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Healthy Greek Chicken Wrap | Akis Petretzikis

August 29, 2019

hello food tubers welcome to our kitchen today I’m not in my kitchen but at food tube kitten I’m so happy and so excited and I will show you a very healthy and very easy recipe to make chicken wrap with yogurt coleslaw ways to make just follow my instruction first pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius Celsius set to fine and turn the heat on a nonstick pan on and let’s prep our chicken I have three breasts of chicken here as you can see but they are quite tiny you can use two normal one instead and I will cut into thin strips because we want a very quick recipe so we have to eliminate it the time of cooking cut it in three pieces look at that so nice and so juicy we’ll have to keep this juiciness during cooking now salt a pinch of salt not a lot pepper spice it up add a lot of pepper and a splash of Greek extra virgin olive oil it’s not great because actually it’s foodtube all well but I will pretend that it’s Greek because I have to the Greek would hate me so massage the chicken and as soon as the palm start to be hot put the chicken on as you can see I add no oil at the pan just the oil from the chicken perfect now enough with the chicken I will take everything back and I will wash my hands very very well you have to wait now but I need to carry on with my salad so I need to wash my hands very well I touched the roast chicken and if you know about cross-contamination I cannot touch anything else inside the kitchen so another chopping board another knife here and I will carry on with my chicken as you can see they taking a nice golden brown color but we don’t want to cook them here we cook them inside the oven so the only thing we need now is to give them a nice color while the chicken is cooking will prepare the – I don’t have a lot of Radiance just two of them but they are very special and you need to give attention what I’m saying we’ll use skyway seeds and sumac sumac this compare so mark is a very very special spice and it’s not lemon it’s not lemongrass it’s not lime in something between all of them in ends in grease we use it all the time instead of lemons because we didn’t have lemons you can find it in all markets but if you cannot find it use some lenses so in a baking pan I will use some sumac a lot of it and caraway seeds and I will transfer my chicken on the money mix it very well and look at that we add just a pinch of salt just a pinch of pepper so if we add a lot of spices and herbs they will give us the impression that we actually add salt and pepper to our chicken now inside the oven for five minutes perfect and it’s time to make our culture very easy you need a bowl and we’ll start chopping our vegetables and normally in coleslaw we are the cupboards some money on some carrot and mayonnaise me I’m using also an apple sillies and instead of mayonnaise I will use some yogurt so take the cupboard this should be enough and take your time cut it into thin slices you need to cut it in very thin slices can you see that because we need to pickle it so if you cut big pieces it will do it will be very hard to pickle it so inside the bowl and we will carry on with a salary I need to wash that and the path stop yelling and the same thing you need to cut it into thin slices can we see that take your time we need to combine all these flavors so if it’s thin it will combine better and you see that very very thin I can see you inside my salad and I will carry on the rest perfect and the salary goes in all and let’s carry on with a carrot I will keep the skin on but I will wash it very well because all the vitamins in fiber around the skin so do not take it off you don’t have to be cut it in half lengthwise and tall so again start to slicing I know it’s a bit boring but it’s a good start to start practicing with your knife thin slices you can be fast you can do it so with a big file you can do it slow it doesn’t matter just make them thin first one is ready and I will carry on with the next one look this bowl start become so start to becoming so beautifully and when it’s something beautiful it’s tasty also just to remember that when the carrot goes in also and you see that Herald covered celery and onion one is a lot I will not use it all I will use half of it and as a friend says carrot celery and onion is the mirepoix is the base for every cooking and I will use this mirepoix for my ticket can slice it again and into the bowl it goes I’m just using a rope vegetables but when you try to them this recipe you will love it trust me it’s so tasty so is it make so healthy and everybody can do it now an apple I need a whole Apple you can use the green one you can use the red one you can use whatever Apple you have at home but just remember also to slit thin slice this should be here in the next one and the Apple goes in and can you sit up it’s like and not here inside this bowl so many colors so many flavors so easy to make I will not add the chili now but I will add the vinegar it’s time to pickle them I’m not strong enough now becomes Thalia yes perfect it’s plus Oh vinegar and now you have to think somebody you really hate and start squeezing all these vegetables oh I have to think somebody who really hate yes I thought somebody I hate him so much so take off all of this head to the vegetables and as you can see can you see inside the ball the vegetable starting to take all of the juices out you see that this is something we want because we will use Greek strained yogurt after and Greek strained oh good is a concert I do good and absorb all this flavor from the vegetables all these juices can you see that give it some time turn on TV and start squeezing perfect and it’s time again to wash my hands I think it will be the last time ah this kitchen is so nice please Amy can we give me one back home I want to run with it I will not use more of spices I will use the same spices we used before for the taken so caraway seeds sumac and as you can see I had no salt and no pepper inside we don’t want a lot of salt we don’t want pepper we don’t want a fats so that’s it start mixing and it’s time to give buddy now to the culture this is way to do it is yogurt Greek strained yogurt put it in mix it well to combine and the yogurt will start absorbing all this lovely flavor from the vegetables and you see that this is the Hemisphere coleslaw ever cut sometimes you’re going to some restaurant and you order for a steak in the big you coleslaw but it’s not healthy it’s not vegetable it’s mayonnaise with some taste you’re good brings out the lovely flavor of the vegetables now the final touches in this amazing sauce some chili because we need to spice it up a little bit this is not some is a lot that is fine inside the ball and one of my favorite herbs mint you’re good and men are the best friends remember that put them let it drain some mint look at that beauty and you see that and some lime zest we already add the sumac but some lime zest will boost up all this flavor so we want it if you cannot live without salt and pepper you can add some but I suggest you not to do it now my coleslaw is ready and my chicken should be ready – ah it smells so nice and it’s time to slice it up I will clean a little bit My Kitchen because I make a mess here I’m not a messy normally so I will transfer all the seeker until it’s open goal can you see that this mark if you type once mark one time you will love it you will use it all the time on your recipes and I will start slicing my chicken and you see that it’s so juicy can you see all this douche only five minutes it was ready look at that it’s like piece of butter I don’t have to squeeze my knife just cut it in pieces by let it run onto the chicken look at that I told you in 15 minutes from the start you will have ready the wraps and you will love it and this chicken is enough for four people four persons so I will cut the half of it and I will start preparing my wraps I bought whole grain wraps you can use the white ones eh but the whole grain have more vitamins month more fibers so we’re making today a healthy recipe and I suggest you to use the same I will make two of them one two and I will show you how easy to make I will show you how easy it is to make some wraps coleslaw you see that so easy and so healthy so awesome read some chicken look at that it’s so juicy and all of the juices of the chicken will be absorbed from there from the yogurt and the pita and we are starting to wrap it wrap it squeeze it stay there perfect the one is ready and the second one is ready to squeeze it a little bit take a nice chopping board put them on cut them in half and look at this beauty so tasty so is to make and for sure so so sheltie have no fats full of protein full of fiber full of vitamins and everybody can do it look at that some min to the top and a splash of extra greek virgin olive oil it’s not great I have to say that we do understand and it’s time to try some oh my god can you see that it’s so juicy and you can pull the sumac you can feel the flavor of all vegetables I’m so sorry it’s an amazing recipe please try to do it please let me know your comments please subscribe to foodtube if you have time subscribe also to my channel thank you for watching me see you next time bye bye


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