They don’t tell that. And they don’t showcase themselves. What we are doing in this show, we have done so much of research. We come to know that so much inspiring work has been done by this celebrity or the stars. So if we tell this to the people in a positive way, they will also get inspired and they will also start doing that. That was our motto. So it is an infotainment talk show. Entertainment plus information. What do you say? Yeah, correct. Revathi Ma’am episode we had a beautiful couple coming Logananthan Sir and Devi Ma’am, from Coimbatore and they clean toilets to provide the education to poor kids. And they have taught and provided funds for around 1200 kids in fifteen years now, unbelievable. Yeah by cleaning toilets. So likewise in Vijay Sethupathi episode. We wanted to celebrate his success. So we thought we will give him a Parai Attam performance as a surprise. So when we gave surprise with a Parai Attam performance, he was also surprised because he loves that so much And we are also giving a chance for an art, which is fading away. Same thing with Jyothika, the entire show was women oriented. And it celebrated women’s achievements. The audience was all women. We got India’s first mammogram bus. It was all about breast cancer awareness. Then we spoke about South India’s first lady taxi driver. Then we also had one the India’s women bike racer, Rehana Reya. We are very thankful that Star Vijay supported that idea so much and they gave us so much freedom so that we can do what we like to do and the show is going on good and we are so happy about it. The philosophy of our show is as we always say- life is between two days: first the birthday and and second is day which you all know. So why should we have all this ego, anger and negativity and all. So lets lead our life spreading love, positivity like our show. So with this message we are signing off. I am Anbudan Johnny and Anbudan Rashmi. We are husband and wife. We are a couple. Photo, photo… Thank you.

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