GUITAR BATTLE #5 Кондрусев vs Марченко

December 5, 2019

Our dear subscribers and
a passing-by spectator, we know how long have you been
waiting for this fifth release. We are happy that you are with us again.
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The shelves are full of stuff. On the occasion of battle season beginning we
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and don’t waste your life. – Hello, a young man!
– Hello! Introduce yourself, please. My name is Dmitry. Guitarist, composer,
bassist, probably, and musician in general. Oh, my! We haven’t had such people yet! Have you ever fought with Senpais? With Senpais never, no.
It’s something new. It will be interesting what will happen. What do you prefer more –
anime or Soyuzmultfilm? Of course, Soyuzmultfilm.
Why do you ask me that? – Winnie-the-Pooh rules!
– Yes, indeed. Will you a bass guitar today? Yes. I will. I will play something with a
looper effect on bass guitar. We’ll see. So you will tell your opponent who is
the king and who is a fool. Will you? This is something… I won’t
tell anything. It’s a secret. The final question:
metal or punk? – Dude! May I… I know that I may not…
– Yes! Why? Fucking funk! It’s not bad, too. – Ok. We wish you good luck!
– Thanks! – Hello, man!
– H-h-hi! – How are you today?
– No better than it should be. I’m like in a wasps’ nest –
guitarists and that kind of thing. When I have started my music career
I thought it would be an art for people. I wanted to sing songs for people like me,
who feels bad and who needs help. And now I have to learn scales. It sucks! What shall we do? This brutal modern world! And why have you chosen Kondrusev? You don’t know the answer
to this question, do you? We thought you know everything. OK, what has happened with your neck?
This is a question from subscribers. Nothing has happened with the neck.
Everything is good. Thanks. – Will you play the bass today?
– It depends on your behavior. If you’ll be good and you’ll ask me well. – We’ll try to.
– Of course, I will play! I will play anything for my audience. Have prostitutes come to the green room? My advice to all children is “Never
use a prostitute as intended”. It’s not funny. You should do something
else – make them mop the floors or play some arcade game with you. Ok, final questions.
Metal or punk? – Thrash.
– Ok. We wish you good luck! Thank you! Will I be paid? – You’ll be beaten up!
– Again! Peavey is one of the few
largest private companies, manufacturing professional music equipment. Of course, many of you know
the legendary amp Peavey 5150, with the help of which many awesome
historical albums were recorded. The history of Peavey company starts in 1957
when a young engineer Hartley Peavey, inspired by Rock’n’roll of those years built
his first transistor amp with a true distortion. So far, Peavey company has more than 180 patents
in the sphere of audio system and music. And in 2018 Peavey company completed a
strategically important agreement for cooperation with Guitar Battle. By tradition, the winner of Guitar Battle will
receive a branded distortion from Peavey. – Tell us what have you brought today?
– Hi! (reference to famous Russian song) Why processor? Those who bring
a processor, do not win here. – Maybe I should prove that it may happen.
– Maybe! – Maybe!
– If it is new – and good.
– then it is possible. OK. As time passes, they become
old and sound worse. I have bought a brand-new one. Why have you added other pedals?
Why do you use not only one processor? Because the red one has a very good color,
and the violet one is small. And are you confused that the
red pedal has three buttons? – I use only one.
– Really? I have not found what their function is. – Extra check – “the voice of generations”
– U-u-u! Our boy! Tell us about guitars. – Classics: Stratocaster
– OK. – I can sing songs, too. Gibson.
– Gibson? – Gibson. Original.
– Korean? – Of course! Yes.
– Vietnamese? – Yes. And Warwick.
– German. – Fascist, yes. German.
– Cool! – Original one. Everything is original.
– So you’ll be recording an album today. – Sure.
– You have everything for it. I can play everything and do anything. – Via USB.
– Directly… – Via USB directly to a music rack.
– And I switch on my energy. Well, we wish you good luck.
It’s not so easy to defeat a samurai. – Oh, for sure.
– Not so many people can do it. I will try with a new processor. – It’s funny!
– Your guitars are better, though. – I have a backache because of laughing.
– Yes? It means that you’ll win. The only thing that matters is
that you shouldn’t shit in pants. When the nerve is pinched in the back,
your asshole can be relaxed. – OK, let’s battle, bitches!
– Thanks! So why do you still wear a sweat jacket?
Have you ever washed it? No. And your pedals are from Boss company. Your questions are good-for-nothing, Serezha. You have come to Guitar Battle.
