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Guitar amp settings on the Harley Benton HB20R by Thomann

November 10, 2019

Hello guys and welcome back to the
channel and hello Natalie in this video we’re going to look at how to get better
tones from your amplifier we’re using the Harley Benton
HP 20 R and the Harley Benton SC 450 CB electric guitar now a lot of people talk
about getting the right tone. Move your amp! The first thing you got to do is to
get it off the floor and get it pointing at you whenever you want to set up your
amp to play you have to consider the room you’re in so that’s why the
musicians and bands whenever they’re playing a gig they’ll always go to the
gig before hand and they’ll do a sound check because the settings that you’ve
got at home are not going to work necessarily in a hall or a pub or a club
so you need to you need to change your settings according to the environment
you’re in so today the first tip I’m going to give
you is this. Get your amp off of the floor like this. There it is the Harley Benton HB 20 R combo amp that came with the package that I bought with the
guitar here and it’s a great little amp now when you see most people talking
about amplifiers they talk about putting all these settings in like into the 12
o’clock position all facing upwards I’ll bring you in closer so you can see what
I’m talking about yeah whenever you see someone setting up an amplifier they’ll
always put them into this position first and this is called the clean position
and basically in that position all you’re hearing is how the guitar sounds
on its own clean but that doesn’t you know it doesn’t really help you much I
don’t think because you’ve got your clean tone here your volume you got
treble middle bass and reverb.Turn reverb off but the middle is where all the action takes place on most guitars the treble
is obviously gives you a little bit of a higher pitch the bass gives you a lower
pitch and the middle is where all the action takes place so you see people
making slight adjustments like this and each amp is going to be different it’s
going to be different in each place it’s played so or used because it depends on
the room so let’s have a look see what it sounds like You’ll notice when I turn the power on
get the green light and when you put your plug your guitar in it stays green but
soon as you hit a note. Turns red a lot of people freak out when they see and think aww! but all that’s telling you is that the circuit is live. The gain and
the overdrive is off we’ve just got the clean volume at 12 o’clock got the
treble at 12 o’clock the middle at 12 o’clock and the bass at 12 o’clock no
reverb and there I’ve got the guitar set to both humbuckers. Turn the tone right off volume right up and then just play okay. That’s a clean tone.
A chord. What you’ve got to remember I’m in a small room this is my kind of library den type place and the amp needs to be off the
floor the floor if it’s on the floor you’re gonna get resonances bouncing off
the floor the bass will be affected so you want to get the amp up if you can’t
get it up off the floor angle it so it’s pointing towards you
angle the amp so it’s pointing towards you so you can hear what you’re actually
playing okay so that’s the clean tone let’s try a bit of lead very muddy okay so that gives you an idea of a
clean tone using the first humbucker And now on the treble or lead. A chord Much sharper. I’ll go with a middle
position I’ll just turn their treble back a bit A chord and we turn the bass down a bit quarter never turn the bass right off turn the treble right off in the middle to a quarter then watch
what happens next I haven’t touched the volume. Turn the middle off you get virtually nothing from the guitar at all unless you turn the volume
up to full can you hear that so this EQ this
equalizer is very important you don’t have to have the the amp on full volume
in the clean mode but you have to have the middle it must at least have the
middle running to get anything at all now you can sit and find the tone that
you like just find the tone that you like that sounds pleasing to you okay so whatever you set here in your your
room where you’re working where you’re practicing it’s not going to sound the
same when you go out live it’s going to sound totally different cuz the room
dynamics are gonna be different so one of the things that I like to do when I’m
working with the with the amp is to pick a tune that I know what it sounds
like okay so let’s try a tune. What I’m looking for. I’m looking for
the tonal quality It’s the right notes but the wrong tone try
again now I know that Mr Gilmore likes a little bit of gain. So we’ll put the
gain on just a touch keep these all centered we’re looking
for that tone To much, to much gain. Turn it down a bit To to to muddy To sharp Still too muddy so what can we do take
the bass down take the treble up try again Still to Bassie when you do that okay so
now we’re getting somewhere That sounds like it dunnit? I don’t know what it sounds like to you but it sounds like it to me okay so there you see you have to mess
about quite a bit to get the tone but once you get the tone that you you
recognize then you’re in you’re in the zone and it can start to mess around and
start to actually practice the piece Those of you who are observant will
notice that I’m playing a Les Paul Gibson style guitar where as Mr Gilmore
plays a Fender Stratocaster highly modified one at that but even with this
guitar and this amp you can get to sound like a Fender
that’s why are these guitars are favored by a lot of people because you
do get a wide variety of tonal qualities with it so let’s try it
again The point I’m trying to make to you is
this. If you have a tune in your head in your mind and you want to get your amp
to sound like it you have to practice you have to try and you have to try a
few different things out you see how long I was messing about this I already
cut loads of it out but it takes time to get the right tone but once you’ve got
it you can make a note of those settings and you can say right next someone play
something like Floyd that’s where I need to be because Gilmour played ‘Shine on
you crazy diamonds’ in a clean tone with just a little bit of gain and a little
bit of delay now if we stick some reverb on let’s see what we get now Yeah that sounds about right that sounds
good so what have we learned today? Get the amp off the floor so you don’t get those bass resonances bouncing off the floorboards the amp depends on where you
are in the room depends on the size of the room what stuff you’ve got in the
room if you’ve got clothing or you know bookshelves absorbing the sound so it
all depends on where you are so you have to think about your environment you’re
playing in and when you’re out on a gig whatever works here it’s probably
not gonna work in a gig that’s why you need to do a sound check
right. You go to do place early you set up you set your imp up and this will
work in a small bar or a pub or a club quite well and most pubs have got PA
systems most clubs have got PA system so you can just jack this into a PA system
using the line out. There’s a line out there so yeah let’s say you find better
tones you literally find them by hunting around I could give you settings for
rock and roll I’ll give you settings for blues but they’re not gonna be the same
for you as they are for me because this room is this room and whatever settings
I use they might approximate to what they sound like to you but your room is
going to be different so you have to mess about a bit play around a little
bit and then you’ll kind you’ll find the perfect tone for your setup so I’ve got a
nice little thing going on here in the clean tone it sounds pretty good to me I’ve still got to practice same as you have and I’m glad I’ve done this one because this is a this is a tricky subject to take on
this is tricky because everyone’s different every place is different every
room is different so you have to get used to playing this. To playing with this
almost as much as you do with playing with the guitar because it will be affected
by whereever it’s placed. First things first Remember get it off the floor stick it
on a chair or whatever and just mess about with it play around with it and more
important than anything else have fun Well while we’re at it might as well have a bit of this as well now you see that some sounds completely wrong because the settings
are different sounds completely wrong because it’s in
clean clean tone they have a loads of delays and effects and synths and all kind
of stuff going on anyway that’s neither here or there. I hope this was of interest
to you and hope you learned something about placement of your amp and the room that you’re in. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time bye now


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