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Guitar tip 07 – sometimes bend strings with the second finger

December 7, 2019

HI Stuart Bahn here and this is tip number
seven in my series of guitar tips videos. This tip is to sometimes try bending
with the second finger instead of the third finger. Now this is not a rule
that I think everyone should stick to; this is just a suggestion that sometimes
you try it because sometimes it works out better. So my example that I’d like
to show you is this kind of a phrase… Now I think most people would probably
bend it like I did there with the third finger supported by the second and then the fourth
finger hammering on and pulling off to fret 8. And that feels okay. But when you try and adapt this
and make it into something like this… if you hold that like I was doing there,
it’s fairly uncomfortable, and the reason is almost certainly because
of this problem that all humans seem to have which is that the third and fourth
fingers don’t really work very well; they don’t work very independently with
regard to each other. They tend to want to do whatever the other is doing. Now if
you change that to the middle finger… that’s actually much more comfortable.
The first phrase… for me now is actually preferable
to the third finger bend. So, as I say it’s not a rule just try it sometimes. Middle finger bending instead of the
third finger. If by the way you were playing this 12 frets higher so fret 15 up here… then certainly you should be using the
middle finger and the third finger Simply because the frets are so small
there’s no room to get all four of these fingers crowded in there. So that is tip 7. I hope you found it helpful;
please hit like if you did and click Subscribe and I shall see in the next video.

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