Tell us what patch cables do you use? – Fuck!
– I understand that there are too many name titles. I remember that
my favorite one is Vocoder. You have told me, you promised me…
It doesn’t work! Who made you drunk? You have promised that next time
we won’t speak about this shit. It’s all for a show. Well, Ok. I understand that you play through
a processor. But look, you’ve put here… I will just draw attention to it. You’ve put here the Custom company
combo on the Mesa Boogie cabinet. And you don’t use the Mesa Boogie cabinet. Why do you think so? – Via Wi-Fi?
– I’ve seen the commutation. – Do you feel bad about it? Actually, I just needed a support. Now address yourself to 10000 commentators
who will say: “Ah, he uses it as a support!” Dear viewer, if you are so concerned about
the cabinet model, then you are a nerd. I suggest you to broaden your social
status – start to sleep with women. – And not like we with Serezha.
– We will cut this fucking shit! I suggest you won’t talk stuff
and nonsense about guitars. Take this one and play some
criminal underworld song. – Yes, yes, I can do it.
– Come on! – Ok. Which song?
– Do you know “Golubi letyat…” (Doves are flying)? – No.
– You suck. Ok, which song do you know? – Which one do you need?
– Which criminal song do you know? – Do you know any song about Afghanistan?
– Yes. Play it. Watch that way. “Afghan, the bells are ringing…” No? Probably, you’ll be killed in the evening
when you’ll be going out of here. – Play normal criminal song.
– I’ve been living like this during my whole life. – You should stick to word.
– (Nick is singing Russian pop song) – You are fucked. Everything is clear.
– Stop it! If you are so smart, then come on. – Play “Golubi letyat”.
– Faggot! – €400 it will cost you.
– No. Fuck you! Hey, Dima, what are you doing? I’ve joined the School of Rock.
Now I’m learning notes. Only several places are left in the evening. It’s good that the discount with Guitar
Battle promo code is still in effect. Guys, we have an incredible contest from our
shooting team. Everything is simple. Follow the link in the description, send them
your demos, and if they like them, you have all chances to receive
a video clip on a turnkey basis. Hi to everybody! Hello! This is the fifth Guitar battle and
we start this chaos again. As always we have two
out-of-nowhere guitarists. Let them introduce themselves.
Please! Dimon! Just a guitarist, musician. Dimon! Let’s hear it! And another one. Many of you know him. If somebody
doesn’t know him, let him introduce himself. Hi! My name is Nikita. I’m father’s
tramp and mother’s hottie. Our beloved Sergey Tabachnikov. He will tell you everything. Today we have selected real people for the jury,
they are favored, fixed and hardly related to music. We have organized an off-stage
totalizator and bought tickets to Miami. – Vaganych! Do you know him?
– Yes! Vaganych is a popular video blogger
and ЖЩ (ZhShch) band leader. Have you heard it? Listen
to it, it is a cool band! Yakov Tsvirkunov, this is a guitarist from
Северный Флот (Severny Flot) band. Oh yeah! And the third special guest who had to have
an international passport to get here, this is Vitaly Golovanov, the producer of a popular
show called This is Хорошо (This is Good), and also the guitarist of Ametist band. All in all, normal people. Let’s have a quick look to the stage.
We have a trinity, trio: Sergey Shein on the bass, Andrey Arkhipov on the guitar, and Aleksandr Yudin on drums. All of them will be playing for you today. Nikita, tell us about the fish,
why you have put it here? The case is that Fyodor controls me. But now he controls you,
the jury and all of you. You know how I play. Fyodor will help me. That’s it. The end. So your fish’s name is Fyodor. Yes. I am an adult self-reliant man,
I’m 16 already, and I live with a fish. This is the best choice.
I recommend it to everyone. That’s why its mouth is teared slightly. – Nikita is always 16.
– It will tear your mouth now! Round! The most honest voting. I will unwind my long cable. So look.
We have a unique technology today. What is the key point of the voting? We will pull the stick. The red
one means that you start. Pull it. Dude, you are the second one.
Nikita starts everything. Well done! Nikita has the red color. Nick Senpai starts!
The first round! Oh my God! What a beautiful song!
Do you know who wrote it? Nikita, well done! So, Dimochka, are you ready? Dima, beat the shit out of him! Do it! Come on! Dmitry Kondrusev! – Go for it, Dimon!
– Dimon! How they say in our St. Petersburg’s
subculture scenes: “Your mother will like it.” Dmitry Kondrusev! I think, you have to say something, don’t you? Well, ok. Yes. Tell only one thing you
liked in every performance. – One thing to every guitarist?
