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Harmonic Balancer Installation Video by Dorman Products

November 7, 2019

Welcome to Dorman Products Harmonic Balancer installation video. Before you begin, this installation is considered hard difficulty by our technicians and should take approximately 4 to 6 hours. Begin the installation by removing the undercover. Then remove the reservoir cap and lower the rad hose to drain the radiator and remove the radiator cover panel. Recover the refrigerant from the A/C system. Remove the A/C lines and wiring from the compressor. Make sure to cover the lines and compressor ports to ensure no dust or debris falls inside. Next, detach the A/C line from the retainer on the fan shroud. Then, remove the upper radiator hose. Remove fan control module from the fan shroud. Next, take off the clips attaching the fan guard to the fan shroud. Remove the bolts attaching the fan guard to the engine. Then, disconnect the fan clutch connector and remove bracket from the engine. Next, remove the fan clutch from the water pump pulley. Take off the clip retainers for the fan shroud to the radiator. Then, remove the serpentine belt. This allows the fan shroud to be removed. After that, take off the fan and fan shroud. Next, remove the access plate to install the flex plate retainer tool, remove the starter if using factory special. Remove and discard the harmonic balancer bolt. This bolt can’t be reused. Then carefully slide the balancer off the crank shaft. Lastly, reinstall the new balancer onto the crank shaft after lubing the mating surfaces with engine oil. Make sure to coat the surface with oil where the washer bolt mates with the balancer. Finally, torque to OE specified specs. Then, to complete the installation follow all steps in reverse order.

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