Great white shark forces Massachusetts beach evacuation

September 8, 2019

Okay. Stand by. This video shows the moment an enormous great
white shark terrified beach-goers – ironically, close to where the iconic movie Jaws was filmed. While on patrol out of the Plymouth Air Base,
the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing spotted the shark about 75-100 yards off the coast
in Duxbury. We’re just going to wait for him to get a
little closer. We’re coming around. We’re going to hover
over him. Swimmers were ordered out of the water and
police said that a member of the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries confirmed the shark was approximately
12-14 feet in length. Okay he’s right outside my door. Right here. Very good sir. Thank you. Police said there were “many beachgoers and
people in the water” at the time of the sighting, but there were no injuries reported. Eventually the shark – which was spotted yesterday
– moved into deeper water and the beach was reopened.

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