– Yes. Ok. I am the first one so I will tell about the
thing that has caught everybody’s eyes – Nikita has decided to start with a statement. So is this a guitar battle? Should I play
with a pick? No. I will play with a bow. Dima has ideally given the sense
of my today’s hang-over. Accurately. The first participant’s show was faery.
I liked it very much! It’s artistic, it’s beautiful,
it’s pleasant to watch, even if you hear something not
so well, especially in this area. One can hear fucking nothing! Well, it was beautiful. – You will watch in YouTube then.
– Plus for beauty. And I’ve heard more clear notes, technical,
right things from the second participant. That’s what I’ve heard. So plus for it. – Hi! So…
– Hi! Suh? Yes, yes, yes. – Nikita’s playing with a bow is awesome.
– It’s fucking awsome! I like such things. And I’ve understood
what those white marks on the guitar were, they were not what I’ve been thinking before. – It’s not some stupid powder.
– Marks from colophony. And Dmitry’s outro was epic, I think. And his performance was
complete. I Liked it all. – Vaganych!
– Hurray! And now secret voting, guys. I ask the jury to turn around. I will remind you: red one is Nikita,
green one is another one. Close it, noone should see it.
And put it here from here. – This is extremely hard!
– Red onу is Nikita, green one is Dima. – I’m not stupid. The choice is difficult.
– Oh, I see. – You can’t put two sticks here.
– Nick Senpai! Nick Senpai! Nick Senpai! They have voted this way. Oh, magnifique! Fyodor! Fyodor! Fyodor!
Fyodor! Fyodor! Guys, now it will be unexpected, because
the second round will be a freestyle. The second round!
Nick Senpai on bass! Such a softly tune! Nick Senpai! Dima, I don’t know, extricate yourself somehow. Dima, come on! Go for it! Freestyle from Dmitry Kondrusev! Give up right now! As they say it’s our fitting reply to Senpai. We need to rest a little.
Let’s listen to guys. How are they? – Are you conscious?
– Poor jury, it’s awful what’s in store for you. We can speak too long about how gorgeously
Nikita works with the audience. He doesn’t forget about it. Nikita should be burnt at the stake for his
black magic on the bass long time ago. And for those sounds that
he makes with the bass. But in this round he had the main advantage –
he had one extra string. Oh yeah! Dima has burnt up the stage!
This groove has rocked me! But the most important thing is you have
proved that more is not necessarily better. I’m definitely impressed by the good
command of a serious pedal board stuff. The instrument and pedals were used in full.
Everything was delicious, in its place, and effects were not used just for using effects. It’s very cool and rare.
So it’s definitely awsome! Dmitry! After such a faery performance it was extremely
hard, having less strings and devices under feet, to look decent, but you managed to do it.
So it’s definitely awesome, too. I think this format with a looper is
the most successful for a freestyle. And I’m glad that they both played with
a looper, otherwise it will look stupid. Yes, at the first battle we were
standing like two mental slugs. Then people understood that they could use a looper. Yes, it’s a useful knowledge. – Vaganych rocks!
– Thank you! So we have the Lord’s Supper again. I will remind you, the red one is
for the guy with many strings, – the green one is for the guy with less strings.
– Come on! I think after the second round the
voting won’t be so single-valued. The ancient Japanese, I wanted to say proverb, legend
says that Senpai’s soul is hidden in his swords. We hope that now he will show us his soul
because the third round is an author song. Go for it, Senpai! Today at the Guitar Battle the author songs
of these two amazing musicians will be performed for the first time. Nick Senpai starts.
The third round! Senpai! Senpai! Senpai… I think they all scream “Stand by!” – “Stand by and let’s go home!”
– Yeah, yeah! Before I start I would like to address
those who have come here and those who watch this video. Now I am at the Guitar Battle.
I’m Captain Obvious. But that’s not the case. The case is that when you hear “Guitar Battle”
or a good guitarist and guitars in general, the first thing everybody imagine is guitar
solo, shredding, playing in 1080 bpm tempo. “Sell you motherland and buy a tube amp.”
And all this stuff. But when I started playing
music, I had another dream. I wanted to express myself
with the help of music, sing about things which disturb me, for people
who are disturbed by it too, to help them. For us! – Well done!
– Thank you! But then on my way of a musician, when rehearsals
and concerts started, I met bastards. – Well, shit happens!
