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hobbits hate each other

January 24, 2020

-so this elijah guy, you know this elijah wood guy?
-have you spoke to him? -yeah -couple times -i was speaking to him today and he’s just been a real idiot -hey guys
-he’s a prick
-hey hey, how are you? sit down man -hey good good
-this party scenes cool, isn’t it?
-elijah wood -hey ive a present for you
-dom monaghan -a present for you -a present? what for?
-just for nothing -nothing, just sommething i picked up
-because you deserve one -man
-thats cool, you guys rule
-im gonna go and get and apple
-cya -he is a fucking prick -next time he comes by,
im gonna punch him right in the cock
-ha ha -i already did that to him the other day, man
-oh yeah -he behaves like an ass
-and he fucking cried aswell. he’s like: -hey mate!
-hey, whats going on! -got an apple
-ha ha ha -heeey! -you guys -ive never met friends like you before on a set -aw shut up
-no, honestly, i mean it -i..i..would agree with that aswell
-want a bite of my apple?
-ive never been so close to two people in my life… -wanna bite my apple?
-who is that?
–a fucking prick -is he an extra?
-i have no idea -he’s jabbering all the time.
we sat down, talking, trying to run my lines -jabber, jabber, jabber
-yeah hes constantly trying to interrupt
-yeah and im busy…
-hey! -hey whats going on? -billy boyd! -hey, how are ya? -billy boyd!
-so we need to get back up in a minute or two i think -we’re going back up?
-yeah i think so
-i cant wait to do this scene with you -we’ll have fun, eh?
-you’re just so giving as an actor
-i think that’s us

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