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Guitar Master Sweeper – ‘Economy picking masterclass’ (app/program/zip pack) – Promo

December 8, 2019

So why is your sweep picking so terrible? Do you know how to hold the pick at the correct angle? Can you sweep up and down smoothly? Your lowest and highest notes sound good enough But the middles ones are just a blur They don’t sound clean or even You’ve watched the top players You think you understand how to do it But still… Welcome to Guitar Master Sweeper Economy Picking Mechanics I This is a new systematic approach If focuses on your picking hand weaknesses So by practicing various picking mechanics that we teach you With video, animations different picking angles integrated animated tab and a challenging practice routine Soon you’ll be taking your sweep picking to the next level So, download Guitar Master Sweeper Now Plug your guitar in Practice with the app and let it be your guide to develop the ultimate sweep picking technique

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