– Which told me: “You know, why do you sing your songs? You should
play complicated stuff, practice and so on. And I’m sure those of you who play
music have passed through it. Gradually you forgot that you had started. And I have an acoustic guitar in my hand to
remind all of you that a guitar means a song, too. And the most important thing is that
I would like to thank these bastards for that they have made me strong
and haven’t let me lose my way. The next song is about love, and I ask all
people who know lyrics to scream it with me. Ok, thanks! Thank you! Nikita, nicely done! Nick Senpai! Nick Senpai! Nick Senpai! Nick Senpai… Such a paradox, friends! They play Thrash metal on the Guitar
Battle in Russian Rock style. They play Russian Rock on Metal Guitar Battle.
What can we do? This is not Russian Rock. This is the music
for those who understand that I have sung. – Thank you!
– Thank you! Now it will be Ok. So Dmitry Kondrusyov! Premiere! – Dmitry Kondrusyov played in different bands…
– Kondrusev! He played in different bands, but nobody heard his original music. And now premiere, Dmitry
Kondrusyov will present his song! Kondrusev! Believe! There is
even a stress in his passport. Yes. It’s my mistake. I always confuse
with endings. I forget everything. I’ll go! It wasn’t Russian Rock for sure!
I believed in it. Dear judges, we are waiting for your decision. It wasn’t Russian Rock for sure because
the language wasn’t Russian, I don’t know. I think that the main criterion of Russian
Rock is that it is in Russian language. It’s getting harder and harder
from round to round. This time it was harder not because it
was at the same level, it was similar. This time everything was totally different. So I don’t know what I can say here. Nikita has rocked, he has spilled his
guts out, the audience sang with him. Soul and technique! He used an acoustic guitar
to create the atmosphere. Dima, well done!
The song is awesome. The final riff has a cool ending.
You’ve rocked, rocked and then yeah. It’s like this song is for me. Thank you. It’s hard for me to choose a
favorite in this round, too. It’s absolutely not clear. Dima’s song is
awesome, powerful, I like heavy music I like such presentation and melodic phrases.
Yes, I feel it works for me. It’s good. Now Nikita. In his situation when
he’s playing an acoustic guitar he’s playing almost not working guitar
and sing it in a way that I believed that he is a rock star, a frontman, it’s
very worthy. You’ve persuaded me in it. Ok. Nikita’s said that his song is
for those who understands it. I guess that Dmitry’s song is for
those who understands it, too. And I haven’t understood both songs.
But I liked everything. Honestly. I have nothing to add. Honestly. – Have they reached out to you?
– Yes. From the left side and from the right side. So the Lord’s supper, sirs. Turn around.
We take it here and put it there. While our judges are voting we
would like to know your opinion. – Nick Senpai! Nick Senpai! Nick Senpai…
– Dima! Hold on! I have not announced it
yet. Hold on, hold on, hold on! Who thinks that Nick Senpai has won? We have heard you!
We have heard you! Who thinks that Dmitry Kondrusev has won? Nick Senpai! Dmitry Kondrusev! Senpai! Kondrusev! I don’t understand it! – No matter what, Oleynik has won. We know it.
– Yeah, absolutely! – Let’s count it.
– Ok. Put your hands here! – Dimon! Dimon!
– So who is who? Ah! Red one is for Nikita. 1, 2, 3, 4. – 4 red things for Senpai.
– Go for it! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Suddenly! – 4 + 5=9. Why is it uneven?
– Everything is correct. – Three judged.
– Yes? – Good.
– It’s fair enough. I’m a mathematician! – What does it mean, guys?
– I have added one thing while nobody was looking at it. So friends, I announce that the
winner of the fifth Guitar battle is – Dmitry Kondrusev!
– St. Petersburg! And now the most interesting part!
Bring the prizes to our studio! Oh yeah! Our darling girl, Polina. – The girl is not included into the prize.
– Yes. This amazing nano head! Peavey helps us again.
They send us these incredible prizes. – It goes to Dima.
– Thank you! A 4000 roubles certificate from our new sponsor –
Parts and Strings shop – goes to Dima. And, of course, we don’t want
to hurt anyone’s feelings, so the second participant of
the battle also gets the prize A 2000 roubles certificate from Parts
and Strings. Nikita this is for you! But we are fighting not for prizes here! But for playing the song of
reconciliation in the end! The song of reconciliation
in the fifth Guitar Battle! Ladies and gentlemen, thank
you very much for coming! It was the fifth Guitar Battle.
See you!

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