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Heart Full of Soul by THE YARDBIRDS – Guitar Lesson – EASY!

December 13, 2019

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is part my guitar lesson series So today I’ll show how to play heart full of soul by the yardbirds So I’ll play the riffs and the chords and I’ll show how they’re played using tabs Okay I’ll show how to play the main intro riff which is this Let’s play through a song okay, so it starts off fourth string open to the third string seventh fret twice fifth fret seventh ninth so fifth [Hammer] [on] to the seventh the fifth so once again slowly And played four times in the beginning, okay, I’ll show the chords First chord is a opener d minor strum the three times quickly? Okay, then the verse is way to burst Okay, let’s let’s play four Times [D] minor gee B flat D minor Okay, you play that four times in the verse, but at the end of the the fourth time you just play the d minor like? That okay, so [it] goes Okay, before it goes in the course and the course I’ll play the course Okay, that’s d major D minor make you play before d major? four beats F2G you then back to D4 beads [B] [flat] two beats F 40 beats [d.a] gee and back into the intro distortion of course Okay, the [solo] is Fairly easy, okay? I’ll play it first now how it’s played distortion out this time Okay, so forth string 12th fret twice Third string 10th fret 12 10th bend up a little back to the fourth string 12th fret Then its fourth string fourth fret place Third string Twelfth fret 3 third string 10th rep 1212 end up in the second strand 13th fret First string 10th rep so I’ve heard again slowly expert ah [same] as the first fourth string 12th fret twice Third string 10th 12th 10th we jump [down] to this one fourth string 12 into the fourth string 10th fret slide up to 12 well again third string 10th fret 12 10:12 pent-up toys slap her again Okay Okay back to the poorest D f g D [before] D a in the intro twice and back into the verse Then back into the chorus Okay, ah [ten] intro Played three times and song ends on a d minor And that’s the whole song okay. I hope this lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching


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    Us,the really avowed Bobby Crispy fans, know he has already made a lesson on this.

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    Nice one Bobby. Thanks 🙂

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    Hey Bobby what effect works best for this songs tone, flanger??

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    make a lesson on champagne supernova please!!!

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    Great! Someone requested Rock and Roll by the Velvet Underground. I would give my eye teeth. . .

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    Hey bobby can u do street of dreams by rainbow

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    So glad i found this.One of my favourite guitar riffs and a nice easy to understand lesson to play it.Have got it mastered at last.Love the Yardbirds.Many thanks.

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    Great lesson thanks.

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    Hi Bobby thanks for all the great free lessons on must know classic rock tunes!! God Bless ya 🙂

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    thanks I thought it was harder to play I guess it is that sound that makes it so cool

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    hi bobby thanks for the upload, may I know what are the effects your using on this video. regards,

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    what is the tuning?

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    Great lesson and well developed

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    What are your amp and guitar settings? That was really helpful info on your Johnny B. Goode video.

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    Doesn't sound right man

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    You have a great channel-keeping timeless music alive thru your teaching!

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    Great lesson. However, the song ends on a D minor! (Yes, we're listening)

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    Well done sir but where is the fast strumming/galloping part Jimmy is famous for?

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    Great lesson thanks. love the way Chris Isaak does this song also.

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    You always do such a great job of unpacking these songs for us. Thanks for your excelelnt work!

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    bobby u could charge 4 this video.Just to let u know I really appreciate it was very helpful.

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    Great lesson Thanks!

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    This was a very good lesson

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    Thanks for the tutorial! Not enough views on this

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    songs please Alice Cooper trash, fields of regret, devils food, black widow, thanks you so much.

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    Thanks Bobby, your lessons are the best…keep up the great work

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    thanks Bobby.. can get it pretty good on my bass thanks

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    Great lesson of an awesome classic – thank you! 🎶

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    Start by playing the song and learn how to bend a string like Jeff Beck you know the guy who actually played the song.

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    WOW! This is what I have just begun to learn by tab, and it is not difficult at all – but the video gives great help! Thank you. Thank you.

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    Why show the tab on your cover ,but not when teaching, stupid

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