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HCA Heroes: Girl Scout leader offers young girls a place to call “home”

November 21, 2019

♪ [music] ♪ – [Tricia] Someone from Safe Haven called
me one day and told me that the Girl Scouts was starting this new troop in
Tennessee for homeless and impoverished children,
mainly for transient children. With the work that I had done with
Safe Haven, they asked me if I would be interested in leading the program. The girls come from a variety of
backgrounds. They come from homes that are places where
their parents just may be down on their luck. Some of the girls have lived in cars. Some of the girls still live in shelters,
but they all have a home with us. My name is Tricia Mora. I am a Clinical Denials & Appeals Manager
for HCA’s Parallon Physician Services, and this is my story. ♪ [music] ♪ I signed up to volunteer at Safe Haven on
HCA’s Community Day. I was asked to do art and, in doing that,
some of the kids came and joined us. I got to know the kids and talk to some of
the moms and fathers. Once Community Day was over,
I went back to Safe Haven because I love working with the kids. – [Hope] Tricia had been a long time
volunteer in the shelter, and the girls wanted to figure out how to
have more activities, more time with her. Troop 6000 is an opportunity for girls who
are experiencing homelessness to participate in typical
Girl Scout activities. – We had six or seven in the beginning. We now have 22 members in our troop. They’ve learned first aid. They’ve all gotten their First Aid badges. They’ve made emergency kits for other
homeless people. Most of the girls have expressed that
their favorite part of Girl Scouts is giving back and giving back to the
communities. I love the kids. A lot of them have one
parent or no parents. They live with grandparents
or aunts and uncles. I can relate to growing up like that and
growing up with a mom who was by herself working really hard and trying to raise
two rowdy kids. – [Joanne] The Girl Scouts is all about
leadership development for girls, and that’s very consistent with HCA,
and we have so many women in our organization that are dedicated
to helping those girls. I am so proud to have Tricia as part of
the HCA Healthcare family. Tricia cares for those girls like they
were part of her own family. She cooks for them, she helps them with
leadership skills, she even takes them places in Nashville that they don’t have
the opportunity to be transported to. – [Chris] Tricia has a really loving,
fun personality, so she’s warm, she’s welcoming, she’s a safe base for
them because she’s been here from the very beginning. She’s not only a comfort to the girls,
but she’s a comfort to the parents also. – [Joanna] Tricia has been really good to
my daughter and treating us like we were a part of the family. – Tricia is such an example of an HCA hero
for all the reasons that she makes a great colleague, that care and compassion. She took that, then,
from beyond Parallon into the community to help those girls from Troop 6000. – It extends well beyond just the
Girl Scouts. Just seeing how they carry themselves,
how they speak to each other, watching the girls grow and become more
confident inspires me to come back each week. ♪ [music] ♪

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