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Haylee – Where all dreams begin

September 17, 2019

If you don’t have the passion, you will probably give up much earlier. I think I can speak from a busker’s perspective because I’ve spent most of my career playing on the streets and street performing. I think the biggest challenge would be definitely to push forward original music more than covers. It’s not just baking, it’s the selling, it’s the marketing and all those coming together – that’s quite difficult to balance both at the same time and do them well. Long hours and weekends, early mornings – those are always tough. I still remember I didn’t have enough money to pay my staff, not enough money to pay the rent. With social media every mother has this certain expectations of how people want us to be. Why did I make the decision to stay home? Why didn’t you send your child to infant care? I also felt like giving up but I felt that I should give it another try again and I managed to survive for 11 years. I may not earn a lot of money, but I feel like I achieved something. Everyone faces creative slumps but I think it is also important to work through it. The only way to get over it is to force yourself to be more creative and then to get over that hump. The customer’s satisfaction is what really drives me, knowing that something I made with just a few ingredients can make someone happy. To me, I find that it’s a privilege to stay home, to spend this quality time with my child at this age. I want to just be there with him throughout and see him grow up happy and that he believes in himself. So I feel that this ‘sacrifice’ that other people might say is definitely worth it. For me to be at my most creative, I have to be at my most comfortable state. So I actually spend a lot of nights just lying there with my guitar. That’s actually where a lot of ideas come about. Sometimes you just have to relax, have a good rest. You know, just really get enough sleep. The next day, you will actually feel better and you’ll realise it’s not as bad as you think. But you know mothers – we are not superwomen, but we are definitely capable of amazing things. So it’s important to get good quality rest, wake up recharged and conquer a new day.

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