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[HD] Rebecca Swims with Whale Sharks – GoPro Hero 3+

September 11, 2019

Hi my name is Rebecca and I’d like to tell
you about my encounter with whale sharks. It’s a bumpy boat ride out to where the whale sharks are. There were more than 20 whale sharks! The first impression I got when I saw them was their gigantic size. Our first jump in the water put us right beside a huge whale shark. I almost accidentally touched its tail! A bit later, it changed direction and nearly
ran into my Dad! Whale sharks aren’t whales; they are fish.
They are the largest living non mammalian vertebrae. They are also the largest fish
in the world. On our second jump we had a better idea of what to expect and were able to swim alongside a couple of whale sharks for a while. Whale sharks are filter feeders and feed on
plankton and krill. They use a process called ram filtration, where they open their wide
mouths and swim, which pushes water and food through the gills on their sides. Filter pads
inside their mouths separate the food from the water. There were a lot of other boats in the water.
As tourists, we are part of the problem, but I’m not sure there should be so many boats out there. On our third jump, we got close to a whale
shark. Close enough to see it poop! I guess everything poops. That was a really exciting experience! Thanks for watching my video!

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