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Guitar Strumming Patterns For Beginners – Introduction – Strumming Tutorial #1

November 18, 2019

Hi guys my name is Andy Crowley and
welcome to this strumming guitar course Now I’ve been a guitar teacher for many
years now and the number one question or the number one topic
that people tend to ask for help with has to be strumming, close second to the
chords, but strumming; there’s something about it that can be and very tough to
deal with whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out and trying to do
any strumming patterns properly up to people who have been playing a long time
and they still haven’t quite mastered the art of being able to learn a new
song and pick up the stream pattern as quickly as they’d like. A couple of years ago I uploaded a free
beginners course full of real songs taking the absolute beginner along to
learn in the f bar chord and having a good repertoire of various songs are
quite complex songs under their belt What I’ve done in this drumming series
I’ve taken all the strumming patterns from that beginners course and I’ve put
them in order and they’re all written on this sheet which will be freely
downloadable even from the website down below along with the materials you’ve purchased
along with this DVD package or downloadable package however you choose
to do it This series is unlike any streaming
course that I’ve ever seen. Every strumming course I have come across before has been simply add a series of numbered and ordered strumming patterns but almost
none of those strong in patterns lead on from one and over they all seem to be
kind of random and they don’t really explain how you supposed to use those
strumming patterns in real songs or why would you use one storm in pattern or
another? the idea of this term in course is we’re
going to cover all of those things but also train you instinctively to know
what strumming pattern to go far just by listening to the song that
you’re wanting to be able to play now that is a skill that i have that many
guitarists worth their salt should have but it’s a really tough thing even for
people who have been playing a number of years this does not come naturally to everyone and my goal is to train you to
be able to do it and this sheet holds the key as I say this is every strumming pattern
on my beginners course and they are ordered there’s the basic four (strums per bar) on the beat, four down strums on the beat to start off with (strumming pattern number 1)and everyone is numbered in order from there from 22 13 in total but they’re in
different columns also and this is how i have taught a lot
of you guys that are watching this video now how to play any of the songs that
we’ve gone following that beginners course that i mentioned a minute ago and
all of those songs I’ll teach starting off with just
strumming on the beat and then we go on any one of these specific columns starting off and with eighth all down
streaming on an 80 bpm so each tier is on different levels
which goes up with the levels of the beginners course and not exactly to the
levels because some people and learning pick up strumming a lot faster and some
needed a little bit longer and have taken that into account with this but
the real revolutionary thing is I’ve taken into account the genres and the
speed of the song so that you can find a strumming pattern for any song you would want to take on that will work for you and let me try and talk you through this
now but as I say this is a pretty big concept and if you don’t get it fully
now you may have to trust me and you will trust me because I’ve taught you to
do it before in the songs that i have taught on my youtube channel this is simply a visual representation
for you to figure out the way that I have taught you to do strumming in the
past but to be able to do it for any song not just the songs that i filmed on my
website and I’ve done that by putting them in certain columns in three columns
to be precise and the first column is a series of strumming patterns that work for slower tempered songs will cover exactly what tempos and bpm of songs a little
later on that the slower tempo songs mean your hands are moving in a certain
way and a different way to how they’ll be
moving for the faster tempo songs which are on the middle column and then
finally the third column is full of joy more specific strumming patterns such as
off be streaming for reggae triplets drumming for folk and blues strumming and another for key Bob Dylan styles for me if you’ve been
playing guitar for a long time already you may wish to just follow this sheet
and pick out the strumming patterns that go along with a certain strands the
slower ones then the faster ones and then the genre specific ones and you’ll
get to your end goal of bend it being able to do the higher-level strumming
patterns at the bottom of the sheet much quicker by simply going direct down that
column if you’re a beginner I would advise just so that you gain the
skills and your bail and gain the skills acquired before you move on a little too
soon I would go through them in the order
that they’re written on the sheet in the way that they’re numbered but you always
have the option if you feel that this is something that you’re able to do to go
straight to the strumming patterns down the column and that is how this course
is going to enable you so instinctively know which them in
patterns to try and go for first and also will get you strumming the higher
level strumming patterns and get you sounding
better on guitar and in all the real songs that you would want to take on
beyond the lessons that I filmed you’ll be able to do those so much quicker and
easier by following this method and as I say if you want to know a quick inkling
as what that method is any of the streaming videos that I’ve already
filmed on youtube when we’ve gone for real songs that is
the way i’m teaching this course I’m just let me into the secret of how I
taught them and have arranged them with this sheet to guide you through it and
this series of videos if you choose this watch them all in order that you’ve
always got the option to fast-track if that’s what you would choose to do


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